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Archangel Michael and the Selenite Sword of Light

Empowerment Channeled By Hayley Norris

This empowerment was gifted to me during a meditation, during which Archangel

Michael activated an etheric crystal selenite sword within my chakra system, clearing,
healing, and balancing all of my chakras and opening up my energy to receive more
light and divine guidance. It was originally intended that I share this freely to everyone
on my facebook page in the form of an attunement as a gift of love from Archangel
Michael, and I have now been asked to share this as an empowerment so that as many
people as possible can connect further with the Angels for divine guidance.

Many of you may have been feeling huge shifts in your life last year which may have
left you feeling stuck, confused, or dealing with old patterns as they emerge to the
surface to be healed and released. Archangel Michael advises me that this
empowerment will work on many levels, helping you to gain greater clarity in your life,
by activating or bringing you back into balance with your true purpose, whilst clearing
any energy that is no longer needed in your life. See details below;
 Cleanse and balance all of your chakras, awakening them to a greater light.
 Activate your true soul’s purpose or bring you back into balance with your
soul purpose.
 Receive greater clarity in all areas of your life
 Clear old patterns, any negativity and anything else that no longer serves
you and your purpose.
 Develop a divine connection with your Angels, guides and higher self in
accordance with your beliefs, or strengthen your existing connection.
 Improve your healing and intuitive abilities by receiving more guidance.
 Activate your light body and bring in fifth dimensional frequencies increasing
feelings of universal love, oneness, compassion and forgiveness.
 Bring in healing to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
 Raise your vibration to a higher frequency of light, so that manifestations
improve, relationships and all areas of your life improve, whilst also forming a
protective light of love around you that automatically deflects any negativity from
other people or heals any negative thoughts and patterns from within yourself.

This is especially good for healers, intuitives and mediums that are easily effected by
others emotions, and physical pain, as well as earth bound spirits or entities, as the
properties of Selenite form a protective light which stops anything that is not of God/your
higher self from attaching to your aura.

Each person receiving this empowerment will strengthen their own intuition and may
receive different energies from their guides and Angels depending on what they need
most at this time, and the energies will develop over time as you receive more guidance
from the Angels.

To call in the empowerment you can do this by either by intent alone, or simply take 10
minutes when you will not be disturbed by any outside distractions. Take a few deep
breathes in and ask your guides, Angels or deities that you work with to join you, and as
you breathe out release any tensions, worries or concerns from the day. When you are
ready; call in the empowerment by stating either out load or in your mind 'I now call in
the Selenite Sword of Light Empowerment with Archangel Michael, thank you'. Once the
etheric crystal is activated it will continue to work with you for as long as is needed for
your personal circumstances. Please see below the properties of Selenite;
Properties of Selenite

 Brings clarity of mind, opening up the crown and higher chakras,

accessing Angelic consciousness and higher guidance
 Activates the light body and anchors it into the earth vibration
 Instills deep peace and excellent for meditation and spiritual work
 Enhances telepathy and natural intuitive gifts or psychic abilities
 Can be used to bring peace and light into a home and form a protective grid
around a house.
 Selenite wands can be used to detach entities from the aura and
prevent anything external from influencing the mind. The Selenite sword
forms a protective light around the body.
 Can be used to pinpoint lessons learned, or issues being worked on currently to
give guidance on how they can be resolved to move forward.
 Clears confusion bringing a conscious understanding of events, and calms the
 Aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility
 Reverses the effects of free radicals, and assists with taking poisons out of
the body
 Clears the way for guidance and healing to come through, giving insight to
the reasons how illness is formed.
 Detoxifies the physical, emotional and mental bodies bringing them back into

I hope you enjoy the empowerment and working with Archangel Michael, your Angels
and guides. Love and Light Hayley xxx