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We, the undersigned, support Steve Moore’s nomination to the Board of Governors

of the Federal Reserve. (Titles and affiliations are listed for identification purposes

Arthur Laffer
Founder & Chairman
Laffer Associates

Steve Forbes

Ed Feulner
Former President
The Heritage Foundation

Bill Ford
Former President/CEO
Atlanta Fed (1980-84)

Manley Johnson
Former Vice Chairman (1986-90)
The Federal Reserve

Dale K Osborne
Emeritus Professor of Economics and Finance
Jindal School of Mgt.
University of Texas at Dallas

Robert M. Sauer
Chair of Economics
University of London, Royal Holloway College

Christopher Lingle, PhD

Professor of Economics
Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Timothy P. Roth, PhD

A.B. Templeton Professor and Chair, Department of Economics & Finance
University of Texas at El Paso
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Dr. Eric Sartell
Assistant Professor of Economics & Finance
Whitworth University

Col. Floyd H. Duncan, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Economics and Business
Virginia Military Institute

Mike Cosgrove
University of Dallas

Tim Loughran
C.R. Smith Professor of Finance
University of Notre Dame

Charles J. Goetz
Hartfield Professor of Law Emeritus
University of Virginia

Robert E. Chatfield
Professor of Finance
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Gary Quinlivan, PhD

Professor of Economics
Dean of the Alex G. McKenna School
Saint Vincent College

John Rowe
Professor Emeritus of Economics
University of South Florida

Benjamin Zycher
Resident Scholar
American Enterprise Institute
Edwin T Burton
Dept of Economics, Univ of Virginia
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David G. Tuerck
Beacon Hill Institute

Barry Morris
Emeritus Professor of Economics
University of North Alabama

James T. Bennett
Professor of Political Economy & Public Policy
George Mason University

Oral Capps, Jr.

Executive Professor and Regents Professor
Co-Director, Agribusiness, Food and Consumer Economics Research Center
Holder of the Southwest Dairy Marketing Endowed Chair
Department of Agricultural Economics
Texas A&M University

James R. Barth
Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance, Auburn University
Senior Finance Fellow, Milken Institute

Henry Thompson
Emeritus Professor of Economics
Auburn University

John S. Zdanowicz, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance Emeritus
Florida International University

Donald J. Oswald, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics (Retired)
California State University, Bakersfield

Dennis Halcoussis
Professor of Economics
California State University, Northridge

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Noralyn Marshall, PhD
Partner-Global Economist
Risk Management Advisors

Velma Montoya, Ph.D.

Regent Emerita
University of California

Dr. Judy Shelton

Economist and author of “Money Meltdown”

Christine P. Ries
Professor of Economics
Georgia Institute of Technology

Steven C. Michael
Ph.D. Business Economics, Harvard University
Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

David R. Burnett
Minister-Counselor (Retired)
U.S. Foreign Service
Former Adjunct Professor of Business & Economics
Gonzaga and Whitworth Universities

K.C. Chen
Theodore F. Brix Endowed Chair in Finance
Chair, Department of Finance and Business Law
California State University, Fresno

Steven Rosefielde
Department of Economics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Ann Sherman
Associate Professor of Finance
DePaul University

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Dennis E. Logue
Steven Roth Professor Emeritus
Tuck School, Dartmouth College and
Board Chair, Ledyard National Bank

Donald L. Luskin
Chief Investment Officer

T. Norman Van Cott

Emeritus Professor of Economics
Ball State University

Dr. Kamal Upadhyaya

Professor of Economics
University of New haven

Gary Wolfram
William Simon Professor of Economics and Public Policy
Director of Economics
Hillsdale College

Earl L. Grinols
Distinguished Professor of Economics
Hankamer School of Business
Baylor University

Dr.Thomas H. Mayor
Professor Emeritus
University of Houston

Paul H. Rubin
Professor Emeritus, Emory University
President, Southern Economic Association, 2013

Richard J. Cebula, Ph.D.

Jacksonville University
Professor of Finance and Wells Fargo Endowed Chair in Finance

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Frank Falero, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Economics

Thomas M Stoker
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gordon Y Billard Professor of Management and Economics, Emeritus
MIT Sloan School of Management

Richard J. Sweeney
Chairholder in International Finance, Emeritus
McDonough School of Business
Georgetown University

Kenneth V Greene
Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus
Binghamton University

Garry Fleming
Professor of Economics
Roanoke College

John McArthur
Reeves Family Professor of Economics
Wofford College

Charles H. Breeden
Associate Professor of Economics Emeritus
Marquette University

Joseph W Duncan, Ph.D.

Chief Economist
The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

Dr. Jesse Hoyt Hill

Professor of Economics
Tarrant County College

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Gary L. French, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor
Nathan Associates Inc.

Robert Genetski, Ph.D.

Founder of

Robert Niehaus, Ph.D.

Managing Director
Robert D. Niehaus, Inc.

William N. Butos
The George M. Ferris Professor of Corporation Finance & Investments, Emeritus
Department of Economics
Trinity College

James L. Huffman
Professor and Dean Emeritus
Lewis & Clark Law School

James C. Miller III

OMB Director for President Ronald Reagan

James Moncur
Professor Emeritus of Economics
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Dr. John Merrifield

Professor, UTSA Department of Economics

J Edward Graham
Professor of Finance
UNC Wilmington

Stephen Happel
Emeritus Professor of Economics
Arizona State University

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Daniel Heath
Senior Fellow
Institute of International Economic Law
Georgetown University Law Center

Henry N. Butler, J.D., Ph.D.

George Mason University Foundation Professor
Executive Director, Law & Economics Center
Antonin Scalia Law School
George Mason University

G. Geoffrey Booth, Ph.D.

Addy Distinguished Chair in Finance, Emeritus
Michigan State University

Arthur M. Diamond, Jr.

Professor of Economics
University of Nebraska Omaha

Sanjai Bhagat
Provost Professor of Finance
University of Colorado

Ed Ireland
Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Texas Christian University

E. Bruce Hutchinson
Professor Emeritus
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

David Ranson
President & Director of Research
HCWE & Co.

Mark Lund
Professor Emeritus of Economics
Luther College

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Alexander Katkov
Professor of Economics
Johnson & Wales University

John C Moorhouse
Carroll Professor Emeritus in Economics
Wake Forest University

L. Dwight Israelsen
Professor of Economics
Utah State University

Gerald A. Hanweck, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance
George Mason University

Richard J Grant
Professor of Finance & Economics
Cumberland University

Thomas F. Cargill
Professor of Economics Emeritus
University of Nevada, Reno

Bernell K. Stone
Professor of Finance, retired
Brigham Young University

Dr. Allan DeSerpa

Emeritus Professor of Economics
W. P. Carey School of Business
Arizona State University

Merrill Matthews, Ph.D.

Resident Scholar
Institute for Policy Innovation
Carl J. Schramm
University Professor
Syracuse University

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Brian Domitrovic
Professor of History
Sam Houston State University

Ernest S. Christian
Tax Policy Lawyer (retired)
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (Tax Policy) and Tax
Legislative Counsel, Treasury Department
President Gerald R. Ford Administration

James Carter
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (Economic Policy)
President George W. Bush Administration

F.H. Buckley
Foundation Professor
Scalia Law School

Alfredo Ortiz
President & CEO
Job Creators Network

Burt Folsom
Distinguished Fellow
Hillsdale College

Sally C. Pipes
President, CEO, and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Policy
Pacific Research Institute

Jack Spencer
Vice President
Institute for Economic Freedom

Joshua G. Rosett
Director, Financial Economics Institute
Claremont McKenna College

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Jonathan Williams
Chief Economist
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Jason De Sena Trennert


Richard K. Armey. PhD.

Majority Leader, U. S. House of Representatives, Ret.

Nancy Pfotenhauer
Former Chief Economist
President’s Council of Competitiveness

Gordon L. Brady, Ph.D., M.S.L.

Senior Research Fellow
Center for Free Enterprise
Florida Southern College

Richard Vedder
Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus
Ohio University

Mark Mills
Senior Fellow
Manhattan Institute

Raymond J. Keating
Chief Economist
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Richard W. Rahn Ph.D.

Institute for Global Economic Growth

George Gilder
Co-founder of the Discovery Institute,
Author of Wealth and Poverty
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John Goodman
President and CEO
Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research

Robert L. Bradley Jr.

Institute for Energy Research

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