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THE INDIAN SCHOOL, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN HOLIDAY HOME WORK 2018-19 CLASS: IV [ SUBJECT: ENGLISH _ | |.PROJECT (Do in A4 Size Paper) | Stick the picture of your favourite person and write a paragraph about | him/her using the list of adjectives given below. Face - bearded, unshaven,round,oval Build = over-weight,lean, slim,broad Hair - _ curly,long, balding, cily Eyes - large, bright,big,small Nose = long, broken, short, pointed Teeth - sparkling, large, protruding, broken Complexion - dark ,wheatish,fair.yellowish Dress - formal, untidy,neat,colourful SUBJECT: EVS PROJECT (Do in A4 Size Paper) 1. Collect samples of different kinds of clothes. Paste them in the project book and name them.( any 5 or 6 samples ,Refer Ls.25) 2. Describe with pictures the different steps involved in the journey of food items. (Refer Ls.No.13) SUBJECT : MATHEMATICS 1. Make a model of clock. 2. Prepare a chart on currencies of Bahrain and India. 3. Learn the multiplication table 1 to 12. SUBJECT: HINDI 1. We ame ta & fan fauarat sah ot F ula Wiad fed 2. afrenrg deft fret uta fa ferweret sad am fod 3. qa-ws ten 1-15 we fee Refer-ais Je AW aa Refer-awe aftrerrg,