Reducing Health Inequalities by Promoting Health & Wellbeing in Westminster Commissioning Specification Westminster Primary Care Trust Voluntary Sector

Grants Scheme 2007/08
1. Project Description

Westminster Primary Care Trust invites Expressions of Interest for initiatives that will reduce health inequalities by promoting health and wellbeing for residents of Westminster (adults and children). The target areas reflect the Commissioning Requirements set out in the Primary Care Trust’s Operational Plan and are consistent with the priorities agreed by the Health and Care Network Board. The initiative should achieve one or more of the following outcomes: Promote the self management of people with diabetes or coronary heart disease (CHD) Promote physical activity Promote healthy eating Support people with lower level mental health needs Support people with long term conditions 2. Background

There are wide variations in the health of people living in Westminster. Working together with partners, the Primary Care Trust aims to ensure excellent, flexible, modern and dependable services that: Respond to the needs of our diverse local communities Promote health, social and environmental wellbeing Reduce the health inequalities faced by some of our communities Make effective and efficient use of our resources The Primary Care Trust has developed an Action Plan to Reduce Health Inequalities and is making available funding up to £150k in 2007-08 to the voluntary sector to contribute to the achievement of that action plan. 3. Geographical/Target Group Focus

We are interested in hearing from any organisation that works with communities or individuals in Westminster. We are willing to receive Expressions of Interest which cover the whole City or which target specific communities or groups who experience inequality of health or access to health.



Project Brief

We will expect the successful organisation to achieve one or more of the following outcomes: Delivery of information or service to a number of Westminster residents which raises their awareness of the benefits of physical activity or healthy eating or other activity which contributes to their wellbeing and gives them experience of achieving an improvement in health or wellbeing Increase in self-management or self-direction of people with a long term condition (including diabetes or CHD) by increasing their capacity and knowledge We are interested in receiving proposals from voluntary organisations outlining the initiative they would undertake to deliver one or more of the outcomes. Initiatives should be undertaken between November 2007 and March 2008 and it is hoped that additional funding will be secured for initiatives to continue for the financial year 2008/09. Proposals should indicate how they can deliver within the timescale and show how their proposal provides value for money. We would expect bidders to have identified any other programmes going on in Westminster which might cover similar ground or be linked to their proposal and successful organisations will be required to work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary organisations in Westminster who can provide them with consultative advice or add value by working together. Successful organisations will be required to collate and report on the number of people accessing their information or service and supported through the funding. 5. Funding Available

Organisations are invited to apply for a portion of the overall grant available. No proposal should be more than £15k except in exceptional circumstances (bearing in mind that the funds need to be spent within a 5 month period. Project outputs will be negotiated with the successful providers based on the funding that they receive. 6. Responding to this Specification

Interested organisations are asked to complete an Expression of Interest form. Informal enquiries can be made to: Louise Maile Westminster Primary Care Trust 15 Marylebone Road London NW1 5JD Tel: 020 7150 8292 Email: Expressions of Interest should be emailed or posted to the above address. 2


Timetable Invitation for Expressions of Interest opens Final Deadline for Expressions of Interest to be sent to Louise Maile Assessment of Expressions of Interest Successful organisations notified. Initiatives to commence

8th October 2007 26th October 2007 30th October 2007 31st October 2007 5th November 2007


Expression of interest submission form

Reducing Health Inequalities by Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Westminster Westminster Primary Care Trust Voluntary Sector Grant Scheme 2007/08
Please ensure that you have completed all the sections below and that you have provided copies of your equal opportunities policy.

Organisation name: Name of lead contact: Address:

Telephone: Fax: Email: Signature of Chair or Lead Contact: ___________________________________

YOUR ORGANISATION - Please provide a brief description of your organisation and the communities / individuals your work with, including the number of people your organisation works with currently:

Expression of interest submission form

OUTCOMES AND HOW YOU ARE GOING TO DELIVER THEM - Please provide a description of how you intend to deliver one or more of the outcomes detailed in the commissioning specification. This can also include any other outcomes that you would expect to achieve:

YOUR TRACK RECORD Please provide information around your track record of engaging with communities in Westminster and details of the outcomes achieved. This should include details of the specific target groups outlined in the commissioning specification where possible.

Expression of interest submission form

FUNDING REQUIRED (up to £15,000) - Please provide a breakdown of funding requested and how you plan to allocate it:

Thank you for your interest.

Please return this expression of interest by Friday 26th October 2007 to: Louise Maile Westminster PCT 15 Marylebone Road London NW1 5JD

We are aware that this funding is being made available very late in the year, and apologise for this. However, the funds currently being allocated will need to be spent within this financial year, ie before the end of March 2008. It is hoped that additional funding will be secured for 2008-09 but at present this has not been confirmed. If you would wish your scheme to be considered for extension into 2008-09, please tick the box below. I would like this scheme to be considered for further funding in 2008-09