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90 Minutes Football Club Contract

Name : __________________________________

Mobile No. : __________________________________

(For Whatsapp Group)
AADHAR Card No. : __________________________________ Passport Size

Date of Birth : __________________________________ Photograph

NMFC email address :

(Email to be created in the above mentioned
format only with password : we are 90)

Father’s Name : __________________________________

Father’s Mobile No. : __________________________________

Mother’s Name : __________________________________

Mother’s Mobile No. : __________________________________

Address : __________________________________


Class & Section : __________________________________

School Name : __________________________________

AADHAR Card photocopy attached (Yes/No) : ________

School Identity Card photocopy attached (Yes/No) : ________

Note : This contract expires on 31st March, 2019.

Official Club Website :

Official Facebook Page :

Parent/Guardian Signature Player Signature

Date : _______________

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90 Minutes Football Club Contract

This Player Agreement is made and entered into on the 14th day of May, 2018 at New Delhi
90 Minutes Football Club, a Trust registered under Article 64 of Govt. of National Capital
Territory of Delhi Trusts and Societies Act, having its registered office at 3/302, Ashish
Chambers, Opp. Preet Vihar Metro Station, New Rajdhani Enclave, Delhi - 110092 (hereinafter
referred to as the “NMFC”, which expression shall, unless it be repugnant to the context or
meaning thereof, include its successors and assigns)


Mr. _________________________________ born on _________________________________, an

amateur or semi-professional Football Player and a citizen of India (hereinafter referred to as the
“Player”) of the other part.
Upon the representation made by the Player that he is qualified to undertake the training or play matches
representing NMFC hereby appoints the Player for performing the Services on such terms and
conditions as are stipulated under this Agreement :

1. No player is allowed to play for any other team other than NMFC or their
School/College/University in any competition.
2. NMFC holds practice sessions 3 days/week. NMFC reserves the right to alter the number of
training sessions per week or training location depending on the requirements of the club.
3. No player must engage in any sort of alcohol or smoking addiction. NMFC reserves the right
to cancel the player’s membership in case any such instance surfaces.
4. We have a Whatsapp group dedicated to club related announcements. It is hereby declared as
our ‘Official Virtual Notice Board’. Every parent/guradian/player is expected to read the
announcements made on the group atleast once in 24 hours. The parent/guardian/player will be
held responsible if the player doesn’t comply with the announcements of the group.
5. All players leave the practice sessions together. No player is asked to stay back for any further
personal training. If any player doesn’t get back home on time, it is not the responsibility of
NMFC staff to keep tabs on their whereabouts. Parents/guardians must always keep a check on
their activities post training.
6. If any player is asked to leave the club, the club reserves the right to ask for a return of all its
training related kit/gear.
7. NMFC reserves the right to disqualify/expel any player, if in its opinion the player is causing
any sort of negative impact on the team.
8. The Player shall immediately report to NMFC any illness and/or injury, and shall obey the
Club’s subsequent instructions in this regard. The length and extent (“diagnosis”) shall be
approved by the Club’s doctor.

Parent/Guardian Signature Player Signature

Date : _______________

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90 Minutes Football Club Contract

9. Should any injury be caused due to the Player playing for NMFC during training sessions or
matches, and the Player suffers an illness and/or injury which causes the Player to become
temporarily incapacitated from playing for NMFC, the club has the right to terminate this
10. It is the responsibility of the Player to take an Insurance Policy for himself during the
duration of this Contract, to cover medical expenses that may need to be incurred out of any
injury caused to the player during football practice / matches, or out of any accident or event
occurring outside the venue of the League matches.
11. NMFC is not a profit making organization. However, if any facility is provided to its players
like appointing a football coach or investing in training equipment or playing in a competition
or travelling on a club related trip, NMFC may ask for a contribution from its players. In such
a scenario, the parents are expected to maintain the same solidarity and brotherhood for the club
as its preceding years.
12. The Player shall possess no right in NMFC’s exploitation of the Player’s image, visual image,
name and all other characteristics of the Player (hereinafter referred to as the “Player’s Image”).
NMFC has the right to exploit the Player’s Image individually for commercial merchandising
or for NMFC promos in association with the NMFC sponsors.
13. The Player shall obtain NMFC’s prior written consent in relation to carrying out the following
★ to appear on television, radio programs and in events;
★ to exploit and/or license the exploitation of the Player’s Image (including use on the internet);
★ to participate in third party Advertising.
★ to accept interviews with newspapers and magazines;
★ In the case the Player’s personal photograph is used in the production of commercial goods;
and/or in the case the Player appears and/or participates in the activities for commercial gain
and by reason of either of these cases monetary compensation is received, the Player will inform
NMFC accordingly.
14. The Player will take part or collaborate, in all presentations and publications of NMFC for the
Team’s publicity purposes, in particular on television, radio, social media and in the press, as
well as at public occasions.

Note : This contract expires on 31st March, 2019.

Parent/Guardian Signature Player Signature

Date : ________________

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90 Minutes Football Club


I, _________________________ Parent/Guardian of my ward ________________________,

hereby declare that I am fully aware of the fatal risks involved in sports and therefore sending
my ward for any activity involved with 90 Minutes Football Club (NMFC) is solely my

I also declare that my ward has suffered/suffering from ______________________________

(Medical History/Conditions) in past. The doctors have now declared him/her fit to train with
a professional football team. I take full responsibility of any such situation arising due to past
medical conditions during NMFC training sessions.

In case of any mishap, NMFC or its players or its staff shall not be held responsible legally,
financially or morally. I am aware that under no circumstances NMFC shall bear the
expenses of any sort of medical treatment of my ward.

However, I am providing my Contact No. _____________________, so that I can be

informed in case of any emergency.

Parent/Guardian Signature Player Signature

Date : ________________

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