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Oxford Activity Sheets

Oxford Activity Sheets
Unit Page Unit Page

S Teatime at Granny’s
4 Night and day
Reinforcement 1 Reinforcement 10
Reinforcement 2 Extension 11
Reinforcement 3

5 Off to school
1 A real cowboy Reinforcement 12
Reinforcement 4 Extension 13
Extension 5

6 The Wolf’s in town

2 Bathtime for Fifi Reinforcement 14
Reinforcement 6 Extension 15
Extension 7

3 The hungry rat

Reinforcement 8
Extension 9

1 Big Surprise! 4
2 Big Surprise! 4
3 Big Surprise! 4
4 Big Surprise! 4
5 Big Surprise! 4
6 Big Surprise! 4
7 Big Surprise! 4
8 Big Surprise! 4
9 Big Surprise! 4
10 Big Surprise! 4
11 Big Surprise! 4
12 Big Surprise! 4
13 Big Surprise! 4
14 Big Surprise! 4
15 Big Surprise! 4
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