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c++ programming language

Web Development
.Net Platform
Graphics Design for Layput and GUI Design Web based.
Flash players Coding and Understanding
web browsers via WebRTC protocol Understanding
WebRTC Understanding
WebSockets Understanding

Scope of Work.
Portal & Login
1- We need to create our Client Web Based Portal with Login Authentication with User Rights
through Admin.
2 - Inside in the Portal we need to have Menu on the Left Side and Content Deliver on the right
side. It can be Vise versa . or developer design too.
Players Design
3 - We need to Create Multi Players Design which we already have SDK. of Player which can be
used on web based. it is a source code. You need to create the multi players inside in the Portal.
Which will be login based on Internal IP access.
MIC Access
4- We need to access the Computer MIC as well in order to mute and Unmute the application.
Time line
5 - Complete Portal Delivery required to be within next 10 Days from the start of the Job.
Third Party Software Link Direct within the Portal
6- There is one running system as well we need you to access the API and Access the link of that
too in order to connect to the Portal.
Video Editing Part
7- Video Edit Portal where you will access the Files and Edit and Store with new name.
Our Part
We will help you to design and confirm he layout f we are happy with it based on Color and


Contents of the package: COM components, samples and documentation for:
Adding/removing broadcasts to/from Media Server configuration, Web-based user administration, Session-
based authentication, Custom user logging, Custom encoding support in Live Server, Starting/stopping
recording for Live Server, Connecting Live Server to Media Server, Archival Server automation. ActiveX control
documentation. Sample web pages hosting ActiveX control. C# player: a simple container of ActiveX control.
HTML5 WebRTC player and samples. HTML5 MSE player and samples. Flash player and sample web pages
hosting it. Demo web applications demonstrating the use of the SDK. WebRTC_MultiChat web application: a
production-ready WebRTC video chat room for 5 participants.