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Child Labor in Thailand Through the Ages

Kylee Frithsen

Mackenzie Goodman

Junior Division

Group Website

Student Composed Words: 490

Process Paper
I. How Did We Choose Our Topic?

We have chosen the topic of child labor in Thailand Through the Ages because we were

intrigued and shocked by the CNN10 we watched of child labor. We really wanted to look into

the topic more and see how and why children are forced to work. This is how we came to settle

on the topic of child labor. We chose to look at Thailand because we believed it would be more

challenging to find the triumph since there is still child labor in Thailand. The final piece which

is past, present, and future was chosen simply because we wanted to see how child labor in

Thailand has changed and developed. All three parts gave us the topic idea of Child Labor in

Thailand in the past, present, and future.

II. How Did We Conduct Our Research?

To conduct our research we first began by looking at sources found at Mackinvia. When

we had looked at them long enough and could not find any more information on our topic we

then began our search on the internet specifically looking for mostly reliable sources such as

those ending in ‘.gov’ or ‘.edu’. We have been taking in as much information from these sources

as possible. Next, we plan to look at books with information on child labor. Eventually we will

compile all of our research together to create the final product.

III. Why Did We Choose Our Category and How Did We Create Our Project?

Choosing a category to present in was difficult because there were so many to choose

from. We was aiming to do something which we had never done before so we were definitely not

going to do the exhibit board or the paper. We then looked at the ways which looked interesting

settling on either the website or performance category. We were originally thinking to do the

website, but we also really liked the performance as well. We finally decided to do a website, but

we may include a short video or performance inside of it. We assembled the website using
Weebly and separated the website into different sections with our different information. We also

created a separate section for the Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography. We believe that

choosing to do the website category was the best option for us.

IV. How Does Our Topic Relate to the Theme?

Our topic of Child Labor in Thailand Through the Ages relates to the theme of triumph

and tragedy because it tells you the tragedy of many children in Thailand being in pain and doing

hazardous jobs. Although it may not seem like it, there is some triumph. For example, many

people in Thailand are realizing the suffering of these children and are trying to end it. The

triumph may be small but it still is having a large impact on the children enduring those terrible

forms of child labor.