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E.Saranya Devi MBA, MPhil
Research Scholar
Alagappa Institute Of Management
Alagappa University
India has emerged as the highest rising foremost economy in the world and is predictable to the
top three economic powers of the world over the after that 10-15 years, backed by its muscular
democracy and partnerships. Today employment is playing a vital role for our survival of life.
Self-employment is one of the possessions economists classify as essential to creation, the
additional requirements of three mortal property/accepted possessions, manual labor
and resources. An entrepreneur are taking the risk in their business life. But Disabled combines
the first three of these to manufacture goods or provide services. The people needs to create their
business plan, hires or rent the labor, to get the resources and financing, and provides leadership
and management for the business that seems to difficult in existing environment for the disabilities.
Today disabled persons despite the fact that represent a undersized piece of the Indian people but
they are growing from their populations. The people are lacking the education prioritization and
also employment wise their results is in poverty. In physically also they are facing the more
problems as well as competing with the outside of the environment. This paper helps to identify
to illustrate the concept of creating the business opportunity instead of the seeking from the outside
environment. They are having a little motivation by influencing activities of entrepreneurial for
disabled people may be the reason says lack of financial support, lack of training and development,
lack of awareness level of the rehabilitation centers and lack of the knowledge of existing schemes
to get the benefit from the government. This paper highlights to create the awareness level of
rehabilitation measures and analyze the schemes of Disabilities in India.
Keywords: disabled entrepreneur, rehabilitation, schemes.