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The SETT Framework

Student: __Tammy___________________________________ Date: ____________________________________

Student Environment Task Tools

 Tammy, Pre-K student  Large pre-k inclusion Typical tasks in the classroom Low-tech:
with developmental delay. classroom include:  Pencil grip for Tammy to
She was in a special  Has three tables where  Cutting and gluing use for all writing
education preschool for students sit to complete activities materials (pencils,
students with multiple academic activities, eat  Writing name crayons, markers, etc.)
intense needs breakfast/snack, and sit in  Counting manipulatives or  Adaptive scissors to help
 Difficulty following the morning other objects with 1:1 Tammy use scissors to
directions and routines in  Has a carpet where correspondence complete activities
the classroom. Needs students meet for circle  Listening to read alouds  Noise-cancelling
support to maintain time, calendar time,  Answer questions about headphones to help
attention to tasks. Has whole-group, read alouds, what they were read prevent overstimulation
difficulty transitioning etc.  Socializing with peers or to de-escalate her when
What we know

from one task to the next  Special education staff is during center/play time she is in crisis/having a
 Remembers the first step always present in the  Drawing activities meltdown due to sensory
in a classroom classroom. Either the  Sorting activities issues
routine/given directions early intervention special  Play educational games on Medium-tech:
but does not continue educator or the special the iPads  Timer to help Tammy
with the rest of the steps education paraeducator. know when it’s time to
 Has fine motor needs: The other staff member transition from one
holding a pencil, using present are the general activity to the next
scissors, dressing self education pre-k teacher throughout the day
 Needs support for and the general education High-tech:
expressive language. Most pre-k paraeducator.  “My choice board” app for
language she uses is  Other students typically iPad to help Tammy when
scripting lines from TV use pencils, crayons, dry she is in crisis to help her
shows or things teachers erase markers, scissors, express what she needs
have told her. Speaks in 2- glue, and various  Boardmaker to create a
4 word phrases when not manipulatives depending visual schedule for
scripting. on the tasks. Tammy’s day as well as
 Tammy often becomes  Tammy has difficulty individual steps of a
escalated and has holding and using the required task
meltdowns from being previously mentioned
told no, changes in materials used by
routine, when she is over- students. She receives OT
stimulated, when she is to help her access the
physically uncomfortable, physical materials used by
or when she needs the other students
something but isn’t able to  Students are expected to
articulate what she needs. independently write
She has difficulty their own name, use
communicating her needs scissors and glue, rotate
in those moments groups, ask for assistance
to meet their needs, hear
directions once or twice
and then follow through
with the directions for the
given task, and follow
typical classroom
routines. Students are
expected to require
assistance with using the
bathroom, dressing
themselves, writing new
words/letters, and
following unfamiliar/new
classroom routines.

Developed by Joy Zabala