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GG SCHEUERLE SPMT - Self Propelled Modular Transporters 414,350 tonnes on its way to the sea. For the transportation of an oll and a ges production platform along the approx. 200-metre route, modular BOO" OO OOOO transporters were positioned in seven - Self Propelled Modular Transporters © © © © © © © ows under the toad. Altogether, 500 axle lines with 2000 wheels were used. SPMT Technology - Extremely robust, extremely high load-bearing capacity SPMTs (self-propelled modular transporters) from SCHEUERLE carry enormous pieces of equipment and plant in many areas of the world. The SCHEUERLE modular transporter is based on the experience gained from the development and production of more than 2,000 axle lines. With our technology, loads of 15,000 tonnes and more are transported safely and reliably to their places of use, e.g factory modules for power stations, seawater desalination installations and oil exploration equipment as well as offshore platforms. BH 8 QScHEVERLE SPMT - your advantages: G Development and production of more than 2,000 axle lines G Extensive experience in customer qualification profiles through close co-operation in the product development phase G international network of sales, support and after-sales G Functional and reliable proprietary steering technology @ extremely durable and high load- bearing vehicle construction @ \oadable on container flat racks due to compact vehicle dimensions The use of SPMT modular transpor- ters in combination with SCHEUERLE- developed steering technology, ‘STEPS.3" (SCHEUERLE Transport Electronic Processor System, 3rd Generation), allows the exact positio- ring of ultra-heavy loads. The indivi- dual modules can be linked with one another in any combination, can be coupled mechanically or be freely arranged up to distances of 999 metres, STEPS.3 technology guaran tees synchronised steering of all transportation units integrated in the vehicle group. The electronically con- trolled multi-directional steering spe~ cially developed by SCHEUER.E ensures that the combinations are extremely Flexible and manoeuvrable A freely-arranged SPMT grouping - vehicles are connected using only @ data link Caer eae ae Petar ea Pea ae ne ee ra er) Strong connections The coupling of two SPMTS Is car- ried out through a hydraulically lockable temellar coupling. The power pack unit (PPU) con- With lamellar couplings/coupling ection is additionally equipped bolts below and massive bolt con. with hydraulic cylinders for adju- nections on the vehicle frame above, sting the approach angle when SPMIs are connected to each other moving up to ramps etc in 2 longitudinal direction Protected intelligence Protected SPMT electronically steer- Good accessibility for all adjust- Remote control with cable connec- ing control unit position ‘ment work ton Made-to-measure power output Through the selectable number of hydrestatically-criven axles, the tractive force of a SPMT can be so designed to meet your requirements accordingly. This means that cost-effective operations are always guaranteed. oe Pee) eee rec) Additional equipment for all transport applications Our extensive programme of optional additional equipment ensures that every SPMT has a multi-functional use Fram the remote control up to the integrated driver's cabin for langer transportation routes, all accessories can be selected from our practice-oriented catalogue. Peers eared Ecrad [COMBINATIONS The SPMT modular construction kit B% 6% Bb Boo oo Ah: a i: ml: Technical data 1a cone er seta) avon active Grr | erake is age. | sued [res a . i ioe | sae | 20m] azw || 220m — hor | 2168e| 20101 | 70% || soon a rel leer estat) eee eotcs » aot |\ valk |sentor|| lease || tse a sere | osteo soe | tesa i soot | re4ze | 25200 | s.0% | 220010 f feat |a7aie | z160eN|| 6.2% |) 2640 en peu 2 10006 31S © and'7.2 for the PPU 2 3500¢ payload must be reduced by the welght of the power pack unit (PPU) used. The tare weight for the