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Mallory Munderloh 320 Wilson Dr. St. Louis, MI 48880 • (989) 817- 6764 • munderloh1me@alma.

To work with children in a collaborative elementary setting

Alma College Anticipated Graduation: May 2019
Major: Elementary Education Minor: Spanish Scan to Visit

Pine Avenue Elementary
Student Teaching Cooperating Teacher: Andrea Oswald Grade: 5th Winter 2019
Pine Avenue Elementary
Classroom Observation Cooperating Teacher: Cody Nevins Grade: 5th Winter 2018
Hillcrest Elementary
Classroom Observation Cooperating Teacher: Jill Sandro Grade: 2nd Fall 2018
Pine Avenue Elementary
Classroom Observation Cooperating Teacher: Andrea Oswald Grade: 5th Winter 2017

Substitute Teacher Employment: May 2018 - Present
• Teach and facilitate pre-made lesson plans, supervise unfamiliar classrooms, manage unexpected
behavioral issues, quickly learn and memorize classroom routines and procedures, adapt to sudden
changes in schedules and plans
St. Mary Catholic School
Phys. Education Substitute Supervisor: Lisa Seeley Employment: May 2018 - June 2018
• Develop lesson plans on short notice in a long-term substitute position for ~60 student in four multi-
grade classes ranging from preschool – 6th grade in bi-weekly physical education instruction
St. Mary Catholic School
Spanish Teacher Supervisor: Lisa Seeley Employment: Sept. 2016- June 2018
• Create curriculum and lesson plans, instruct and grade ~50 students in four multi-grade classes from K-
6th grade in bi-weekly Spanish instruction on topics of grammar, vocabulary, and cultural appreciation
Alma College Admissions Office
Student Worker Supervisor: Katie Yourchock Employment: June 2017- Aug. 2017
• Tour prospective students and families, assist in mass mailings, contact prospective students, lead
students and families through Alma College event days
Alma College Spanish Department
Teacher’s Assistant Supervisor: Stephany Slaughter Employment: Sept. 2016 - Dec. 2016
• Collaborate with other assistants and the supervisor in Spanish lab lesson planning, conduct student-
interactive Spanish activities, administer weekly oral quizzes with students
Second Family Childcare
Summer Aide Supervisor: Dana Mannausau Employment: June 2010 – Aug. 2015
• Supervise children 0-12, assist in feedings and changings, conduct learning and craft activities, conduct
song and story time
Mallory Munderloh 320 Wilson Dr. St. Louis, MI 48880 • (989) 817- 6764 •
2019 Harlan R. McCall Memorial Scholar in Education Award Recipient
• Awarded on the basis of “excellence in academic work and student teaching” at Alma College

• Proficient in Google Docs
• Proficient in Google Classroom
• Proficient in using Document Cameras
• CPR and First-Aid certified
• Michigan Model for Health certified
• Experience and professional development in Neuroplasticity & Education United’s Unlocking the
Grammar Code program
• Experience in Mystery Science program
• 8 years of Spanish language study, Semi-fluent

Mallory Munderloh 320 Wilson Dr. St. Louis, MI 48880 • (989) 817- 6764 •

Andrea Oswald
Fifth Grade Teacher at Pine Avenue Elementary Ph: (989) 388- 6094
Address: 1025 Pine Ave
Alma, MI 48801

Kathleen Paul
Field Experience Coordinator at Alma College Ph: (989) 463- 2885
Address: 614 W. Superior St
Alma, MI 48801

Jill Sandro
Second Grade Teacher at Hillcrest Elementary Ph: (989) 400- 7593
Address: 515 E Elizabeth St
Alma, MI 48801

Lisa Seeley
Principal at St. Mary Catholic School Ph: (989) 620- 7500
Address: 220 W Downie St
Alma, MI 48801