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An entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to create, seek, and take advantage of opportunities to

get what is desired in accordance with ideals.

In fundamental Nursing, Taylor, Lilis and LeMone (1997: 11), discuss the role and expanded career
function of nurses, including; clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, anesthetist nurse, nurse
midwife, nurse educator, nurse administrator, nurse researcher, nurse entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial
entrepreneurs are nurses, usually with a bachelor's degree, who can manage clinics or related
businesses, conduct research, provide education or serve as advisers or consultants to institutions,
political or business institutions.

Conceptually, Nursepreneur is included in career development from the roles and functions of nurses.
career development can be a clinic manager or other health facility. For example, spa managers,
physiotherapy managers, Care Center managers, managers of private health centers, owners of massage
and reflection, although in technical implementation many involve other professions such as
implementers, in this case nurses can be used as capital owners, idea initiators, shareholders,
shareholders, shareholders , or the owner who will pay his employees.

Nursepreneur is a series of two words, namely "nurse" and "entrepreneur". Nurse means a nurse, while
Entrepreneurs themselves have various meanings and traits, one of which is conveyed by John G.
Entrepreneur., Entreprenuer has the following characteristics:

Desire to achieve

A hard worker

Want to work for him

Achieving quality

Reward oriented and perfection



Profit oriented

Someone who is of any profession, as long as he is able to apply 8 aspects of entrepreneurial nature in
his daily life, it can be categorized as an entrepreneur, including a nurse. With the daily entrepreneurial
problems that nurses face in the room will be money. Because nurses with entrepreneurial spirits have a
profit-oriented characteristic. For example the problem of accumulating used infusion bottles, unused
abocate, leftovers from patients, laundry family nurses, patient caregivers, separation of sick parents
from children.

Entrepreneurship for nurses can actually be learned while doing it (learning by doing), there are 5
characteristics of superior entrepreneurs according to (Paulus Winarto, 2005):

1. Dare to take risks.

2. Like a challenge

3. Have high durability.

4. have a far-reaching vision

5. Always trying to give the best.