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This master course is intended for graduates and/or professionals operating in the fashion industry. Duration: 1 year Language: English/Italian Starting Date: November 2008 Attendance: full-time from Monday to Friday

Objective - To shape professionals able to handle the development of a project’s realization process in the fashion field. - To mould creativity and sensibility towards the product using analytical capacities inherent to the on going market. - To generate team work in order to achieve a common goal. The annual full-time formula allows one to penetrate in a complete theoretical and practical experience coming in contact with Venice and the surrounding territory. Environment rich in both Made in Italy and history.

Programme Within the programme it is possible to identify 5 macro areas: Trends and Visual culture, Marketing Intelligence, Brand Management, Fashion Buyer and Communication. The aim being to have a global view of the fashion system inside marketing.
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Each branch is structured in a theoretical part followed by a concrete project realization assignment allowing for the application of the acquired instruments and notions. Several projects will be developed in collaboration with local firms (from the briefing to the final presentation).

• Visual culture Movies culture. a global overview of our current visual culture.388. Guarantees the rational organization of the store and optimizes product exposition.6628 www. Analyses the trends. • Sociology and trends Analysis of social phenomena and purchase-related behaviors.The lecturer. design. Fundamental marketing concepts and methods of consumer analysis. Visual Merchandising Manager: responsible for brand image within retail points. Analysis of trends in the fashion market. Fashion Buyer: responsible for . Didactic Areas Fashion Trends and Visual Culture The fashion world and the world of image: the origins. by analyzing the pipeline.1647 1. art. • Fashion History The analysis and study of history of fashion and contemporary fashion.iedDesign.628. directs the work of the style office. Professional Figures analysed: Product Manager: responsible for the management of a product line. to understand and feel the continuous changes in the contemporary life. develops product line on license.602.3321 604. with particular attention to lifestyle issues. Istituto Europeo di Design North American Admissions Office Tel: 206. volumes). the professional figures. Brand Manager: responsible for the market strategies related to the brand. License Manager: responsible for brand use. and collaborates with the material research division.866. professionals of the field. will present case histories relative to their specific line of work. Cool Hunter: has a 360° view on the contemporary scene. Retail Manager: responsible for the development of a distribution circuit. the icons and the designers that wrote the history of fashion and the reasons behind the birth of phenomenon that become trends. exhibition & photography. interprets them and defines the acquisition guidelines for distribution. coming from different complementary areas. • Project: Fashion Trends & Visual Culture Marketing Intelligence Trends in the fashion system: from fashion economy to product specifics (materials. the fairs. follows the development and the info@iedDesign. colours. Supervises and directs the work in stores. verifying sale results and the brand image. Analyses the trends. the competitive system. • Fashion Economics A general introduction to the fashion market. pin points and elaborates trends to present new views to the style department (materials. development process).

the clients’ relations. critical factors and organizational issues of the different licensing professions. typologies and production methods. • Licencing The licensing contract: advantages. advantages and risks: practical case histories from the fashion sector. merchandising and the organization of events and promotions. Analysis of the internet market.iedDesign. corporate identity. risks.September 2009. monobrand store. The concept of brand-extension and brand equity.Franchising The commercial franchising system. Analysis of the mix and Key success factors.602. brand and concept retailing. • Consumer Intelligence & Consumer Watching Research results and consumers’ methodologies in the fashion sector (Italy and abroad) from the social-demographic analysis up to the lifestyles. • Fashion Buyer Buying techniques.3321 604. Coherence between . • Project : Marketing Intelligence Brand Management Creating a world surrounding the product. One day Visit to PITTI Uomo. • Fashion marketing From the definition to the launch of the product. The specificities of Luxury goods. communicate and strengthen the corporate brand. classifications.628. the different steps of the marketing planning. How to draft a proper buying plan. from the interpretation of the consumers’ demand up to the planning of the offer. • Distribution channel . • Project: Brand Management Fashion buyer & retail management Fashion distribution. Focus on the luxury brand phenomenon.Florence • Project: Fashion Buyer & Retail Istituto Europeo di Design North American Admissions Office Tel: 206.1647 1. • Marketing of Luxury goods Key luxury markets. Fashion buyer techniques. team management. Management and organization both of retail and virtual stores.• Fashion product Introduction to the fashion production info@iedDesign. artificial and man-made fibers and yarns: general features. starting from the collection project all the way to the merchandising plan. • Brand Management The brand’s value: how to position.866. department stores.6628 Communication Language and strategies in Fashion Communication. focusing in particular on the specific features of the fashion product. outlets and company stores.388. The different channels: multi-brand stores. • Technology of materials Analysis and study of the natural. and create a distinctive brand identity. Virtual stores. etc… • Retail Management & E-Retailing Management of a sale’s point: managing the sales.

.388.6628 www. • Graphic Design In computer lab. • Milan 4 visits to Milan. • Sales & negotiation techniques Effectively manage all the negotiation steps: from the first contact with the client up to the conclusion of the negotiation. • In store communication How to enhance the specificity of the brand’s visual and corporate identity on the point of sale. the target group.iedDesign.1647 1. Courses are held in English or in Italian with translation. Rational organization of the sales area and optimization of product display.A basic Italian course during the year to enable students to communicate and understand the Italian way of life. use of an image processing software (Photoshop) and Flash to create flyers. PR info@iedDesign. the organization of events & fashion shows. Role of the press office. Definition of communication goals.602. creative strategy and media planning. presentations. the message. the media relations. the media planning and the store concept.866. Coherence in the positioning of the product. Istituto Europeo di Design North American Admissions Office Tel: 206. to understand and live Made in Italy.628. • Project: Communication Skills development • Budgeting techniques How to implement and follow a budget. .. Extra: Italian language . • Tutoring Continuous coordinated lessons with a tutor to control and develop on-going work projects. investments.• Communication.3321 604. advertising & PR Communication techniques and strategies. .it www. For further information: www. developing various projects in collaboration with companies operating in the fashion and cosmetics industry (DOUGLAS. His current work involves lectureships and participation in seminars or conferences ranging from info@iedDesign. She has spent the last 2 years in Italy. ARMANI JEANS). he approached the world of fashion through the study of fabric in its variety of expressions and designs. She also deals with marketing coordination for the IED Moda Lab Milan and teaches Fashion Marketing and Brand Management. LEE.6628 Istituto Europeo di Design reserves the right to make any amendments to the syllabus that it considers necessary in order to meet the defined objectives. 13 years of experience in sales and marketing gained in international cosmetic and fashion markets (BEIERSDORF NIVEA. SHISEIDO. ISSEY MIYAKE). He helped to set up.Coordinator Delphine Dumas. French. from design to photography and contemporary art in various design and fashion Istituto Europeo di Design North American Admissions Office Tel: 206.866. order and launch an event at the Diocesan Museum in Genoa.602.ied. He has worked with the National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola and Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. Giovanni Ottonello was awarded his degree in Architecture at Genoa and after various experiences in the field of museum and scenographic exhibits.628. degree in business economy (marketing).1647 1. www. the company Salvatore Ferragamo. the set designer and director Pierluigi Pizzi and the Piccolo Teatro theatre in Milan. to fashion.3321 604. MARNI. GIVENCHY.

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