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Algorithm; a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other

problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

~ English dictionary

Preface – The beginning of the algorithm

– The algorithm decides your fate
Introduction – The Algorithm
– How to use the algorithm in my favor
– Finding happiness within the algorithm
– Exploring the algorithm
1. Your Why within the Algorithm
– Being the gatekeeper to your algorithm
2. The coincidence is in the algorithm
3. Materialism is a part of the algorithm
4. Playing the algorithm
– Moving beyond your avatars limitations
5. Planting your ones and zeros
6. Becoming the ultimate gamer
7. The virus code possibilities
8. 8.7 Million Species squared – Infinite possibilities
9. Dreaming another dimension
10. Defragment your Sim platform
– The Sim platform and taking action
– Clearing the mechanism
11. Accepting the algorithm
– Accepting your avatar
– Defragmenting your mindset
This book is dedicated to those who cannot gain a sense of their true
reality but wish for its leadership. It’s for those who are desperate for a
better Life, and for those who want to instill healthier thinking. It’s
dedicated to the many unfortunate souls who were never taught the
truth about their existence – that Life is indeed an algorithm.
Algorithms have a long history and the word can be traced back to the
9th century. Scientist, astronomer and mathematician Abdullah
Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi, often cited as “The father of
Algebra”, was indirectly responsible for the creation of the term

I googled that statement. Although I can assure you from here on that
neither of my opinions or research were based merely via Google search.
I need to clarify that because on top of all the anticipated criticism I
receive from my eccentric ways of thinking, all of which I have already
come to accept, I’d rather not add fictitious accounts that my research
was simplistic. In fact, it was the exact opposite. The research I’ve
concluded in which I’ve utilized for this very book was prepared more in-
depth and prepared than any other experience I’ve encountered.

Every account in this book is rightfully justified on situations that have

actually occurred. Either through conversation or through actual
experience I heavily researched the content you’re about to read. With
over two decades of research put into this book I’m honoured to hand
this wisdom to you in hopes that it’ll inspire positive change.

I’ve scraped the facts together and compiled truth behind every situation
in this book in hopes that its message will drive encouragement to its
viewers. Those who take its contents seriously and actually apply it to
their everyday regimen will be transformed in the most eccentrically
satisfying ways.

The simplest truth behind our motives is that Life is all about perspective.

Each of us builds our own perspective based on our belief system. This is
based on variables derived from our everyday experiences. There are
countless perspectives one can transpire within any given situation. One
can see prosperity in an experience where another will only see
detriment. One will see an opportunity to learn, grow and to move
forward, whereas the other will come out of it feeling criticized and
ridiculed till complete loss of self-esteem.

When an individual gains a healthy perspective about any situation,

regardless of what it is, there will be no further emotional attachment

Our emotional attachments cause the true damage. Although many of

our experiences do not conflict with our feelings, often times, we harness
a direct emotional attachment to them. Experiences contain attractive
characteristics which subject our emotions to visibility. Often times, our
experiences leave us feeling quite emotionally charged, although,
generally, as we feel upset or happy about an experience, soon after, the
emotional state dissipates.

Based on our emotional attachments to our experiences we often stress

our minds through emotional overload. This causes turmoil in so many
different ways. This stress generates problematic characteristics that
conflict with our everyday regimen. It clouds one’s mind and it causes
health problems, and a variety of other unfortunate issues.

Our brains work no different than a computer. When the computer is

overloaded with information; say the user is trying to download three
movies at a time, he’s checking his emails and has numerous applications
running in the background, there’s a pretty good chance the computer is
going to overload. Our minds work similarly; they can perform wonderful
tasks but they’ll be corrupted with overload through intensive stress.

We as human souls emotionally feed off our experiences like a leech on

its prey while never letting go until we explode. Every single situation we
go through in life adds to our emotional trauma. Even the good
experiences harness bad qualities which subconsciously make us feel
upset, angry or dissatisfied. When we suffer or live through an
unfortunate experience it adds to the anger we host towards the
software of Life. It jades us of acceptance, appreciation and of happiness.
It generates hatred inside of us towards or a society that never intended
to be harmful.
Regardless of the experiences you go through, they’ll always be a part of
your DNA moving forward. We can say we will forgive and forget, but the
forgiveness is the only thing that takes place. We will never forget what
happened. It simply isn’t possible. Much like a computer; how it records
all user activity on a hard drive; once an action takes place it’s recorded
forever until the hard drive is irreparably damaged. Our minds are no
different. But, this doesn’t mean that forgiveness isn’t relevant.
Forgiveness is fortune. Forgiveness happens to be the foundation of all

Forgiveness is the forefront of all ambition and satisfaction. It opens the

floodgates to acceptance and spirituality. It creates a pathway to new
opportunity. It generates compassion. There are so many benefits of
forgiveness. When you’re able to forgive someone, or any given situation
you automatically defragment your mind and rid it of its toxins. This is
where the mathematics behind your fate kicks in. Although the
experiences you go through will stick with you forever forgiveness will
clear your mind of its stresses. It unleashes a completely new level of
thinking. Forgiveness automatically initiates opportunity for better values
to infiltrate your mindset.

In a video game, on your mission, as you move forward as an avatar your

fate is ultimately determined by the moves you make – the decisions you
make. As you play, you soon come to terms that there’s a certain way to
play the game if you actually want to win. As you make mistakes along
your way you realize that you learn valuable lessons pertinent to your
survival with each mistake. In addition, you learn where all the obstacles
are and how to overcome each of them – You learn the mechanics behind
the software. As you continue to play, you realize there’s no point in
dwelling on any given mistake because you have yet another life to try
again if you fail. Plus, if you worried about all your petty mistakes it would
make you lose your focus. Lastly, you realize your emotional attachments
have virtually no relevance in the next levels of the game.
Life is very much like a video game. It gives us multiple chances and allows
for mistakes. It teaches us lessons. It provides ample opportunity for

My aim in writing this book is to relieve people of mental strain that’s

built up over the years. Each of us has a plethora of negative happenings
enlisted in the chapters of our lives. All of which has generated
unpleasant feelings about Life and ourselves. With a steady approach to
eliminating the emotional attachments we host towards these
experiences we will garner new levels in the game of Life.

As long as you’ve done your absolute best to pull the lessons from your
negative emotional attachments and you’re willing to forgive and let go
then there’s nothing else I can say. You’re on the right track.
The algorithm decides your fate
Each of us operates on vibrational frequency. Vibrational frequency is the
rate at which all matter vibrates. Everything vibrates under a microscope.
This is going a little bit more in-depth into the science behind our fate,
but pertinent to its education. The rate at which we vibrate can
sometimes be seen physically in terms of energy one expels although this
is a very vague approach to the concept. Our vibrational frequency is
based on the algorithm of our activities and decisions, similar to Karma.
Vibrational frequency is extremely important because it dictates our fate.
It conspires the people we come across, the opportunities we foresee and
it plays a role in the quality of our lives. If one is operating at an optimal
vibrational frequency he will succumb many extraordinary experiences.
He will meet other successful like-minded individuals on his journey, and
there will be no shortcoming in opportunity presented, however, if an
individual operates a low vibrational frequency due to lack of ambition,
procrastination, doing wrong towards society, and the like, he will
transpire interactions with less ambitious people. He will accumulate very
little opportunity.

By understanding vibration and its importance in Life you’ll come to

terms that the choices you make; every one of them are equally
important. Although I do not believe at this time technology can pinpoint
ones vibrational frequency there are many clues one can see from the
naked eye that will help you determine if you’re operating at an optimal
frequency or not. Are you successful? Are you doing what you enjoy? Is
your life filled with love? Do you have passion and hobbies? Are you
spiritual or religious? Your answers to these questions will help you
understand if your vibrational frequency is optimal. Consequence will tell
you the rest.

Seeing is believing but never seeing it is deceiving

In a world with 8.7 million species, with infinite components and

possibilities there’s logically only one possible scenario of its
management; that we are a lifeform of computer generated activity;
made up of software code containing ones and zeros, just like the games
you play in your basement. Nothing else.

This statement is difficult to comprehend by many simply because it’s

now stepping into a religious standpoint. Religion and spirituality are of
most importance to people. More so than their careers, friends or
materialism. It connects them to community and culture. It assists them
in breeding positive thought. It relieves them of their fears. Religion is
something you generally don’t mess with, nor do you try to compete
with. People do everything they can to be known within their spiritual
establishment and they’ll do anything to support its theories. I’ve had a
difficult time expressing my view on this subject strictly due to one’s
religious interest. Often times, an individual will instantly close their
opinion towards my theories based on the fact that it isn’t in line with
what they were taught in church. They refrain from projecting interest
because they fear my theories will prove their preachers wrong. I need to
testify that my intentions are not to overrule any religious standpoint, nor
am I trying to persuade you. I’m merely presenting a realistic spiritual
standpoint from another perspective.

There will always be people who say they aren’t spiritual, or those who
seem to not portray themselves as being very religious but the truth is;
each of us serve our own deep inner spiritual detention. Although Today
there are more non-believers than believers, all humans are on a spiritual
journey. We all ask ourselves the very same questions that pertain to
understanding Life, and there’s no denying it.

One of the interesting things about religion and spirituality is that we all
take our own individual path to enlightenment. Although the message is
the same and the words within the message are similar, the learning
experience is much different for each of us. Every saying, every doing,
every experience, every punishment, everything is seen, heard, felt and
experienced differently by every living person. This is what makes for
unique individuals and a unique life.
Humans have a difficult time accepting Life. They are the only species out
of 8.7 million on this planet that fear the consequences of what it is. They
fear infinite possibility. They believe that if their beliefs about it are
proven wrong they’ll suffer some type of consequence. It really doesn’t
matter what Life is or how it’s constructed, as long as it’s enjoyed,
experienced and taken seriously then it’s successful.

The truth is; we’ve been wronged through our education system so many
times for so many years. Information that used to exist in textbooks no
longer does today. Quality trained teachers are being trained completely
different tactics these days compared to their forefathers, all because the
initial informers were misinformed.

Take Pluto for example. When you were a toddler, playing in the backyard
till all hours in the evening, as soon as it turned dusk you started counting
the stars. As you looked up into the sky, if it was dark enough, you’d be
able to point out Pluto – the star in the sky we were taught in grade school
that was a planet much like Earth. As you grew into adulthood and had
children it became apparent to you that they (your children) were being
taught a totally different lesson; something that completely contradicts
the lesson you learned – Pluto is no longer a star worthy of being a planet.
Now our children are schooling us. This is an example of how any theory
can be debunked.

There is absolutely no reason why these theories cannot be the truest

form of reality. The most well-known modern scientist, my most favorite
actually; the producer of Tesla and Solar City, Elon Musk stands behind
these motives. There just might be more validity to my eccentric ways.
Although name dropping may gain a few supporters along the way, I
recommend you forming your own sense of belief in these theories
through taking an ambitious approach to understanding it in its truest
from. This can be done through acceptance of its qualities and through

My research within these pages come from trusted sources and are far
from just being Googled. They come from thought-provoking
conversations with everyday people from every race, culture and
ethnicity. I am taking in account as many religious practices I could find,
and incorporated many spiritual factors. I have explored the minds of
travellers and people who have never been out of their own city. I’ve
included accounts of unhappy and happy souls, educated and non-
educated. I have incorporated views from youth and the old, confident
and recluse and everyone in between. My research is justified through
reputable sources.

The choice is yours when it comes to belief. You can choose to believe
whatever story you want, but the reality is; Life is a platform that’s
impossible to be maintained by a single individual. It’s something that
needed a team of developers to handle. Something much larger than a
blockbuster film. The conventional knowledge depicted through primary
spiritual sources such as the holy book, or the lessons we were taught in
science class about the Big Bang are a longshot; a lot more of a longshot
than the algorithm theory.

Life is software.

Understanding and acceptance are the very first steps in achieving a

blissful and harmonious life. We all strive to be better people yet we often
fall off the track through incorporating unhealthy practices. Once you
come to terms with the algorithm; that it truly is in charge of your fate
you will come to appreciate it and use it to your advantage. You’ll want
to become a better person each day. You’ll start implementing better
material values into your experiences which will catapult your happiness

There is no religious push within these practices, nor do my opinions host

any manipulative factors. I am merely laying out the details that I’ve
researched for over two decades to allow you the opportunity to truly
understand how Life works. Once you come to terms with this
understanding and you fully accept it’s terms then you can actually apply
it’s reasoning into your life, thus leading you towards a happier and a
healthier state.
We all want more in Life. We want better opportunities, better
relationships. We want bigger homes. We want our children to respect
us, yet each of us fall off the waggon when it comes to doing right for
society and ourselves. We take advantage of other people and neglect
our passion. We’re greedy and abuse, and our general output towards
society harnesses anger. These qualities conflict with the algorithmic
calculations of our happiness and strain our minds with stresses. Often
times, we barely realize we’re doing wrong in the first place because our
actions are habitual; they were taught to us at a young age and we
haven’t replaced our actions with positive values. This is where education
comes in. Wisdom separates the differences when it comes to

You have the ability, the talent and all the required characteristics to
succeed at whatever your heart desires. You have every right, every
privilege and every opportunity to change your life for the better. All you
need to do is take the leap and believe.

My only question to you is, are you able to accept the algorithm?
THE ALGORYTHM – Introduction
In the coming pages you’ll come to an understanding that in the
algorithm of Life everything exists; monsters, pedophiles, murderers,
ghosts and aliens too. Yes, the majority of the conspiracies you follow are
true unfortunately. Fortunately, we get to decide our fate in some
instances. We get to provide our own insight to the challenges we face
and we get to act upon our lessons in every which way we choose. Best
yet, we get to imagine what we wish our fate to bring.

Our reality is based upon the thoughts we process in our brains. Much
like a computer’s hard drive, the information we process is stored for
future reference. It’s directed through the values and focus instilled upon
it. This way we don’t have to re-learn lessons. Our thoughts are generated
based on our values and beliefs. They are triggered through experience,
and are rendered through our emotional attachments. Thought just
happens to be the most pivotal part of everything in Life. It’s the trigger
behind every action and every possibility. It happens to be the simplest
form of human ability.

Thoughts equal things.

What has been already been conceived in the human mind exists.
Whether you’ll witness it or not depends on the direction of your
thoughts, your beliefs and the rate of your vibrational frequency.

If you’re willing to comprehend the message within these pages you’re

able to construct a healthier, more liveable and appreciative life because
you’re adapting to the idea that anything is possible.

This isn’t a new message at all. In fact, it has been delivered in countless
ways and has already been adopted by most cultures. It’s just generally
explained in different fashion. Where I explain algorithm they preach
God. Where I incorporate mathematical calculation they theorize it
through magic, or through science. The physical foundation of Life’s
algorithmic properties are understandable because reality today is
mimicked by these very properties.
Most of the religious platforms today are filled with stories that
incorporate magical components, unproven theories, and a variety of
pseudo properties that are tough to comprehend. Again, I’m not knocking
conventional religion but I need to justify my theory through comparison.

Christianity preaches that Christ was the developer of all components of

existence. They say he was the creator of everything we see, do and
experience, including all 8.7 million species, the colors of the rainbow,
the stars in the sky, even the un-researched creatures of the Sea, yet how
is one to believe that God is possible of these accounts, or anyone for that
matter? How can it physically be manageable and efficient? They preach
that Christ is the be-all and the end-all, capable of achieving things
everyday people cannot, to the extent of everything imaginable. In
addition, and most importantly, they dictate an unproven theory that
Heaven exists and that not all humans are equivalent in the acceptance
of its entry. This level of thinking doesn’t allow the observer any comfort
or a very strong probability of happiness because we are all abundant

Although the Big Bang and the Holy book offer an interesting perspective
they don’t offer enough in the sense that You are capable of making the
difference. In the algorithm of Life that I speak of You are in charge.

The algorithm theory allows for abundant opportunities that anyone

from any culture, race, religion or financial standpoint can accept and
bring to fruition. It is the only logical theory of Life.

How did we get here in the first place? Who designed us? Who is
managing this algorithm? Is it possible to infultrate another software
program to live? How many more species and viruses will be invented?
Are we re-incarnated? All of these questions and many more will follow
as you unfold the truth behind Life however just like every other theory
out there, neither of these questions have a direct answer. It is through
this directive reasoning that I’ve begun to understand the ‘rabbit hole
theory’. Our questions about Life never end.
Modern computer hackers have become so talented that they’ve
mimicked Life. There are many properties in which a computer, software
and the internet mirror human life. For example: The Internet is a
broadband of information that works similarly as the chemistry within
our brain. The 1’s and 0’s that make up the internet software interact
much like the chemical reactions of our thoughts. This interaction forms
various combinations of 1’s and 0’s sequences similarly to the way the
cells of our thoughts are formed. This combination allows us to search
relevant knowledge, it generates a wealth of opportunity and it provides
a stable ground to interact with other users, all at the push of a button,
or through motivation. Although the human brain functions through cells
rather than 1’s and 0’s, the interaction is quite the same.

Then, you take the algorithm of the most popular search engine; Google.
Google happens to be one of the smartest software platforms invented
thus far. It can search for information just as quick as the human mind
can. The keywords you type on your keyboard, which associate similarly
within the human mind as thoughts, values and belief are generated
through the algorithm which then spits out results based on your
keywords (actions). It will generate the most relevant possibilities based
on how detailed your keyword search is, or based on the level of your
motives, values and beliefs.

Neurotransmitters propel our thoughts in our brains through interaction

with other neurotransmitters. There’s an algorithm within the interaction
of this neurotransmission. All theory and logic in the computer sense was
based on human life.
How to use the algorithm in my favor
If you want to live a life of abundant happiness, filled with great health
and fascinating relationships you must first understand how the
algorithm of Life works.

Comprehension of the algorithm can be justified and understood through

challenging it in your own life. Through aggressively following your own
daily actions you’ll come to a conclusion that each of your actions develop
reactions. These reactions generally run parallel with your motives, and
are very much generated through the algorithm.

After comprehension of the algorithm you can then form a belief system
around it. Similar to our religious beliefs, we generate ambition and
persistence towards the messages within them through practice. We
gravitate towards these messages because our friends believe them,
because we seek acceptance, and because we want a better life. As we
move forward, generally, our beliefs enlarge. But, often times, we get led
astray, believing something that’s not in favor of our values. This conflicts
with the decisions we make which ultimately affects the algorithm that I
speak of. Of which, this generates chaos in our lives in all forms. It often
forces us entirely off our planned life paths. If patterns aren’t changed
accordingly the values within the individual will continue to spiral
negatively in a downward direction. Fortunately, our beliefs can change
as drastically as we want. There’s always opportunity to run a new level
of beliefs through our mind. In fact, that’s one of the best aspects of the
human mind; that is capable of regenerating new beliefs on the variables
you put it through. It can comprehend new reasoning simply through

After your belief system has been built the next step is taking action.

Before taking action again comes comprehension. We must first

understand why we are moving forward in the first place within any given
situation before we can garner any positive happenings. This second level
of understanding is similar to the initial comprehension of the algorithm
itself, yet the primary focus in this spectrum is Why.
When you come to terms with Why you’ll come to a new level of
understanding about yourself. You’ll learn why you do certain things and
why you avoid others. You’ll understand what types of people you enjoy
in your life and why you prefer not to be around others. You’ll come to a
realization that everyone goes through the same types of experiences.
This is true because we all feel the same feelings and we all cave to the
same emotions. Why is the underlining foundation behind all belief.

Understanding Why you’re doing something is more important than

What you’re doing.

There are many ways you can use the algorithm of Life in your favor. You
can relinquish your life completely through a new perspective. This can
be garnered through a build-up of healthier values, beliefs and motives.

You’re not going to get where you want to be without first adjusting your

The software of Life is not built for happiness, it’s built for truth. Just like
a video game; a series of your keyboard actions determines your fate,
which is mathematically calculated through the choices you’ve made and
how quick you reacted. It’s all spun within an algorithm that spits out a
result. Life operates in the same way.

The system of Life truly wants you to succeed. It wants you to thrive in
happiness of abundance, but it also wants to teach you right and wrong
and expects you to move forward within the parameters of its rules and

Often times, we feel we are headed in the right direction but our actions
say otherwise. It feels like we have a clear level of understanding of who
we are but we barely have a sense of how we got where we are in the
first place. Most of us are leading a direction of life on a path that’s
unforeseeable. We have no idea what will take place day by day. We just
take it as it comes with no plan at all. In the end, we are left high-and-dry
when it comes to happiness. The truth is; the algorithm doesn’t care
whether you’re determined, it’s focused primarily on the end result of
your decisions.

After the decision has been made there’s no turning back other than
trying to make it right or to do better.

The software of Life is designed for you to be successful based on a very

strict level of rules, expectations and discipline. Most of which is invisible
to the human eye.

You need to want to be a better person but you need to know Why first.

The unfortunate part of the algorithm is that there is no handbook that

comes at birth. We aren’t always directed by truth from the very
beginning. In fact, quite often we’re led astray right from the start. Each
of us comes at birth with caregivers who already have an informed set of
beliefs. They already harness passion towards these beliefs. They host
belief towards their local government and how general society works,
and they have beliefs based on education, happiness and everything in
between. The truth is; the majority of our values, beliefs and our general
perspective about Life itself was handed down to us by our closest friends
and influences in our youth. It came through lessons they taught us and
through a series of experiences we went through with them. Often times,
we don’t gain perspective to our own lifestyle’s deficiencies until later.
We end up taking our lives for granted based solely on being naïve.
What’s even more detrimental is that we don’t generally understand that
we have the ability to harness new patterns of belief, and we can change
our lives quite drastically with increased ambition to want more of

Everyone hosts the ability to harness a new level of thinking; a level that’s
congruent with their happiness. One just needs to create an
understanding of Why they want change in the first place. The rest will
Finding happiness within the algorithm
In the realm of finding happiness we generate irrational beliefs about Life
and ourselves. This causes many deficiencies in our performance and the
way we try to master Life. We need to seek understanding through
inspiration from our positive role models, through relieving our negative
ones, and through seeking more positive in all aspects of Life. It comes
through experiencing as much as we can possible and through forming
perspective based on reality.

We seek to achieve goals in the first place to prove people wrong, to show
them that we are valuable. To show ourselves that we are important.
Accomplishment in the first place was put there because you had an
initiative. That initiative was fed belief, and until you accomplished your
vision you kept feeding it belief. Understanding that the initiative
would’ve never been accomplished in the first place without the
individual belief just goes to show how important our beliefs are in the
spectrum of finding happiness.

Regardless of what you believe, the world is changing at a very rapid pace.
Unless you latch onto the algorithm of it all and come to a fine level of
understanding you’re going to be left behind in the dust. When this
happens you’ll wish you had have been an active believer.

When the first computer came out everybody laughed at it. It looked
hideous. We couldn’t render in our minds how this would be used in the
conventional consumer sense, let alone be utilized in every office
globally. We thought to ourselves of how ridiculous this invention was.
Then, all of a sudden, the new era happened and the baby boomer
generation was over. Millennial’s, as much as we like to joke about them
made all these technological advancements and BANG, now everything
we do is computer-based.

Computers have revolutionized the entire way society works. The new
generation is a video game. It is the Internet. It is software. It’s built on a
series of applications.
The algorithm of life is based on a plethora of different characteristics
that makes it nearly impossible to distinguish its exact truth. There isn’t
currently a mathematician that could justify its components, nor could
they provide a formula that would calculate it in exact form. There’s just
too many variables in the mix. For example, there are many factors that
aren’t present to the human eye that need to be accounted for in the
equation, but how is on to calculate the true math behind the action
without a true understanding of its equations variables?

If someone causes a chaotic accident on the highway behind him, of

which he doesn’t witness how is he to understand and calculate his true

We all want to succeed. We all want happiness in abundance. We want

better relationships and opportunity. And, neither of us wants to suffer.
This is true for each of us. But, this is only a generalization. There are so
many other factors that make our lives different. Yes we all want to
succeed and either of us wishes to suffer, but where lies the
opportunities we fulfil, the relationships we have, and the fun
experiences we pursue? All of which are experienced different through
the physical human eye in each of us. This is where life becomes very
different, and the reason why it makes the calculation so difficult. There
are literally infinite possibilities based on the quality of perspective.

In addition to the components mentioned, take in account all the other

factors such as confidence, education, making the right decisions,
experiences and making mistakes, life lessons, abuse and sadness,
emotion, happiness, justification and truth, religion and spirituality,
parenting, being fair and treating others respectfully, treating yourself
with respect, passion, eating healthy and physical fitness, hobbies,
negative habits, hygiene, procrastination, having fun and laughter, and
potentially thousands of other applications that are all part of the
spectrum in the decisions we make. It makes the algorithm extremely
difficult to calculate. After a while it becomes daunting, doesn’t it?
I tried to make the calculation once. I tried to develop a formula that
could calculate it all but there were just too many variables in the mix.

At an early stage in my life I enlisted a goal to seek this formula myself. I

listed all the different variables that could possibly be a part of the
process. I thought of every type of scenario I could. I spoke to as many
people about the subject as I could to try and garner new perspectives
but I came to realize over and over again that it didn’t matter how many
scenarios I came up with there were still plenty more that compiled truth
about the matter. It felt like no matter how much research I enlisted, I
couldn’t get a grasp on it all, and I started to develop nightmares based
on my findings.
The dream that turned to a nightmare:
I had a reoccurring dream in my childhood. This dream often turned out
to be a nightmare. It’s interesting to see, in hindsight, that my dream had
every relation to my passion later in life.

The insight I had to my future was so clear. It was as though I knew all the
answers to anything I wanted to achieve. Although I’m not sure what my
overall objective was within the dream, it was apparent that I knew the
answers that nobody else did; the answers we all want to know – what is
life all about and how do I make the best of it?

In the dream, I was Michael J Fox in Back to the Future, sitting in the back
of Biff’s convertible with an almanac in my hands. It had all the answers
to the algorithm of Life. As a flipped through the numerous pages I saw
various mathematical calculations behind our motives which displayed
truth behind all human reasoning.

The almanac showed calculations of reason behind scenarios of why we

do things on a daily basis; why we make the decisions we do and why
consequence happens. It explained why certain relationships falter and
why we give up. It provided understanding to some of the most common
objectives like education, spirituality and passion. Then, it explained how
one could use these calculations in their favor to make Life better and
more enjoyable. As I sifted through the information it was daunting to
see so much wisdom and calculation was a part of our fate. With each
new insight it only added to the anxiety that started running through my

There was a moment of excitement knowing that I had all the answers to
anything I wanted to achieve. If I wanted a better relationship I could just
apply certain characteristics within this almanac. If I wanted a better job,
more opportunity, or if I wanted to be healthier I just needed to apply
these certain rules. There were times where this dream sent me to an
intense emotional state, where I felt like I was God.

Then came the downfall…

After rummaging through the wisdom in this almanac, all of which came
in my daydream, I realized the vast complexity of Life. I saw how many
differences and possible variables there were in the mix. I started
multiplying my calculations based on infinite possibilities. Although the
mathematics was intriguing, it became so daunting to me that it often
triggered anxiety in my mind to the extreme. Often times, I would wake
up in a panic grasping for a breath of fresh air.

Several times, I would wake up in a panic like you see in the movies
awakening from my dream. I would wake up crying, screaming from my
mother to come and comfort me. I remember this daydream so vividly
and the complexity behind it all. Over time I developed a fear of this
complexity; of the mathematics behind my dream. There was a point
where I sought medical assistance to see what was wrong with me, but it
became apparent to the doctor that I was just a heavy thinker. He
suggested that I eliminate the dream all together, so I did.

I haven’t come to an acceptance of this daydream until today. It wasn’t

until now that I fully came to terms with the content within it. Who
would’ve thought my very first fear would ultimately become my passion
later in Life? I sure didn’t. The algorithm is tricky that way.

I know it always feels like we need a certain level of understanding before

we can commit ourselves to taking the next step. I understand that it
takes baby steps to accomplish anything of great worth, and it takes
perseverance and a dedicated mindset to instill any great qualities into
one’s life, but there is a tremendous life waiting for you. Regardless if you
choose to believe whether you’re living in an algorithm or if you’re God’s
descendant, or simply a part of a scientific bang, you can chose to live
Exploring the algorithm
Ever since a young age I was an explorer. My mom said that I steadily
tried to escape from my bedroom window as a child trying to seek beyond
my horizons. I was always trying to fill my interest by stepping beyond my
boundaries. Often times, I would ride my bike a little too fast or swim out
into the ocean further than I had energy to swim back. The lessons that
followed we’re just another example of how the algorithm of Life works.
If you don’t make calculated decisions there’s a very good chance you’ll

I’ve always had a fascination with understanding how things work. I spent
quite a bit of time in my youth trying to come to understand some of the
most common things in humanity, specifically the human mind. I tried to
understand why people are so unhappy, and why nobody can ever come
to an agreement on anything. I tried to consume the facts behind religion
and spirituality and why is was so important to people. I researched
education; its importance and relevance upon our successes. I tried to
understand the mathematics behind our happiness. In the realm of it all,
I learned that no matter how far deep I delved into any situation there is
always more to be rectified. I also came to a conclusion that although we
are all given the same amount of opportunity, not all of us are willing to
accept the challenge of becoming the best we can be.

Explorers cannot explore without having first a thought to explore.

If you can generate a willingness to explore Life’s algorithm you’ll be steps

ahead to achieving happiness than those who reject its theory.

KG Productions – Calgary, Canada – 2017

Knowing how to get somewhere is the easy part. Understanding why you
want to get there is a little trickier.

The analogy is virtually the same with a business owner. He has a great
product and has instilled great qualities into his craftsmanship. He has set
up an online business and is ready to take orders, but he fears that if he
charges too much he’ll scare away the customers, but he also doesn’t
want to charge too little and make no profit. The business owner ends up
settling on a price that is far lower than competition based on his
confidence in himself. If he had of taken in account the quality of his
craftsmanship instead of looking at what others might think of him he
would’ve priced accordingly, accepted numerous clients and built an
incredible online business, but because he was priced far lower than
competition his consumers assume his product is inferior so they
purchased elsewhere. If the business owner had have focused on Why he
was in business in the first place – to serve and benefit others, rather than
his shortcomings he would’ve believed in his craft more, enabling a more
competitive mindset. He would’ve been passionately earning a living, but
now he’s living in a detrimental state.

We can question any individual in our surroundings and get to know them
a little better, and within conversation you’ll find that he or she has not
only a lengthy list of wants but they are quite similar to yours. In addition,
they probably run into the same issue you face; not knowing why they
are exactly trying to attain what they wish for.

There is no great fortune in trying to hoard everything you want in Life.

In the end, it all ends in the garbage or in a storage room. It all depreciates
to little or zero value. And, most commonly, you’ll garner some level of
remorse from the purchase. In the process of living you must find
reasoning behind your initiatives, otherwise you are going to be left as an
empty soul.
Our minds generally sway through the process of decision because we
don’t understand why we are moving in that direction, or at least, we
haven’t taken the initiative to understand the contents of the activity.
Understanding your Why’s in Life opens a facet of opportunity in various
ways. It helps one garner necessary insight towards one’s mission in life.
It catapults ones perspective towards a healthier lifestyle. It prepares an
individual for greatness.

Often times, we forget why we are doing certain things. Heck, I can’t even
go to the grocery store without forgetting the few items I went to
purchase. We forget the overall picture of our initiates and, often times,
we don’t even place a mental picture of Why before we act. We’re
constantly led by friends, colleagues, family members, relatives and those
around us. We do things because they tell us to do them, and we do them
because we trust them. We don’t adjust our minds or take the time to
think of why are we doing this?

Why is the main reason behind everything we do. Why is the answer to
all of your questions about Life. It is the root of all accomplishment and
successes. It is the underlining factor behind happiness.

Why did you pick up this book? Is it because you truly want to better your
life? Is it because you had a few spare minutes and had nothing better to
do? Is it because you had a few extra dollars in your Amazon account and
had nothing better to spend it on? Or, did you actually have an interest
whether it was the cover of the book or the contents within it? It all boils
down to the perspective of Why?
Being the gate keeper to your algorithm
The mathematics behind any living creature, any species, any decision,
any result can only be depicted through computer generated algorithm.

I felt I needed to prepare you with questioning your Why’s before

encouraging you on a spiritual journey that still hasn’t been truly explored
or understood. You need a clear understanding of Why you’re doing
something before it becomes interesting, or before you can form an
actual emotional connection to it. I thought the best way for you to
connect with the algorithm theory is to first understand why you wish to
understand it. Let me suggest that you create that level of interest simply
by wanting to be a better person yourself. I know that each of us ideally
has a general image inside their minds to become better people but how
often do we actually go ahead and take the steps to make it happen?

I encourage you to want to be a better person each day. I know this

sounds trivial and far-fetched like all the other hokey pokey motivational
tactics out there, but with continued mental support and a realistic
understanding in the algorithm theory you’ll be well on your way to
spiritual enlightenment.

If you don’t try to be a better person you’re simply not trying to live a
happy life. This in itself should act as encouragement for you to take the
necessary steps to become better.

I’ve written nearly a dozen books on finding happiness and I can assure
you that if being a better person isn’t near the top of your list of priorities
unfortunately you’re going to falter somewhere.

Be the gatekeeper of your own algorithm. Through a fine level of

understanding you’ll come to terms with the theory and how it can be
applied in a way that’ll catapult your ambitions to fruition. Don’t let
anyone stand in your way of being the best you can be. Don’t allow any
lesson you were taught in the past to obstruct your view of reality. Your
life is far too important to allow trivial differences that may hinder proper
perspective on the possibilities of Life. Be the gatekeeper in the way that
you’ll enlist your most passionate side towards a healthier You. Wake up
each day and chose to move forward on your own terms. Take advantage
of the algorithm in the sense of exploration. Explore its every capacity
and challenge it often, but don’t lose track of your initiatives – Why you
are trying to get there.

I laid out these pages for you to explore a better life. I chose to write it in
a way that’s never been taught before. It’s meant to guide you on a
spiritual journey that will help you come to understand and appreciate.
There are no ulterior motives within my direction here. In fact, my only
motive of this project is to wake up society – You, in a positive way. Those
who choose to enlist its components into their lives are appreciated on
my end. Those who don’t, at least you gave it some thought.

There will be people who you come across whom try and discourage you
from your idealistic image of happiness. They’ll persuade you to follow
suit of their dreams rather than trying to help you with your own
initiatives. Often times, their level of thinking will lead you in a negative
direction that throws your entire platform of values off kilter. Choose to
let go of these negative people altogether if you can. If you can’t get rid
of them be sure to weigh their advice lightly. In other words, try to
establish new friends.

Narcissism is not a flaw in human nature, it’s written in the algorithm.

Each of us are striving towards our own individualistic image of what

idealistic happiness means. Neither of us has the same image of what that
looks like. Our images differentiate based on the experiences, the lessons
we were taught, through the people we hung around with, and many
other variables. Often times, we come across narcissistic behavior; we
experience people trying to take advantage of us, or they try to persuade
our vision in a negative way. This unfortunately is all a part of the
platform; the software, the code that’s written in our DNA.

When you come to a full realization of the algorithm theory you’ll

understand that the only true freedom you have in the equation is
perspective. It really depends on the way you see it because there are
infinite perspectives within any given situation.

Your generalized perspective is based not only on the experience itself

but also through the values and belief system you garnered through the
years. Meaning, all of the small simple learning experiences you went
through in your childhood and early adulthood, whether they were
deemed as good or bad, are a part of the genetics of your decision today.

The way you see a situation is not at all the way another person sees it.
One of the best ways to gain an idealistic perspective of any given
situation is to empathize with as many possible scenarios as you can. You
can do this by discussing your vision with other people perhaps who were
involved in the experience itself, or through meditation.

When you research your most emotionally connected experiences of

your past you’ll come to realize that in most cases the situation occurred
through unforeseen circumstances that were out of your control. It
wasn’t until you gained a clear perspective about the issue that your
nerves were relieved from its stresses. For example, a cadet student is on
the honour roll and is about to be accredited as the highest rank. The
squadron has planned a special event that will honour this individual, yet
the day of event the Cadet chooses not to attend. Nearly 150 people who
attended the event are sent home without greeting the Cadet. Instantly,
the Commander of the Squadron gets angry over the situation. He starts
writing emails and leaves nasty voicemail messages, flying off the handle
about the situation. He says things he doesn’t mean all in the heat of the
moment because he feels he was betrayed by the Cadet. The weekend
passes, still no communication. The Cadet still hasn’t reached out to the
Squadron Commander. This only fuels more anger towards the situation.
Finally, Monday evening comes and the regular scheduled Cadet meeting
commences yet still the Cadet is of no attendance. The rage from the
Commander now turns the concern as he realizes maybe the Cadet had
an unforeseen experience such ad an accident or health matter that
possibly was the reason behind his lack of attendance. He then draws his
concern towards hospitals and police stations around the community in
search of the Cadet but to still no avail. The entire Squadron demands a
community-wide search for the Cadet. They search high and low looking
for him frantically, still to no avail. The Squadron Commander is at his
heels begging in his mind for forgiveness in hopes it will bring back the
Cadet. Then, at the end of the night the Squadron Commander arrives at
home and plays a voicemail from the mother of the Cadet which explains
there was indeed an unforeseen circumstances in the mix. The Cadet fell
off his skateboard and was severely injured, bringing him to the hospital
with critical injuries. She wanted to let him know that he was OK and

You can see how in this scenario the Squadron Commander’s emotional
connection to the experience didn’t dissipate until he gained a clear level
of understanding. The same goes with each of our emotionally charged

It doesn’t matter what situation you look at in life, the result depends
strictly on perspective. You can look at any given situation 1000 different
ways and each of them will lead you thinking something different.

The most important fundamental, above all others, is to be stern with

your beliefs and to expand them and to believe in yourself. Yes, it’s
important to adjust your beliefs over time so they’re in line with your
values, but it’s also important to harness a steady confidence in what you
believe in.


I gave up on writing. After my 14th book, where I only had a handful of

readers, I chose to let the passion of writing go all together. It’s been
seven months since I let it go and I can assure you that I’ll never do it
again. Letting go of my passion not only created a mental block towards
happiness, it made me succumb to my negative habits tenfold. Although
this experience led me to learn valuable life lesson about hobbies, habits,
passion and how incrementally pertinent they are to our happiness, I
instilled a metal contract stating that I’ll never give up on my passion ever
again. My life is far too important to give up on it.

Follow your passion, whatever it is and regardless of what anybody says.

It’s pertinent to your happiness. This I know from experience.

Have you ever come across a situation that literally felt exactly the same
as another similar experience you’ve had? Of course you have! I
should’ve said, how many times do you recall having coincidental
experiences in your life?

Coincidence is a part of the algorithm.

Google is an algorithm, and quite possibly the easiest way to explain my

theory. You’ll type certain keywords into its search bar, and based on the
algorithm’s calculations it’ll spit out a series of possibilities relevant to
your keywords. This is the simplest form of understanding how an
algorithm works.

Everything is based on algorithm. There is a mathematical calculation

behind everything in our surroundings. The colours we see, the sounds
we listen to, the visions we witness and the particles we taste are all
mathematically calculated. Same goes for our lifestyles and health. There
is a specific calorie breakdown for all of the foods we eat. There’s also a
breakdown of the proteins, fats, healthy oil‘s, etc., all of which can be
calculated by the volume of intake.

The same goes with our experiences. Every time we indulge into negative
habits there’s a general calculation that automatically alters our state of
living. These alterations come in the form of a variety of factors such as
health, romance, opportunity, etc. You will begin to understand quickly
that your state of happiness can be altered by the decisions you make on
a daily basis.

You saw how the Grinch did wrong to society for a number of years and
he dwelled in his own sadness for quite some time because of his lack of
community involvement. He wasn’t accepted by the Who’s in Whoville.
He felt jaded by society and felt Christmas was superficial and all about
materialism of which he wanted no part of. Once he found that happiness
doesn’t come from a store, and that the people of Whoville were quite
accepting he started to gain an entirely new perspective of his community
and Life itself. From that day, instead of taking advantage of others in
negative ways he decided to contribute to his community in many
positive ways. His efforts expanded his heart which allowed for more
compassion. Moving forward, with his new found compassion and
acceptance he became a better person to the rest of society and for

In one small paragraph you’ve seen how one individual can go from a
detrimental state of chaos to landing a respectable role in the community
by simply changing the way he dealt with people. He achieved this
through perspective. This example provides an analogy as to how any
individual can be accepted more; through accepting perspective.

You can see the coincidences in everything you do.

If you do good for others, others will do good for you. This may not always
physically happen in every case you have witnessed, but the theory
behind it is true. If you do good for society the algorithm will instill better
opportunities for you to be successful based on the positive karma value
from your decisions. The coincidence is in the Karma.

Karma divides the difference from the Have’s and the Have-not’s.

In the real world there are consequences based on our actions. When we
make poor choices, automatically we reincarnate negative future
happenings. The opposite side of the spectrum is true for our good
choices. When we make a good decision; something that garners
compassion for other people, a positive action towards society,
ultimately this will lead us to future positive occurrences. Buddhism
explains this as Karma. Karma is very much a part of the algorithm of Life.

The developers of Life engineered the algorithm with the thought of

Karma in mind. Its very principles garner the same level of understanding.

There are a variety of factors that build Karma, all of which will be
explained in detail in the coming pages, but the underlining theme of it is
that if your thoughts are in line with doing right for society, for yourself
and for your family then the environment will provide that of which you
require to move forward in life prosperously.

If you follow these parameters for the majority of your undertakings

there’s a good chance those big ambitions that you had at an early age
might just come through sooner than later.

You can look at Karma similarity as you would a conventional bank

account. It gets transferred in the same manner. When you do good for
society, automatically funds are deposited into your Karma account.
However, when you act upon negative patterns your Karma funds
automatically are withdrawn from your account, or put in the overdraft.
As you go through life, with each negative situation you deal with, as long
as you have enough Karma funds in your account to pay the piper you’ll
overcome any obstacle you for see, but if your Karma account is in the
overdraft you won’t have the funds required to pay the piper which will
ultimately lead your life down in a negative spiraling consequential state.

Coincidence is written in the Life code so we understand we are on the

right path.

Coincidences happen all the time, yet what isn’t perceived through the
observer isn’t actually present in the mind. If the observer doesn’t know
the coincidence happened, or why it happened in the first place he won’t
know what to make of it.

Coincidences offer opportunity. They trail possibilities. When you see a

similar person in your tracks Life probably means for you to get to know
that person. If an opportunity strikes more than twice there’s probably a
good reason why your mind is focussed on it as well. These opportunities
should be taken advantage of. But, all too often they’re overlooked.

I witness coincidences on a daily basis, and I see them more often these
days because I’ve set my mind in-tune to explore them; to take advantage
and to understand them.
I live in Calgary, Canada, which isn’t a large population - just over 1 million
people, but what I’ve come to terms is that I don’t generally come across
anyone I know on the streets, when I drive to work or anywhere between.
But, there is on occasion where I do come across an acquaintance or
someone I grew up with whom I haven’t seen in a while, or an old co-
worker comes across my path, and every single time it’s at an event I
never would’ve thought I would’ve come across them. It’s during these
moments where I reflect upon what brought me to accept the invitation
to the event in the first place, and I reflect upon the situation to see what
was learned. From there, I question the coincidence further, hoping to
come across a reason to act upon the situation. Nine times out of ten it
was worth the effort.

Coincidences provide reasoning.

Life is always trying to send us messages that’ll help catapult our

momentum in the right direction. The universe or whatever you wish to
call it wants you to succeed, yet because of your past negative
experiences you’ve turned your back on it. There’s truly no way you’re
going to move in the direction you want unless you change the method
of your thoughts. Once you change the method of your thoughts your
entire life will be converted. I know this sounds hokey but remember
everything is based on a mathematical equation.

As you move along with your daily routine try to focus on the small
coincidences that occur in your surroundings. Reflect on these incidences
and ponder the lessons that can be learned through them. Imagine why
that incident occurred in the first place. Try to muster up as many
different possible scenarios to reflect on it. As we have all found in more
than one way, some of the best things in our lives; our relationships,
children, and most of our happiness simply came from coincidence.
Perhaps the love of your life was brought to you in science class, or your
latest job opportunity came through a conversation on a flight back to
Montreal. Whatever it is in your life, if it’s something you value I bet it
came through coincidence. This is a simple explanation of how algorithm
is on our side.
As you come to terms with coincidences you’ll understand that they repel
into our lives unexpectedly simply to generate more happiness. Through
this level of thinking you can learn to appreciate that Life is truly a good
place to be.

All too often, we surround our days with the same monotonous, rigorous
unplanned existence. We run into the same people because they are our
friends, family and coworkers. Rarely do we meet new people or try new
things. We work with our coworkers for years without getting to know
them, or we choose to drive the same route to work each day because
it’s the quickest, but in the overall perspective of Life and finding our
happiness it’s become apparent that life isn’t fulfilling unless it’s exciting.
If you always take the same route to work or eat at the same restaurant
every day where is the excitement? Try to change it up a bit. Eat from a
different restaurant today, choose to pack your own lunch and prepare it
yourself, or skip lunch altogether and go for a jog in the park instead.

Change your lifestyle by changing the way you think.

Use this level of thinking to leverage a more exciting lifestyle. Use it as an

opportunity to reflect on something better; a more livable and enjoyable
life altogether. We generally don’t get the opportunity to move forward
because we haven’t already planted it into our thoughts yet.
Materialism is a part of the algorithm
I said it once and I’ll say it again, there is a mathematical calculation to
absolutely everything we deal with in life. If you break down any matter,
any relationship, any discussion, any experience, anything you’ll come to
realize that it all came down to mathematics. Whether it was an unsettled
divorce, an improper weld in the shop, an event that didn’t get enough
support, or whatever you label it as, regardless of the situation, the
mathematics of the equation doesn’t lie. Algorithm is just a term to
explain the mathematics behind the equation. Materialism happens to
be yet another component to the theory.

It’s obvious that we want materialistic items because they’re cool, they
make our lives easier, and because our friends have/want it. But, what is
often overlooked is Why we actually want them. We fail to understand
that it’s a psychological thing. We are constantly advertised to, especially
at this day and age. These advertisements make us feel inadequate for
not having the latest. They make us feel incompetent or naked without
them. If you look deep into the situation you’ll come to see that the
reason why you want the materialistic item isn’t based on competition
with your friends at all; your wants are forced into your mentality through

If you live in a non-Third World country; living in a common household

with a roof over your head, and you’ve got a bed to sleep in each night,
and running water with plumbing, let’s not forget the other necessities of
electricity and love from another person than you’re richer than more
than half of the World. Did you realize that?

All too often, we forget to realize what we actually have in comparison to

other people living in the same environment. We forget to realize how
many people are living without. There are eight hundred million people
in this world whom don’t get potable water or enough to eat. We take
for granted the things that we harness every day that others don’t
because we don’t see what other people lack often enough. All we see is
what’s on our television sets or what’s in the line of our sight.
There’s no great level of continued satisfaction through materialism.
Generally, the emotional connection to any consumer good dissipates
the moment the purchase is made. After that, it becomes outdated and

Life is your game to play. Take advantage of the algorithm by

incorporating your heartfelt values to achieve your most passionate
aspirations, not through materialism. Don’t let life pass you by only trying
to accommodate more stuff in your life, otherwise, you’ll end up laying
in a bed of disappointment.

You need not follow the norm and accommodate happiness through
swiping your favorite credit card. Even though your sights have been
aimed at it for a long time, you can choose to let go of your beliefs about
it altogether.

A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out sequences of

logical operations automatically via programming. This is quite similar to
how the human brain subconsciously achieves tasks. Modern computers
have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations through
programming. These programs enable computers to perform an
extremely wide range of tasks, all of which again mirror the way the
human brain works. Multi-tasking is the proper term for this in the English
human language.

The first programmable computer, the Z1 was created by German Konrad

Zuse in his parents' living room between 1936 and 1938. It is considered
to be the first electro-mechanical binary (1’s and 0’s theory)
programmable computer, and the first really functional modern
computer. (Wikipedia)

The first conventional computer, although widely argumented via Apple‘s

Apple 1 operating system, the IBM personal computer, introduced on
Aug. 12, 1981, used the MS-DOS operating system. 1981: The first IBM
personal computer, code-named "Acorn," is introduced. It uses
Microsoft's MS-DOS operating system.Sep 6, 2017 (Wikipedia)

As you can see, the conventional computer, used to carry out daily
activities such as the ones you and I couldn’t live without; like the
programs we use to maintain our automobiles, the software that
generates our paycheck, even the applications that serve pace-makers
and other important life-saving equipment, it would cause many
deficiencies taking computer equipment away from Life’s equation. Even
the simple things in our lives would be complicated drastically if you took
away computers and its programming these days. How much time do you
spend on social media, YouTube or Google? Enough said.

The most fascinating part about programming is that it is dictated

through human ability. Whatever the human body hasn’t yet achieved
hasn’t yet been implemented into its foundation. Take YouTube for
example. Well, there’s a couple examples here. The First example:
YouTube offers the newest trends and explores human capability more
than any other platform online. This is because everyone is on it. It’s been
there the longest. And, most important to my point; its users are
talented. They’ve been seen and heard and have made an impact on

Often times, regular individuals don’t get the opportunity to speak up.
They don’t get to react to what is said. Nor do they get to express their
talents to others in video form much like YouTube or other social media
platforms. The world is moving at such a rapid pace, and opportunities
are expanding vastly all because people are subconsciously
understanding Life clearer; through technology.

People yearn for acceptance. They want to be seen and heard, and they
want others to witness their capabilities. YouTube, Google, FaceBook,
Instagram and the like all provide a foundation for this. Life is very similar
to technology in the sense that we are all working together to create an
ideal life. As software programs interact with others of its kind they
generate possibility. We as humans collaborate with each other’s
ingenuity to harness all different possibilities. In a sense; we are all trying
to help each other.

This year they announced the first robot in human form. It actually thinks
similarity to the human mind and carries out logical daily activities as a
human would. It also interacts with everyday society and dictates similar
lifestyle parameters as you and I. In addition to this, they recently
distributed a movie called Her which depicts a love relationship between
an actual human and a robot. What’s even more interesting is that this
technology is becoming more prominent in our daily activities. One day
in the near future we may be interacting similarly as to the modern
television shows we watch; the one’s that depict a Life that mixes various
breeds of technology.

I recently purchased a carry-on suitcase that will follow me through the

airport, up the escalator, across gravel terrain and into the luggage
compartment on the airplane simply by only pressing a button and lifting
it once. This form of artificial intelligence is only just the beginning of how
computer technology not only dictates our lives but that its components
are made of it.

Computers work on a similar platform as our brains. They’re wired

similarly and function in the exact same way. They’re even made from
biological components. Think of its motherboard for example; it operates
as the brain of the computer. All information cycles through it. Its wires
act as its veins and arteries. Its information is cycled similarly to thoughts
in the mind. I think you get the idea. There’s no other logic behind
Microsoft, IOS, Android or any other operating system, that they’ve built
their foundation of principles based on similar values to that of a human.
In fact, it would be out-right stupid for a software developer to clone
something different; something that’s irregular and differentiates from
how typical humans interact. Humans simply couldn’t apply it with

If you align an operating system that corresponds with the human mind
it’ll create efficiency. Although this doesn’t always seem like the case,
generally, the software designer will align its algorithm to something that
best suits its observer (or based solely on truth and calculation). It’ll make
it easier for the observer to search and to apply. The software will run
through an algorithm that presents advertisements relevant to its
observer. It’ll direct it’s observer to finding the quickest and easiest route,
the best tasting foods, and will even teach you how to write a business
plan, all through its programming. It’s actually quite efficient.

Life’s software is similar in the sense that it wants to get to know you.

Often times, Life feels unfair. It feels as though the universe is distracting
and trying to lead us into temptation and failure. If feels like we can never
get ahead. In fact, with every step we take it feels like we are knocked
down a few steps making the ultimate journey that much more gruelling
and undesirable. Most of the time, we lose track of our focus and we
remain unstable, complacent, feeling jaded. We look at our society and
can’t stand those within it. We place blame on those around, especially
for our most emotionally charged experiences. Although, it may feel like
we learn a lesson or two with each experience, it feels like Life can never
present us enough enjoyment. We get bored with all the lesson learning
and become disappointed in ourselves for all the times we failed. We lose
track of the important things in life like spending time with family and
friends and fun activities because we are so stuck in the past. We forget
to seek opportunity because we remain complacent and procrastinate.
On top of this, our friends become our enemies. This all makes for an
undesirable lifestyle. In fact, with all the negative possible scenarios Life
can possibly hand us, mixed with the amount of people in our
surroundings, adding the algorithm component, means we are all
susceptible to unlimited factors. One can change the odds to more
positively prevalent experience through adapting to an alternate

It’s never too late to change the way you want to live Life. Those who
want to achieve greatness are those who were inspired to do so. If you
haven’t already been inspired to make a positive change just turn on the
television set to the news. You’ll soon see the destruction of humanity
and how good you have it. Use this as leverage to make something of
your ambition.

Learning to play the algorithm is the corporate approach to your


There are many things you’re already talented to do but there are so
many reasons fighting your mind telling you that you aren’t good enough.
I can barely keep track of how many times I’ve been brought down by
people who meant nothing to me; those telling me I was inadequate. In
hindsight, I realize they only propelled their negativity towards my vision
because they were jealous or because they didn’t understand it, not
because my vision was actually stupid. This reminds me of how far I’ve
come to build my confidence.

There will always be shallow people trying to bleed you dry, looking you
in the face telling you that you’re not worthy. These people will always
linger around you because they know how to bring you down far enough
to take advantage of you, or to make you unhappy. There’s nothing
wrong with getting rid of toxic people in your life. The best way to move
forward in the right direction is through relieving yourself of its toxins.

The algorithm theory, although a difficult concept to comprehend, it’s

probably the only theory that translates reality behind every bit of
reasoning. For example, we see catastrophe around the world every day
and we try to understand all of it. We see homes being torn down by
irrational weather patterns, economies crashing, legitimately good
people going through bad things, we experience serious catastrophic
health concerns, and we try to justify all of it. We look for God or
someone we can seek reasoning through, yet we still fail to understand it
all. When you take a look at algorithm and its properties you’ll come to
understand that the mathematical formula behind all of the situations
stated above were in fact bonded together strictly through human
activity and the nature of the algorithm; meaning that all of our
experiences are indeed justified through experience.

If, for example, an unforeseen health concern strikes an individual, or

there’s been a catastrophic event in their lives such as a job loss or a
divorce, there’s a pretty good reason as to why this issue occurred in the
first place. It’s all calculated in the algorithm of the individual’s choices
and actions, and his motives behind them.

Once you come to understand the algorithm of Life you’ll start

implementing certain applications within it to ensure that you’re living
abundantly. You’ll chose to wake up each morning with a different
mindset; one that’s satisfied and happy. The reason why such a drastic
emotional occurrence will take place is due to the vast change in
perspective. When you come to terms that Life is a mathematical
experience as much as a spiritual one you’ll come to appreciate it.

No happy soul has ever gotten to the where they are without enforcing
positive values and beliefs into their mindset.
Generally, the decisions you make, the activities you participate in and
the efforts you instil are the direction you wish to seek. Why would you
work so hard for it otherwise? But, in most people’s lives this isn’t the
case. Sometimes we do things to make other people happy. Sometimes
we commit to activities because we feel obligated, or sometimes we
direct our focus toward something based on guilt. There are variety of
reasons why we do things. I think it’s time to take a look at all the
possibilities. Perhaps you need to look inward and understand your daily
negative habits before you can learn to comprehend the algorithm.

You can incorporate a better lifestyle through your imagination. Think of

your imagination as the software that the computer runs on. The creator
of that software is you. Within this software you’re able to manipulate it
in ways that’ll create enjoyment and efficiency. You’re able to make it as
exciting as you want. Basically, it’s yours to do with what you want. With
increased practice and creativity you’ll be able to strengthen your
imagination and incorporate new practices. Consider these practises as
applications ran similarly on your tablet. Each application is designed to
configure efficiencies in its own realm. It’s designed to create ease for the
user. Through instilling healthier values it’ll enable you to make healthier
decisions. Healthier decisions will generate a higher yield of Karmic value.
A high Karmic value will instill happiness. You get the idea.

Each of us runs on entirely different software. Although extremely

similar, its compounds are quite unique in nature. This can be easiest
explained with DNA. DNA is the chemical compound of virtually
everything that lives. It provides an avatars identity and tells everything
about him, even to the breakdown of experiences he’s gone through.
Humans DNA is similar to the breakdown of the software of Life.
Everyone has a slightly different experience in Life because they have a
slightly different compound of DNA. Their image of Life differentiates

You can choose to complain about society and everyone/everything

within it, or you can choose to look at every annoyance as an opportunity
to move forward in your life. Worse case, think of it this way; any small
annoyance allows you to build patience. This is one thing I’ve learned
from the ‘Groundhog Day affect’.

Think of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. As the main
character draws the same day over and over again, experiencing the
same situations, day after day after day, he learns to take advantage of
the situation by fuelling romance, bettering his karmic value and instilling
positive values and beliefs into his mindset. Rather than complaining he
chooses to better his life and those around him. But, this happens only
after several experiences of déjà vu, reliving the exact same day
(Groundhog Day) over and over again, and through forming a different
perspective about his surroundings.

The truth is; you’re living the Groundhog Day affect right now, and you
have been for quite some time. You’re going through the exact same
motions day after day, over and over again, for the last how long? No
wonder why you set your mind to complacency.

How long are you going to dwell in the shame of complacency? How long
are you going to be a victim of irrational behaviour by focussing on
nothing that’s truly important? How long are you going to deceive your
inner self? How are you going to feel when you’re 70 years old sitting on
your rocking chair wishing that you had have done more in Life? All of
these questions should fuel your desire to understand your Why.

Take the lead! Think of your life as your favourite video game. This time
don’t only play it but invent it. Make it as intense as you can or as
comfortable as you’d like and take heart to your avatar. Empathize with
him/her and along its journey encourage it to be the best it can be.

You don’t need to know where you are on the playing field to want to win
you just need to know that you’re on the playing field and that you have
the ability to win. The rest comes in understanding Why, and through
Moving beyond your avatars limitations
Regardless of the size of wrongdoings in your past, or how many times
others have wronged you, there should be no value placed on your past
at all, other than what was learned and accomplished. Once you’re able
to accept and appreciate your past you’ll be much closer to fulfilling your
goal of being happy. The unfortunate thing is; most of the population
dwell in sadness from their past.

One of the key fundamentals in moving forward and achieving happiness

is through forgiveness. We’ve all gone through our trials and triumphs.
We’ve had many ups and downs that’ve triggered emotionally charged
feelings, such as excitement and pride, yet many of our experiences
harnessed negative feelings such as regret, hatred and anger towards
Life. We’ve placed countless blame on other people. But, it doesn’t
matter how bad your past was, as long as you’re willing to accept and
forgive it you’re in good hands.

The universe does provide ample opportunity to excel in whatever you

set your mind to. The problem within the communication of the
algorithm is that neither of us can see it physically. We just hope and live
off those hopes; hoping that we will make it along our way successfully.
Not very often do we have the proper mentorship or guidance to properly
acquire what we are looking for. We get led astray through irrational
leadership and we get duped by narcissistic tendencies. All in all, this
ultimately leads us to a state of unhappiness. Today is your opportunity
to change all that. You can play the algorithm in your favour and move
beyond the limitations your current perspective harnesses through
acceptance. Doing so will enable the best possible outcome.

Nobody likes to lay in a bed of dreams that were never taken advantage
of. Laying idol will only defeat your mentality.

Play your life the way you’d play your favourite video game. Make
calculated decisions based on your environment and on how it’ll affect
your Life. Take it slow, yet make it exciting. Educate yourself about each
stage, and learn to justify its components. Each stage offers new
opportunity and possibility. Do the right things, make the right choices
and do right to other people including yourself. Everything else comes
down to perspective and what your motives – your Why’s.
When you look at computer software you’ll come to appreciate that the
idea behind it combines information into a category of ones and zeros; a
simple concept. This is very similar to the concept of DNA and how it
works in the human body.

At the very beginning of the movie the Matrix (and I believe the ending
as well) there’s a splash page of green ones and zeros that scrolls the
entire screen. This splash page which has become iconical is a physical
mirror image of the algorithm working.

You can imagine each One as being the symbol for ON, and the Zeros
being the symbol for OFF. As these ones and zeros interact with each
other they create a path of code. This code differentiates from all other
code making a unique experience and endless possibilities.

The algorithm of these ones and zeros generates everything we see, do

and experience through very comprehensive mathematics – using
numbers. However it uses numbers differently than in the human sense.
We tend to think of numbers as 0, 1, 2, 3, ... 9, 10, etc. A computer doesn't
have that privilege. It can only "think” about 0 and 1. Being this algorithm
creates numerous possible scenarios through calculations of numbers
this means it can do the same math as our 0, 1, 2, 3, ... 9, 10 theory.

A computer calculates it like this:

0 => 0

1 => 1

2 => 10

3 => 11

4 => 100

5 => 101

9 => 1001

10 => 1010

11 => 1011


Explanation of ones and zeros complements Arne Bernard, B.Comm

Computer Science & Economics, University of Port Elizabeth 1999.

This gives a brief explanation of how the binary code works. It’s apparent
that it’s quite similar to the way the human mind thinks. All software built
is generally based on a similar theme and trying to accomplish a similar
task, all of which is trying to communicate with humanity, with the end
goal in mind to make lives easier.

You can plaster your mindset with as much disbelief, and you can filter
your thoughts and constrict your level of thinking by seeing things only
through either a religious or scientific standpoint, or you can go through
your Life with a very closed mind; closing your thoughts to outside ideas,
yet you’ll always come to the same conclusion; Life is a mathematical

I’m not disputing the fact that God, the Universe, the Big Bang, scientific
particles, or whatever face you want to put on the creator of humanity,
has characteristics that can be believable. What I am suggesting is that
the education regarding our general societal standpoint of our reality is
flawed. Our everyday experiences, the opportunities we pursue, the
relationships we harness aren’t just a part of hope, they are very much
planted into our lives based on mathematics derived through our
decisions and actions.

7 billion people is a very high number when it comes to management.

There’s no better way to manage this many people than through a series
of software applications. The truth is; our lives can be easily calculated
and accounted for on a spreadsheet on a computer. It would be literally
impossible to manage every single aspect of our lives otherwise.
Let’s face it; whoever created us was one smart fellow. It gets even more
complex when you realize that there is an additional 8.7 million other
species in the mix. Reptiles, bugs, animals, fish, ghosts, aliens, etc. it all
adds to the complexity of the software. There were probably multiple
partners in the realm of its software design.

Only software is capable of comprehending infinite numbers such as

what Life dictates. You need to take an account the complexities of all
species individually. If you look at a ladybug you’ll come to realize its
perfection in itself. The leaves on the trees, the flowers that bloom every
year at the exact same time with perfection. There’s no possible way all
of this would take place and maintain prosperity without an algorithm to
run it all. It just wouldn’t happen.

Plant your ones and zeros and make the best of Life. If you haven’t
already been a gamer in your past it’s time to start. Every game built was
based on a similar foundation. Its tactics are based on a similar platform.
It was based around the human avatar, for us to experience. You have
the characteristics required to create the life you want because
everybody is built on the same foundation. Anything is possible.

If you rush through life you’re going to miss the fun experience and forget
why you did it in the first place. If you take it slow and steady you’ll be
more appreciative. If you forgive those around you for their wrongdoings
by resetting the game every now and then you’ll be further than those
still resting in their own pity. The strain of restarting will yield tremendous
benefits. Trust me.

You were served certain experiences because you made certain choices
in your past. The people you’ve come across, the opportunities you were
given and everything in between were served to you through the
algorithm of Life. Accept this fact and appreciate that you were given the
opportunity in the first place. Take advantage of this experience now,
Today and celebrate your willingness to strive towards a part of you that
you’ve never reached.
Contents of planting your ones and zeros:
The following paragraphs elaborate on the qualities required to properly
plant your ones and zeros within the video game of Life. The more you
apply these exercises ahead the more you’ll be encouraged to seek
happiness. More practice comes more reasoning.

Be mindful
Be mindful of those around you and incorporate them into your life. Get
to know their ambition, and learn to share yours to those who you can
trust. You can learn a lot about anything through discussion with other
people. Remember, we are all on the same playing field. We all essentially
want the same things.

Form a Belief but keep it inside

Believe in yourself regardless of what anybody tells you, and keep your
ideas somewhat secretive. Often times, it isn’t pertinent to tell other
people your goals. Your ones and zeros are only important to you. They
aren’t important to anybody else. Nobody quite understands why you
planted them, nor can they ever come to a full comprehension. And,
often times, their awareness only opens up frailties in our plan which
corresponds with negativity. Accept this fact and understand that there
are things that are better left to be kept inside such as your ambitions
and goals. Share your goals with those you trust.

Stay focused and in control

Realizing that you are in control of your Life allows you the chance to be
grateful for the opportunity. But, by having no general understanding of
Life and how it works, or any general interest to find out will only lead
you somewhere you never planned on being. Then comes the true Life
acceptance; not doing what you wish you had of doing. Regardless if
some take it slow or fast, or any which way, at least you’re trying. That’s
all that matters.
Get rid of the naysayers
Plant your ones and zeros according to your ideal happiness. Follow the
people who inspire you. Don’t let the naysayers feed off of your ambition.
They aren’t worth your time. Some of the people you come across will be
infectious in a negative way. Although they may seem to have a level
head they’re actually feeding off of your energy. They really have no place
in your life, and they serve no benefit. They have high hopes and promises
yet they never follow through with what they say. Fortunately, your life
is better without them. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done to get
rid of them.

Strive for excellence in your relationships. Don’t focus too much time on
those who don’t mean as much to you. Often times, they only breed
negativity and bring you down anyway.

Learn through experience

Educate yourself as much as you can about everything you can. I did this
through making mistakes – we all do this. Although I don’t know anybody
who’s made more mistakes than I have, I don’t know anybody who’s gone
through as many life lessons either, or risked as much. Either way, if you
make a mistake make a big one. You’ll learn so much more.

Appreciate every day

Appreciate every day that you wake up. Be grateful that you have arms
and legs and fingers, and that you’re able to stand up and jog around and
speak and listen and see and do things that others can’t. Take
appreciation to life itself and accept that it is what it is.

Be Healthy
Chose to be healthy because you’re always going to need your health.
Neither your talents nor your generous heart is useful without your
health. Choose to eat wholesome foods and eliminate the nastiness in
your diet. Exercise regularly and educate yourself about the potential
health dangerous you’re inflicting upon yourself through your negative

Strive for opportunity

Strive for opportunity everywhere, and take away the complacency in
your days. Look for opportunities everywhere you go. Only those who
look for them will actually see them. The truth is; opportunity lies within
each of our footsteps but often times we don’t see them because our
perspective isn’t in-tune with them. With a slight change in perspective
you can create measurable results.

Be true to You and your word and be helpful

Don’t take advantage of society. The negative Karma will come back to
you instantly. We are all in this fight together. We all wish to be
successful. We all wish for opportunity, for health and happiness in
abundance, and neither of us wish is to suffer. Let’s not forget that.

Believe in those around you and assist them. Be a mentor to someone

who needs it. Whether you know the person or not, there’s always
someone who needs the assistance in some way. I’m not talking about
financial assistance. I’m merely talking about one small act of kindness
you can do every now and then for someone who needs it. Again, we are
all in the same fight.

Empathize with other people in your surroundings and understand what

it’s like for them. Regardless of the situation, take yourself out of the
equation and imagine it for them. Imagine how they’re dealing with the
situation; what emotions are running through their mind or how they are
going to deal with the consequences. Imagine how much better off you
are compared to their situation; whether you are better off financially,
have better health, or more happiness there’s always a positive take-
away out of every experience. Empathizing with other people allows you
not only to be compassionate towards them during a difficult time but it
allows you to understand how society works.
Fight for your mission
Fight for what is right. In every video game you’ve ever played you’ve set
upon a mission of various challenges. These challenges for an instant
seem nearly impossible to overcome, yet through practice, repetition and
dedication you overcame every obstacle that stood in your way. It was
through your level-headed thinking, your logic, and through fighting for
your beliefs that brought you through the corruption. Believe in yourself
and fight for what is right. You deserve everything you’re fighting for.

Although practice is a common word in our vocabulary it’s not often
enough pursued. Practice as much as you can with whatever you’re
pursuing. Take it one step further through imagination. For example, with
every meeting that I schedule, regardless of who I’m meeting with or
what we are discussing I always plan the meeting in my head beforehand.
I imagine the environment; my surroundings, what it looks like, how
many people will be present, and I run a script through my mind that
mirrors my vision of the meeting – the way I’d like it to be played out. I
keep replaying that script through my mind until it’s exactly how I wish it
to be portrayed. 99% of the time the meeting goes exactly as anticipated.
I am able to take control of this arena simply through thinking and logic.
The rest came down to practice and visualizing.

There’s nothing more powerful than the word forgiveness. It moves
mountains, creates miracles and is the solid underlining foundation of all
happiness. Once you’re able to forgive you’ll be able to move on from
what’s been holding you back in life.

There’s no possible way you can know if you’re good at something if you
don’t try the experience first.
Stop Judging yourself and those around you
Our judgements are based on a variety of different factors. We judge
other people based on the way they look and off first impression. We
judge others based on their actions and what they say. We judge based
on credentials and qualifications. We judge also based on frame of mind.
We judge situations, people, places, experiences and everything in
between. Of all the judgements we place the most critical judgements are
the ones we place on ourselves.

The judgements we place on ourselves are more detrimental because

we’ve already instilled a true belief system around those judgments
before we’ve said them.

There’s no positive silver-lining within judgement, unless it corresponds

with healthy motives. Generally our motives are quite negative in our
daily judgements. You can see through experience that your judgements
have only accounted to catastrophe. They’ve hindered relationships and
made things worse in your life. There’s really no point in me going any
further about the judgements we place because you’ve already
experienced the emotional ramifications in the mix in your own life.
There’s simply no place for it in my life. There should be no place for it in
yours. There’s no point in judging other people because those
judgements don’t mean anything other than to yourself.

Generally, when an individual places judgement on another person it’s

because he/she is jealous. Often times, people associate their
judgements with something they are lacking. For example, I may place a
judgement on a Boy Band member because of his “girlish looks” or make
some stupid generalization about his culture only because I am jealous of
his career and his fame. The same theory goes with all other generalized
judgements. They are superficial, except within our own minds.

There are a few positive aspects to our judgments. A few examples;

judgements prepare us for the inevitable. They justify our beliefs about
any given situation. They help us make proper decisions, as long as
they’re pointed in the right direction. Our judgements can be used in
many fundamentally positive ways, although there’s a very fine line
drawn here.

A judgement is merely an un-researched belief.

In addition to my motivational talents I’ve also spent five years as door-
to-door as a salesman. This experience taught me quite a bit about
society. The knowledge I learned through discussions with countless
homeowners enabled me to pair the missing pieces in the equation to
happiness and understanding the algorithm of Life.

In knocking doors, I was able to speak candidly to my potential customers

about anything that came to mind. Most of the time, my conversations
strayed away from the product I was selling and I strictly focussed on
discussion around their households, their children and their significant
others. I directed the conversation towards discussion they enjoyed
rather than things I was trying to sell them. I got to know the customer
rather than only trying to sell them something they didn’t need. This
enabled me to connect with them to the point where they would answer
anything I asked them.

As a salesman, I was able to distinguish whether a person was interested

in buying my product within seconds. After knocking over 60,000 doors I
became a professional communicator, and I came to understand society
on a much broader sense. In my discussions with everyday household
owners I was able to question them about their values, their beliefs and
about their happiness. I saw their materialistic items as I stood at the
front doorstep. Soon it became apparent that every household told the
same story.

They all wanted more stuff, more love, bigger houses, faster cars and
more materialism. More of everything actually. I built quite a successful
financial living manipulating them to buy my products. The interesting
this was; neither neighbourhood was any different.

In addition to my questions about materialism I gained a clear perspective

of what general happiness meant to the average individual. I went in
deep with my conversations about their culture, their goals and
ambitions, values and responsibilities. And, for the most part, it really
came down to the same reality for everyone; we all want the same things.
Aside from the physical things we try to acquire to make our live happier,
one variable that was prevalent in all human minds that related to their
happiness was taking action.

Life isn’t fun when you’re standing still. It’s bland, bleak and boring
whichever way you look at it. Although it seems nice to be able to sleep
in every day and waste the days away sitting at the beach or playing
billiards with your friends, or even the thought of retirement but there is
a certain level of importance in our accomplishments.

As long as you’re moving forward physically in the direction of your heart

then you’re in the right direction.

Our daily actions often encourage complacency because they are boring,
monotonous and unsatisfying. It’s just human nature to get complacent
every now and then but for the most part if you focus on adhering to new
hobbies, or by merely trying new activities your life will become more
interesting and happiness will be easier achievable.

Play the game of Life as though you’re a zombie in an apocalypse trying

to eat as much civilization as possible. Or, play it in the other sequence
and be the survivor. Either way, you’re searching for the same outcome;
to outlive the rest. The truth is; regardless of which side you play on, if
you’re sitting idle and you aren’t making a contribution to society or
making a step in any direction you’re not advancing in any way.

Complacency rests only when the observer is ready to make a change for
the better.
Virus; a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a
detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.


The term virus, although coined initially as a medical term, it also applies
in the software sense. In software terms it’s generally present to cause
chaos, and in most cases it’s planted by a hacker through virus code that
has infiltrated a perfectly fine operating system.

Nowadays, literally every unprotected computer operating system

connected to the internet is at great risk of potentially attracting multiple
viruses. These viruses were built in peoples basements through
applications and programming. They were built to make people unhappy
and to cause friction upon society. Unfortunately, the makers of these
viruses don’t have any positive motivation. Their level of thinking is quite
destructive. Most see them as a plague to society. It’s important to come
to a level of understanding that viruses exist so one can be protected.

Just like life in the real world there will always be people trying to drag
you down. The computer world is no different. In fact, there are just as
many potential viruses electronically compared to reality. These viruses
are aimed at corrupting your systems and crashing your computer. They
are aimed at causing chaos in your life.

In the real world most viruses are contracted accidentally, whereas in the
computer world, viruses are contracted expectedly, meaning they were
planted in regular healthy operating code on purpose by a perpetrator to
inflict mental pain and life strain. The only way to remain protected from
these viruses is to put up a firewall and install malware or some type of
anti-virus, similarly as you would protect yourself in real life with a

In the real world you would call these hackers bullies; the ones who are
inflicting these nasty viruses. They would be labelled as a hazard to
society and would definitely be deemed as a threat to everyone.
Unfortunately, these narcissistic people are on the rise, especially now
that the internet is now a household staple. Everybody is now susceptible
to experiencing these types of catastrophes.

Developers of Life and every common software had every intention of

doing good for society; making life enjoyable, but along the way the
software was hijacked by malicious individuals which ended up crashing
certain key areas. These hijackers infiltrated a fine operating system,
slowing it down and making it near impossible to move forward
efficiently. This can be seen in the physical world similarly to political
chaos, abuse and through our associations with narcissists.

In the real world we prepare our children for the scum of society such as
bullies, paedophiles and narcissists. The software/online world is so new
to us that we’ve barely had a chance to react to the catastrophe. Often
times, there’s really not much we can do to prepare for unforeseen
events. When our computer crashes it’s 99% of the time never expected.
We don’t generally expect catastrophe to happen.

Be mindful and prepare yourself, your family and the ones you love for
potential catastrophic events. This is something that can be applied to
both Life and computer-Life.

Software has made it easier for individuals to connect. Regardless of

where you are on a global geographical standpoint there is ample
opportunity to connect with any single person living on this earth within
a few minutes. The same goes for pedophiles, hackers, narcissists and
general bad people. They can connect with us just as easily.

Hackers have learned to hijack content and personal information from

people like you and I quite easily. There’s a pretty good chance that your
credit card information, your social insurance number and your banking
information is being circulated around the Internet right now. And,
there’s a pretty good chance it’s been circulating for quite some time.
Don’t fret, just take charge.
Technology, although it is wonderful in the sense of productivity, there is
potentially a lot more downfall to its role in our lives. All of which we need
to be prepared for.

Technology has taken over virtually every aspect in our lives. Our
computer systems have infiltrated literally every application in our
careers and our personal lives. Literally everything we do is documented
on a computer system. Developers are currently trying to configure
artificial intelligence to wipe nearly 30% of all jobs off this planet. And,
there’s a pretty good chance they will make this happen. We’ve all seen
how technological advancement has changed the world drastically within

Software developers have become billionaires through developing

efficiencies in the workplace. Now, companies have multimillion dollar
budgets specified for Google ad words, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
and every other online advertisements. Corporations chose to advertise
on these platforms because almost everything we do is online. The
conventional methods like radio, billboard and print ads are on the
significant decrease.

Human Resources is now an application you can download at work. Heck,

you can even download it at home if you want. You don’t even have to
leave the comfort of your home. We can now at 10 PM at night, chat with
someone in Singapore who will help us configure our devices. Technology
has changed the way we do business entirely. It has connected us
together and has drawn more opportunities for the everyday person, and
it’s still changing day by day.

In addition, there are cameras situated in almost every city of the world.
In some cities, there are recording systems that span miles and miles,
where are you can literally walk an entire day straight without stopping
and every step you take will be recorded. We need to be mindful of this
and other privacy factors.

Recently, there was a movie that got released that depicted Edward
Snowden’s Experience with the NSA. The film accounted all activity within
their establishment, and it concluded that indeed the NSA is recording
everything you say and do through your devices. Although I personally do
not feel that we need to be concerned as much about the NSA as we need
concern towards everyday people like you and me; there are hackers out
there who will infiltrate your devices in a similar way yet they’ll use the
information in a detrimental manner, such as blackmail.

Technology has brought many wonderful components to our lives. It’s

made our lives easier, and its generated opportunity, but if you’re not
mindful of its potential dangers you’ll be susceptible to catastrophe in
your life. The problem is, Life happens to be technology.
If you didn’t already think my views were eccentric already you’re
definitely going to think they are in reading this chapter. This is where I
may lose a few of you.

The views described in the following paragraphs have been explored

vastly through imagination and communication with other people.
They’ve been registered via in-depth interviewing, through television
perspective as well as online research. The views present aren’t based
solely on my own experiences. They include religious and spiritual
standpoints and collaborate with other like-minded researchers. They
include rightful accounts from everyday individuals like you and me, yet
due to its eccentric nature it’s difficult to comprehend.

The key to unlocking a happier being is through understanding, and

through this you’ll define a clearer perspective of a reality that’s worth
living. One must open their mind, regardless of how far it’s been
expanded, and he needs to look at opportunities more open-mindedly in
order to be truly happy and content. We turn down opportunities every
day simply because we don’t understand them. We don’t take the
initiative to explore it far enough to realize that there’s pleasure within.
We remain closed-minded; so much that it taints an ideal perspective of
possibility. This is another defined character flaw within human nature
and something that needs to be rectified because there’s good quality
opportunities out there if you look into them a little bit more and believe.

Why would you dream about something unless it actually makes sense in
your mind?

Dreams are a wonderful thing. They contain a radical amalgamation of

nonsense mixed with imaginative creativity and interest. They are
wonderful in the sense that they generate excitement and energy but all
too often they make us feel inferior.

How many times have you gone to work or talked to a colleague or family
member about one of your dreams? I’m sure there was either a lot of
laughter or some crazy face that fell upon your friend in awe as you
explained your dream. Either way, a heightened emotional state
occurred. Our dreams are vastly imaginative. They are filled with abstract
colors and built up of nearly impossible components. They harness
unfathomable characteristics yet they feel so real to us when we explore

Could there be possibility that when you dream your mental state gets
transferred to another software platform where anything is possible?
Could this be a separate application from Life itself? Could we apply the
same rules of that software foundation to the algorithm of conventional
Life somehow to literally make anything we see come true? That’ll be left
for further research.

Remember, keep an open mind.

There are 8.7 million species in our liveable human life form. This includes
reptiles, animals, sea creatures and everything in between. Now, if you
take in account all other imaginative creatures such as Big Foot,
Dinosaurs, ghosts or aliens of which millions of people swear they’ve
witnessed, or even unicorns and all other mythical creatures, there would
be at least 8.7 million more species. That’s a whole lot of possibilities.

I’m not saying that I’ve witnessed all of these species, nor am I saying that
they are 100% true. I have left that to scientists and other explorers
whom have credentials that I don’t. I am saying that everything is possible
and there are infinite possibilities in the overall spectrum if you open your
mind to it. In the world of software there are endless possibilities.

Another sequence that’s very similar between the algorithm theory to

Life is that anything is possible. You can literally create any application
your mind can comprehend via software. There’s always a plug-in that’ll
generate efficiencies for the user. If it hasn’t been created already it can
be prepared in no time.

Everything is not only possible but it’s probable.

If it hasn’t already been discovered, experienced or witnessed make it a
point to do it yourself. Life is filled with infinite opportunity. There’s really
no boundaries.

Disbelievers are the non-achievers. Some of the best achievers are the
most imaginative. They saw opportunity where others saw catastrophe.
If you tune your mindset to believing that anything is possible you’ll be
amazed of how much you can achieve.
Nobody else can witness your exact dream until you actually achieve it.
Your dream is yours. You own it and nobody else. You are in charge of it.
Nobody can infiltrate your thoughts about it unless you let them.

Dreaming is perhaps one of the best overall experiences within the

platform of Life. It’s the most comprehensive way to establishing the
ultimate image. Whether you’re trying to solve a problem or you’re
simply trying to be creative, dreaming allows the most facets of option.

There’s really no cap or boundary when it comes to dreaming. Dreaming

is an open outlet offered to everyone. There isn’t a limited playing field,
nor is there any established guidelines. It’s merely there as a tool for you
to live a more enjoyable life. Unfortunately, most of the entire world
population is either inferior to their dreams or they haven’t been
informed of how their dreams can assist their happiness.

Nothing can be accomplished without first imagining it in your mind. If

you can’t already conceive it there is literally zero possibility of it actually
happening. It is only when you incorporate dreaming into your regime
when you establish achievement. Unfortunately, the majority of the
population fail before they even start because they lack of imagination.
Although people have great intentions, they are talented and more than
credible to complete the task, often times, they lack imagination which
hinders their understanding of the situation. If they were to simply adjust
their way of thinking and implement more imaginative outlets they
would’ve landed the opportunity and succeeded.

There are dreamers and there are infinite dreamers. A dreamer is one
who can see an opportunity through their thoughts. They can visualize an
experience already taking place. An infinite dreamer is one who takes
their dreams to the higher level. He is the one who incorporates his
dreams into his everyday living. He incorporates goalsetting practices to
accomplish his dreams and he is one who appreciates and believes in his
dreams. Infinite dreamers takes advantage of their imagination by
implementing it into the business world; through invention and
performance, and through continued practiced dreaming. Infinite
dreamers are a very rare breed yet as people are understanding their
means more infinite dreamers are being developed.

Be an infinite dreamer. Don’t allow the naysayers to overcome your belief

in the possibilities. Remember, anything is possible in dreamland. Do like
Thomas Edison, Elon Musk, Anthony Robbins, and all the other great
achievers did and keep dreaming until you achieve what you are looking
for. All of the great achievers out there followed their beliefs. Remember,
a belief is a thought in your mind, nothing else. That belief had to be
placed in your mind at some point through dreaming. It’s time to start
taking your thoughts more seriously.

An infinite dreamer is one who can see beyond the obstacles that stand
in her way. She is one who is destined to achieve her childhood goal. She
is one who overlooks the negativity that surrounds her and distinguishes
the reason why she started in the first place. She is one who delves deep
into her imagination, always trying to provoke it with as much detail as
possible so she can distinguish its opportunities. She calculates her risks
simply by imagining them.

Infinite dreamers barely stand still because they’re always trying to work
at perfecting their vision. They barely have any free time because they
believe in their vision so much that they never stop trying to excel at it.
Infinite dreamers practice dreaming over and over again. They direct
their focus constantly reliving the same image in repetition to source its
opportunity and to seek its fascination. They understand the roadblocks
ahead of them because they know their vision so well. They almost
expect when an obstacle will take place and they’ve probably already
researched how to overcome it, thus initiating success regardless of the
obstacle that stands in their way.

The best part about becoming an infinite dreamer is that once you learn
to harness and control the experience of dreaming you’re able to direct
it in a way that benefits you. When you’re able to take control of your
dreams you’re able to initiate any type of lifestyle because you’re in
control. Just like the Matrix, you able to harness a strong power that can
produce any type of outcome.

We have all seen that literally anything can be accomplished by

witnessing our role models achieve their dreams. Perhaps, we’ve seen it
in a family member where a brother or sister or someone of great dissent
achieved something of great worth that was initially thought of as
impossible. Every day, miracles happen; people achieve the impossible,
yet we still remain complacent in our own lives wishing that we had done
something more.

Taking action towards the unknown is the only way to invent something

Remember, you are in control of your thoughts. Nobody else. Nobody can
tell you what to do. Well, I guess they can, but they can’t tell you how to
run the thoughts in your head. Well, I guess they can do that as well.
Regardless of what they tell you they cannot physically pull the strings of
your neurotransmitters to make your thoughts different. If they did
that’d be pretty messed up.

Take advantage of your imagination in every way you can. It’s filled with
infinite possibilities and opportunity. When you tap into it it’ll unleash
new perspective and insight. It’ll make your life more interesting. Be
creative and go where nobody has ever gone before. Dragons, aliens, and
all the mythical creatures of all the movies we’ve seen have all been done
before. Think of something different and completely new. Make up your
own mythical creatures in your head. That’s where half of the best writers
and directors have succeeded. In fact, all of the great performers and
operational geniuses have made their mark simply through daydreaming.
The only difference between them and you is that they took their dreams
seriously and to the next level.

Direct your dreams in a way that’ll benefit you. Help your dreams to take
form by taking small steps daily that’ll help accomplish them. Take your
dream seriously and don’t forget that with a continuous stream of belief
and a willingness to apply them, through this your goals will transpire.
Be as creative as you can with your dreaming. Imagine all the possibilities
that could take place. Explore your dreams and imagine them as often as
you can. Go to sleep with the intention of incorporating your dream into
your thoughts, and daydream during the day as well. The more you can
muster up the image of success in your mind only adds to the possibilities.

Treat each dream with the same intention and don’t allow any negative
thinking to obstruct its momentum. Dreams sometimes seem a little
hokey pokey and superficial. We live in a society where dreams are
looked at as vague and impossible. But with a dedicated focus on
implementing a more joyous lifestyle there’s no reason why you
shouldn’t think big.

Imagine your dream with as much detail as possible. Try to point out all
the small minor details, such as the environment; how it feels, how it
smells, etc. Imagine the people you’re with. What music is playing in the
background, or is it complete silent? And, most importantly, Why are you
doing this in the first place? All of this will help you depict the opportunity
and will help you to transpire passion into your dream.
If you take into account your age and the experiences that came within it
you’ll understand that you’ve been directed through literally a plethora
of different channels. These channels surface a wide range of leadership
based on various fundamentals, primarily values and beliefs, all of which
were compounded together through various means.

What I’m trying to get at is that the human life is made up of abundant
characteristics. Its experiences are derived through various form and its
functioning is limited by experience. With all the people we’ve come
across whom have instilled some educational value, in a small way
they’ve instilled a sequence of values into our DNA. As we’ve grown
older, we’ve formed belief in these values. We’ve based our assumptions
upon the limitations within these values and have instilled our own
educational system into our psyche based on this criteria. This means that
whatever we’ve learned in our lives we actually believe. We believe this
because we’ve experienced it firsthand, and we learned through trusted
sources (at least that’s what we thought). But, sometimes the values
we’ve instilled are formed through negative intention or misinformation.
For some unforeseen reason we took on this advice and implemented it
into our everyday values and went on day after day thinking nothing of
it. Behind the scenes, within the algorithm, your actions repeatedly
inflicted quite a bit of negative Karma based on its negative values and
motives, all of which you were unaware of. This is ultimately why it’s
extremely important to defragment your mindset through meditation –
to pave the way for better and healthier values.

Just because we’ve learned it doesn’t mean that it’s right or true, or
healthy for us. Just because you Google something doesn’t mean that it’s
actual or perfect, or even somewhat relevant. Just because you have
access to information from a trusted source doesn’t mean that he or she
knows what they are talking about. There’s a good possibility a good
portion of your values are outdated and need to be re-justified.
Another simple way to compare computer software with the human
mind is through defragmentation. Computer software needs
defragmentation every now and then to work optimally. The same goes
for the human mind; if your thoughts are gathered accordingly and
justified in accordance to the applications in your life then your body will
work efficiently. Lack of defragmentation is the leading cause of most
disease. Defragmentation in the human English sense can be described
as meditation.

We go on a day by day accumulating problems which only compound

with each other creating more stress in our lives. Stress is the leading
cause of disease, and once eliminated the disease will dissipate. But, this
information isn’t quite readily available via Google is it? At least not on
the first few pages of any relevant search. Rather than a doctor
prescribing a defragmentation of your mindset through simplified
meditation he would rather prescribe a medication that has severe side

The life we live is a sad life for most because they make it that way.
Remember, it’s all about perspective. Life and everything within it,
including all of its mental and physical components can either be looked
at in a positive or a negative manner. It’s all up to you.

We act a certain way generally because we see other people acting a

certain way. We try to mirror their actions so we don’t stand alone
outside of the norm. We let our fear of what others will think to interfere
with our happiness, and we end up living mediocre lives because of it.
Life isn’t meant to be compromised through other people’s imagination.

Defragment your mindset. This can be accomplished through reflection

on any given subject. Take the time to think about all the possible
scenarios within your Life’s education. Take in account all the people, all
the lessons, all the mistakes and all the experiences you were a part of;
as many as you can, and try to muster up truth behind the lies. When you
grasp onto a clearer image of reality you’ll come to terms with what you
want. From there you can garner the ideal lifestyle.
The Sim platform and taking action
Yet another similarity with computers and Life are avatars. Avatars are an
electric format comparable to humans. Avatars harness almost the exact
same characteristics to the human platform. They range in age, culture,
color, ethnicity and almost in every other way similar to that of a human.
They develop emotion just like us and need practice, education and
persistence in order to succeed.

In the true game of Life we are the makers, the creators and the justifiers.
We are the inventors, the role models and the influencers. We are the
backbone of society in every single way. We build the roads and we also
make the automobile to drive on it. We write the exam but we also make
the paper it’s written on. Humans do absolutely everything required to
run a society, yet they also run on the opposite end of the spectrum and
they create the destruction that happens as well. They bully the people
within society and look down upon others for their choices. They degrade
their own loved ones and abuse them. Avatars operate on the same level
within the electronic Life sense.

There are countless ways of living your life. Ideally, making a large mark;
doing good for society, succeeding with your goals and ambitions, and
raising a proud family are ways of really enjoying the opportunity you
were given at birth. But, nobody is here to tell you exactly how to live it.
We look for little anecdotes of reasoning and signs of encouragement to
try and understand it a little more clearly but nobody’s there paving the
way for us, explaining it in great detail. There’s no playbook telling you
exactly how Life needs to be lived. That’s up for you to conceive. The best
part is; you were given an incredible imagination. You can take advantage
of its abilities and conceive whatever your heart desires.

One of the best ways to understand what you want is through experience.
Remember, nothing can be accomplished without first running it through
your mind first. But, it’s difficult to comprehend if you haven’t already
experienced it. It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg theory; if you
haven’t already experienced it how are you supposed to visualize it? I’m
sure you get the idea.

Without action comes zero reward. We all know this. Without

encouragement comes zero action. Without inspiration comes zero
thought. That’s the main premise behind this book; to inspire thought.

You don’t need to follow the same direction you’ve been led. You don’t
need to read the same types of books or watch the same types of movies,
or listen to the same type of music. You don’t even need to believe the
same things anymore. You can choose to relinquish yourself and justify a
healthier, more enjoyable perspective. It’s all within your grasp.

Think of yourself as an avatar in the game the Sims. Imagine yourself as a

character of a community much like the one you live in, but this time
imagine yourself as the software developer as well. Take a look at the
limitations within the game and try to grasp where it can be developed.
Imagine different inventions that if the game had it would be of more
interest. Imagine the overall spectrum of what type of lifestyle you wish
your avatar to experience and make it happen.

Think of all the materialistic items you would like your avatar to have.
Think of all the activities you’d like your avatar to participate in. Think of
the friendships you’d like him to garner or the opportunities she should
pursue. Take it a step further and think of all the areas that have been a
danger in life previously and implement strategies into the game to
overcome them easier the next time they arise. Imagine how your avatar
will respond to everyday Life in general and try to find areas you can make
adjustments. The clearer and more stable perspective of the image the
easier it’ll be to accomplish.

In addition, take a look at all the negativity within your Sim community;
the judgement that passes within communication, the abuse that occurs
in the workplace, the political chaos, and try to make it better. Now, as
you bring your thoughts back to reality realize that Life is simply a game.
Sims operate on similar parameters to that of a human. They also operate
on a similar intellectual and emotional level. It isn’t that difficult to
change your player’s intention, nor is it difficult to change your Life in
reality. It really all comes to perspective and the desire to be better.

Remember, the software you’re playing is designed for efficiency. It’s

made to make your life easier. It’s built on a foundation that’s quite solid.
It’s perfect in all angles, the algorithm wouldn’t allow otherwise.

Take in account all of these justifications and bring them in to create a

happier and more prosperous life. Trust yourself in the making and
believe in yourself as you move forward with each step.

Become a hacker in your own life and hack away at all the negative details
that have left you feeling less than confident. There’s no reason why you
cannot eliminate all of the hurt you’ve gone through meditating about
the situation over and over again.

Take your thoughts even further and write them down on paper. This is
one of the best exercises that’ll eliminate the hurt you’ve gone through.

All in all, choose to want to be better.

Clearing the mechanism – Defragment your mindset
The next time you defragment the hard drive of your computer take the
time to watch the process. When you enlarge the window on your home
screen you’ll see thousands of different little coloured boxes shifting
placement; colour-coded based on information. Think of this process as
an audience at a baseball game. Think of each coloured box as a fan in
the stadium. As everyone gathers to their seats, from an aerial view you’ll
realize that not everybody is sitting together. In fact, there are quite a
few gaps in between them. Imagine at seventh inning stretch the
organization decides for some strange reason to move every member of
the audience to one side of the playing field bleachers. You will be able
to physically see this process happen in front of your eyes on your home
screen. In the end, as all boxes shift seats they combine together to form
a full-seated bleacher on just one side of the playing field. The other side
will remain empty and open for new spectators. In computer lingo; the
files on your computer were organized efficiently to optimize the hard
drive, leaving room for additional files. This is the very undertaking of

You can see how defragmentation would work wonders in a state of

human mindset. Just as meditation relieves the mind of stresses,
defragmentation delivers enlightenment.

I’ve prepared a couple of simple exercises that one can implement into
their regime regularly which will always initiate prosperity. These two
exercises are considered some of the best meditation practices one can
instil for optimal happiness. They encompass characteristics that’ll help
defragment your mindset. I chose to provide two options because each
of us learns differently. Some practices work better for others. Some
people are more visual than others and they can see the vision taking
place in their mind before it even happens, whereas others learn better
through writing the experience down. These two practices can be applied
in anyone’s life with very little effort. They can be utilized to bring comfort
in a time of despair, and if used regularly the user will experience an
aftermath of opportunity and satisfaction. Through these two
applications one can clear the mechanism of his own mindset. He can
instil it to clear away its stresses, and he can implement it to configure a
healthier lifestyle.

Choose to apply the following exercises often. Once you open the facets
of visualization you’ll garner tremendous opportunity. Practicing these
exercises will inspire belief in them. It’ll generate a willingness to
comprehend new perspective about Life and the situations you’ve gone
through. Through application you’ll be well on your way to transforming

Visualization writing exercise:

Think of the last time when you truly absorbed nature around you, where
your thoughts were still and you felt bliss of the mind. When was the last
time you meditated? Perhaps it was in yoga class. I bet you experienced
a pleasant feeling.

Generally, meditation is sought through modern conventional methods

such as Yoga, but the form of meditation that I’m speaking of is sourced
through a non-physical form; through thinking. One can meditate about
one’s actions, beliefs, values, karma, or anything in between simply
though sourcing perspective.

Meditation can be done anywhere. It can be done at home or pursued in

your car. It can even be done at work. There are no limitations within it,
especially where it can be accommodated.

One of the most useful benefits of meditation is relief of resentment.

Resentment is a plague that ruins happiness. In fact, not an ounce of
happiness can persist when it exists. The truth is; we all harness some
form of resentment. Generally, it’s towards an enemy in your distant
past; someone who has wronged you. Most likely, feelings of frustration
and anxiety form when we think of this person. Often times, the hatred
we have for someone lasts well into adulthood. Even though we don’t
physically see the person we still hang on to the negative feelings.
Prolonged resentment only generates unhappiness. The only way to
eliminate it is to deal with your feelings about the situation. This isn’t easy
to attain, but with increased meditation you can eliminate it altogether.

I’ve prepared a writing exercise that’ll help encourage meditation. This

exercise is built in three stages. It requires journaling and in-depth
pondering about your past experiences, so get ready for an in-depth

Stage 1: In a quiet comfortable place open your journal to a clear page.

In fact, pick a page closer to the middle of the journal. This strategy allows
you to bury your resentment deep in the pages you’ll probably never see
again. Before you start writing anything down you need to get your mind
in a relaxed state. With a relaxed mindset and while your heart rate is at
a balanced state try to muster up any negative qualities from your past.
Feel free to delve deep into the beginning of your memory. Or, pick a
specific memory that serves you unhappiness. Write down everything
that comes to your mind about it. It may be difficult the muster up quality
details of your image at first however with increased practise you’ll gain
further insight.

Try to form a list of five or ten negative qualities from your past, although
there’s no specific order for this exercise. Just write it all down.

To speed up the process you might want to ask yourself the following
questions: Which friends have wronged me? Which family members have
wronged me? When did I feel let down in my past? Try to think of specific
instances where you remember being extremely upset with the outcome.

Write down each experience in point form if there are many. This way
you won’t lose any pertinent details. When you write in point form you’re
able to focus on a variety of instances rather than just one specific. Later
you can categorize your notes for breakdown.

This exercise may take some time. Don’t rush yourself.

You may choose to move onto Stage 2 of this exercise after you’ve
completed your list of five/ten. Or, you can choose to take a break and
come back to Stage 2 another day.

Stage 2: When you’ve listed five or ten instances of resentment you can
move onto this stage. This stage allows you to delve into each experience
individually. In order to eliminate the negatives qualities in life you’ll need
a direct focus on each specific issue.

This stage is the most in-depth part of the exercise. Please understand
that you’ll need to enlist a great deal of time into it. During this portion
of the exercise you’ll gain incredible insight about yourself and the

As you read through your five/ten issues you’ll realize there’s a lot of
work ahead to relieve the hostility that surrounds you. The good news is;
you’ve already started the process to enlightenment. With a clear
perspective on the type of positive change you wish to instil you’ll be
destined for happiness, as long as you stay determined to complete this

Sometimes the relief from this exercise forces instant change. When
you’re able to see how long an issue has been standing in the way of your
happiness your motivation rises. This is where the magic happens.

Before you start this phase you’ll want to do some additional breathing
exercises to bring your mind and heart rate to a relaxed state. See ‘Yogic
Breathing’ in the following exercise. Once this is accomplished take a look
at your list of ten resentments. Pick one from the list and then turn the
page. I want to make sure you’re only focusing on one specific issue at a
time. More than that will cloud your mind.

Label the page whatever you title your resentment. Underneath the title
I want you to start writing its story. Write with as much detail as possible,
and try to delve deep into your inner emotions when writing this.
I want you to envision yourself reliving the experience altogether. Re
imagine what it was like going through the experience. How did you feel?
What emotions played in your heart? Who was there and what was said,
or not said? Were you let down? If so, how were you let down? I want
you to gain as clear of a perspective of the situation as possible so you
can see exactly what triggered the resentment in the first place.

When you relive an experience over and over you start to gain immunity
towards it. That’s exactly what I want for you to accomplish with this
exercise. I want you to relive the experience so you can build immunity
towards it.

By writing graphic in-depth journal entries about our experiences we’re

defragging our brains from viruses that have plagued our minds for years.
By completing this exercise you’re giving yourself a mental detox. When
you’re finished you’ll feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. It’ll feel like
you just came from a relaxing vacation or the Spa.

Stage 3: Repeat Stage 2 with each of your resentment issues. Go through

the list and pick one, then pick another, and another. By the time you get
through all ten you’ll see a dramatic change in your perspective. The best
part about perspective is that it automatically adjusts to your current
values, but only if the person is resentment free. That’s the object of this

You’ll enjoy a better life when you’re resentment free. Positive feelings
can only breed in an environment that’s filled with joy and appreciation.
That’s why it’s so important to take a step back here and there to assess
the situation and cycle out the bad. This can be done at any point in
anyone’s life. When you do this you’ll start appreciating your Life more.
You’ll start appreciating yourself more, and you’ll start looking at other
people in a kinder perspective. The truth is; the only thing from stopping
you from living an ideal lifestyle is your own perspective.

Everything happens for a reason because it’s written in the algorithm.

Remember, it’s all a game of mathematics. Regardless of the situations
you’ve gone through in your life, how bad you were wronged, or how
much pain it inflicted upon your mind, there’s always an opportunity to
forgive and let go. Each of our instances drum up positive happenings.
There’s always a learning experience one can garner through catastrophe
and letdown. Even death has value in Life; it brings compassion, it
encourages spirituality and sometimes it’s the only possible scenario for
an individual to stray away from their pain.

Visualize yourself as a happy soul, one who’s let go of their differences.

Exercise #2: Zero-point Meditation

Our fast-paced society often disconnects us and makes us forget about
the important aspects of our lives. Our children, our friends, our passions
and our desires are withered away at the hands of the things we think
will make us happy; materialism and more money. In addition,
technology has wasted away our connection with our families. It’s ironic
how cellular phones disconnect us more than they bring us together. Its
primary focus is now in the games, its apps, the online tournaments, and
everything else the phone can do. The secondary function is
communication. Our lives are being wasted away slowly through
technology. We can see it in our newsfeeds, through television ads, it
even pops up on your home screen when you’re searching the web. Often
times, we feel bombarded in the mix and we feel helpless looking for an
out. This is where meditation comes in.

Meditation serves some incredible health benefits, like increased

patience, decreased stress and prolonged happiness. It also allows you to
tap into your imagination which can enable endless possibilities. The
truth about meditation is; it only serves those who believe in the process
and those who are patient to apply it. When you’re actively meditating
your body automatically starts defragging (cleaning) the junk from your
mindset. It’s the best way to detoxify the plague that ruins your thoughts.
There are a variety of methods of meditation. The best method for You
depends on which style makes you comfortable. I prefer to do most of
my meditation alone in my own home, away from distraction.

Here is a simple meditation exercise that’ll surely bring relief your way.
It’s a visualization exercise where no pen and paper are required.

Before I can teach the meditation itself you need to first understand what
Zero point actually means. Zero point is the short term for Zero point
energy field. We live in a physical world; in a three dimensional reality. In
this 3D world everything we understand is split into two categories;
matter and anti-matter. All matter, including me and you, as mentioned
previously, vibrate at a certain frequency. Each of us vibrate on a different
level of frequency because our values, beliefs and thoughts are entirely

If you hit a piano tuning fork against a solid object, a certain vibrational
frequency will be emitted, depending on how hard you hit it. You can
actually hear the frequency in which it’s vibrating. Humans have become
evolved in a way they can be conscious of their intelligent energy. The
Zero point is a measurement of the frequency your body and mind are
vibrating at. Vibrating at a higher frequency is important because you can
only attract similar frequency into your life. By operating at a higher
frequency you will reap the rewards of happiness.

Zero point meditation is a balanced state of consciousness. This

experience will make you feel fully in the moment. It is a combined state
between zero emotion and zero thought. During this state you feel
connected only with your own personal energy, not which surrounds you.
At this stage all other energy in the environment around you starts to
flow with the rhythm of your energy rather than against you.

Once this exercise is completed your body and mind will feel an increased
state of vitality. This exercise allows you to not only tap into your Zero
point energy, it also allows you to leverage your vibrational frequency to
increase the possibilities in your life. With practise you’ll actually be able
to manipulate and enhance your vibrational frequency. Remember, when
you’re operating at a higher frequency better people come into your life,
more quality opportunities are unfolded, and you become a much
happier individual. Here’s how you can tap into your own Zero point
energy through meditation.

So, to begin, let’s start with a simple energy exercise. Take both of your
palms and rub them together vigorously for about 30 seconds to one
minute. Then stop abruptly. Feel the blood rushing through your
fingertips. You can feel the heat. That heat is energy. Separate your palms
parallel to each other, approximately an inch apart. Gently move your
hands closer, then further apart, closer, then further apart. Repeat this
pattern a couple of times. Observe the feeling of the space between your
hands. You can literally feel the energy transfer as your hands come
closer together. This is just a simple example that gives you a glimpse of
your energy field.

Now for the meditation.

This exercise also requires three separate stages of fulfillment. Part 1

consists of a breathing exercise, Part 2 is a visualization exercise, and Part
3 is the meditation.
Part 1: Find a quiet comfortable place and sit either crossed legged or on
a chair. Feet slightly apart with your palms facing upward resting on your
thighs. In order to assist with concentration and getting the full benefit
of this meditation you need to learn how to relax your body. Relaxing the
body is an important aspect in the meditation process. It’s important to
relax the body before you can relax your mind. Here we will use a type of
breathing called Yogic breathing.

Breathe in through your nose and let your stomach expand with each
breathe. Hold your breath for six seconds. Breathe out through your
mouth, and let your stomach fully deflate with each breath. The attention
should be on your stomach and not your chest. Do as many reps as you
need to get slightly tired.

Part 2: Grounding (visualisation) is a very important part of the process.

More so than the breathing exercise. We all have built-up stress in our
bodies. This stress runs through our veins until it’s relieved. Imagine
bottling up all your frustrations and not relieving your emotions (the
tension) until you have a negative conversation with another person. You
let it all out on him/her. Maybe you even start crying. Fifteen minutes
later it feels like you came from the spa. You feel rejuvenated because
you relieved the emotional connection to your frustrations. This is
considered grounding. Grounding allows you to connect with the peace
in your own energy field. It allows you to visualize without being
scrutinized by yourself.

Stress impacts your life a lot more than you may realize. In fact, most of
the illnesses and sickness you’ll experience is due to a low immune
system. Your immune system is deficient because of the bottled-up stress
in your life. The stress came from the negative conversations you’ve had
with family and co-workers. It comes from obstacles standing your way.
Even the traffic on your way to work affects your stress levels. Once you
get a grasp on your stress you’re able to excel your way to happiness.
Let’s get back to the exercise.
Zero-point meditation: Imagine a beam of light passing through from the
top of your head to the soles of your feet. Also imagine roots coming out
of the ground. These roots are attached to your feet. Imagine all the
energy flowing through the beam of light, from your head to your soles
is free-flowing energy passing through you into the rest of the
environment. Now release all your emotions into the environment. Let
the negativity you’ve bottled up over the past few weeks fade from your
consciousness as you expel it. Fell these emotions leaving your body
through the beam of light. Feel it like lava flowing down past the roots
attached to your feet. At the same time, empty your mindset of thought
altogether. Imagine your thoughts being sucked away through the beam
of light flowing through you. Emotions out downwards, thoughts out
upwards. Expel them simultaneously.

This feeling alone is worth the effort you put into it. Initially, it may take
some time to register your thoughts and find the comfort you need to
move forward. With practise this will come. Do this continuously until you
hear the sounds of your heart pulsating through your chest.

Part 3: At this point you have reached a vacuum of thoughts and

emotions and now ready for the next part of the process; receiving the
meditation. It will happen naturally. Just observe and be still, and feel the
energy around you. Just be present, live in the moment, and enjoy the
process. Breathe slowly and relax. Doing this regularly will increase your
happiness through relief of its toxins.

When your mind is free from toxins your body fights off illness and
stresses much easier. Less stress equals more happiness.

Attaining the connection to the Zero point will help your body and mind
to operate at an optimal vibrational frequency. If this exercise is done
regularly your spiritual path with evolve quickly.
It’s not always easy taking advice about something that’s potentially life-
changing, especially something that’s unknown. It’s not easy taking the
first step towards the unknown regardless of the situation.

I understand that all of the lessons I presented to you in this book were
eccentric, almost to the point of not being believable, but that doesn’t
mean they aren’t possible.

Roger Bannister had a goal to run the four minute mile – something that
was once believed by educated physicians as impossible. If he had have
taken in account all the negativity from his naysayers he would’ve given
up before he started, but he overlooked this negativity and believed
wholeheartedly that he was going to transpire his goals. Shortly after he
proved his naysayers wrong by breaking the world record and running
the four minute mile. Roger Bannisters accomplishments sparked a new
level of thinking. Not too long later many others believed they could do
the same. Since Roger’s victory, the four minute mile has been achieved
hundreds of times. This would’ve never happened if Roger was a
disbeliever, or if he hadn’t accepted his abilities.

Every invention, every idea, every plan, every assumption started as an

idea and nothing more at some point. It wasn’t until the observer took it
to the next level that the discussion even became present. In fact, nothing
of any great value ever comes to fruition without first thinking it in the
mind first. Without a belief in it and aspiration towards bringing it to
fruition it simply will not happen. There are a proven series of
characteristics that need to take place before any event is possible. The
first level is thought.

You can look at any experience in a variety of different ways but only one
that will be appealing to you is the one you initially have the most belief
in. You will choose that perception based on your experiences and what
you understand of it. Remember, we all work off a completely different
belief system, meaning that the experiences we have, although similar in
content, they’re felt with completely different emotion. Each of us has a
separate emotional connection to this belief system. Regardless of all the
variables in the mix in dealing with any situation, you need to accept it in
your belief system before you can apply into your life.

There are more disbelievers today than any other period of time. More
and more people are choosing to disbelieve religion altogether. They’re
adapting to new modern ways of spiritual growth and attaining what they
wish to attain, rather than being told what is. People these days are
taking in account how technology has already disproven most religious
theories, and people are trying to take account all the new possibilities
that could be true.

Life has never been more interesting than Today because the internet has
established new possibility. It has infiltrated our lives with literally
everything we do and experience. It has developed a new level of thinking
towards what is. It has garnered interest from people who never believed
before, and it has taken those who were misinformed and given them an
outlet to explore all the possibilities for themselves.

Life is meant to be lived the way the individual user chooses. It’s meant
for him to experience joy, happiness and prosperity, yet it’s also designed
to experience detriment, anger and disappointment. Each of our
experiences bring a new level of insight. They harness opportunity, and
they generate future possibilities. They also garner both positivity and
negativity, and encourage emotional activity. Yet, there’s not a person
I’ve come across that isn’t a part of the whole underlining importance of
Life. Everybody plays their role in bringing more happiness to Life. Some
just haven’t explored their reasoning yet.

Now that you’ve had the chance to understand the algorithm of Life you
can understand how to utilize it to your benefit. But, nothing can be made
of it unless you harness a true belief about it. You ultimately cannot use
it to your advantage, or even apply it to your Life if you don’t harness
some level of belief in its theory. What I’m suggesting is that you take the
algorithm theory to heart and actually apply it into your life through slow
easy steps. You need not to aggressively approach this theory unless you
have an undivided belief in it. For those still trying at adapt to the
concept, I encourage you to apply the theory simply by paying attention
more to your everyday surroundings. Take in account the coincidences
that happen in your tracks, and the opportunities that follow your
footsteps, or even the people you come across; question them and get to
know why the algorithm projected them to you in the first place. Take a
look at the reactions of the people around you based on your actions. Or,
take in account the reasoning behind some of the catastrophes or
consequences you’ve dealt with, and question it all. This questioning will
not only help you garner a deeper connection to the algorithm but it’ll
generate the willingness to want to be a better person altogether.
Accepting your Avatar
I know I’ve listed a variety of key fundamentals in the realm of
understanding the algorithm. Characteristics such as belief, ambition,
perception, judgment, compassion and values are all fundamentals that
are pertinent to Life’s successes. The next key fundamental in the overall
spectrum is acceptance.

I wrote an entire four book series on moving on from what’s been holding
you back in life, entitled the First Chapter Series. You can download it on
Amazon (That’s the only plug, I promise). The main premise of the series
is acceptance. The author (me) went onto say that when you’re able to
take account of the experiences you’ve gone through; all the ups and
downs, the trials and triumphs, the negative shortcomings and the
downfalls that you experienced and accept them you’ll start to prosper.
Through a fine level of understanding you will come to terms that not all
of your experiences were positive. In fact, many of them were quite the
opposite. But, with each experience comes valuable life lessons. With
each negative happening it only opens the floodgates for new
opportunity. There’s actually quite a bit of positive in the realm of the
negativity we go through.

The amount of life lessons we go through on an annual basis seems

chaotic, yet it’s comfortable when you look at it on a daily basis scale. As
we scrape through the challenges of our everyday lives we experience
fun and exciting attributes. In the unforeseen chaos there lies new
relationships, new ambition and insight. In fact, every single experience
we go through; whether it’s looked at as positive or negative, each of
them harnesses positive attributes and happened for a reason. It lies in
the observer to find them and accept them.

Acceptance is the key to fulfilling relationships. It’s the key to finding

happiness and is the key to your soul. When you’re able to accept what
is you’ll relieve yourself from Life’s general stresses.

All too often, we go through our lives hindered by a situation that

occurred long ago. Most likely, the other individual involved has already
moved on and accepted it, but because we still have a deep emotional
connection to the situation we are unable to move forward with Life as
planned. Sometimes it takes an individual years to overcome a mental
obstacle, whereas another person can get through a similar obstacle
much quicker. Whatever the situation is, if you’re neglecting to accept it,
or you’re not dealing with it in a positive manner great catastrophe is
expected to come.

The quicker you can get over any given situation the quicker you’ll be able
to move on as a free spirit.

Accept your avatar – accept who you are! You matter.

Get rid of the hurt by getting rid of the image
I’ve spoken to countless adults who still haven’t moved on from an
emotional destructive situation – from an experience they went through
in grade school. Perhaps, they were bullied by another person for a
period of time and over the years it caused mental strain, or maybe they
were ridiculed by their parents and never given a chance to excel based
on limitation. Now, as they try to move forward in life they run into many
problems because they don’t have the confidence in themselves.
Confidence happens to be yet another underlining theme within the
algorithm. It allows us to overcome obstacles.

When an individual is bullied in grade school without proper diagnosis

and repair the individual goes on in their lives feeling defeated. They
remain inward with their thoughts and become inferior to those around
them. This then leads to dysfunctional thinking and potentially suicidal
thoughts. The damage the initial bullying situation has caused is near
irreversible and becomes negatively weighted with time.

Bullying happens to be one of the most difficult areas of which an

individual can overcome. There are many deficiencies in which follow
from the activity. Often times, an individual will be bullied numerous
times before he or she will commit to seeking help or assistance. And,
often times, the individual never tries to make it better. This only leads
to a destructive life altogether. The sad part is; bullying happens during
all stages in Life.

Acceptance comes when the observer is ready to move forward from the
destructive state and make a better life for themselves. Acceptance
comes when the victim is ready to take on the challenge of overcoming
the hurt they’ve been dealt. Acceptance means taking responsibility. It
comes when the individual understands that they matter and that the
issue they’ve feared is trivial in the overall sense of Life.

One quality factor I’ve learned to acquire in my own life is acceptance. I

accept that my children are growing and that someday they won’t be as
little as they are today. I accept that I don’t hang around with the same
types of friends anymore, or have the same types of experiences. I accept
that I gave up on my business at some point to make a better family life.
I accept that the days of little responsibility are over. I will someday
accept that I have lost some loved ones along the way. It’s all accounted
for in my overall perspective in which I initiated into the algorithm.

It took me a long time to find acceptance in my life. I’ve been divorced.

I’ve witnessed two children being born (a third on the way). I’ve had 30
different jobs in my life. I’ve travelled literally every square inch of North
America. In the realm of my experience I’ve learned that the only way to
move forward is to accept it and move on.

Acceptance is the foundation behind a quick recovery. Regardless of how

long you’ve been dealing with the stresses of any given issue, when
you’re able and willing to accept the situation you’ll be able to move on
quickly. In fact, this is one exercise that I’ve seen literally move mountains
in people’s lives. Those who believe in acceptance, and those who apply
it in their lives are those who garner the greatest results.

I’ve seen firsthand within my own life and experiences that acceptance is
power. Acceptance will lead you the way.

Whether you’re dealing with a nasty divorce, if you’ve been wronged

severely over and over again by others, if you lost your business, your net
worth, your dignity or anything in between, when you’re able to accept
what you’ve going through and take from it all the possible learning
experiences you’ll be able to move on as a free spirit able to do whatever
your mind offers.

Yes, our negative happenings are surreal. They have dealt us some rather
negative emotion and they’ve served us some rather nasty thoughts, yet
they harnessed so many life lessons that are valuable to us today. Each
and everything we’ve gone through, regardless if you saw it in a negative
or positive sense, it has given you valuable aspects that will help you
along your journey in Life.
Take the life lessons from each negative situation as not only an example
to build the ideal lifestyle but use it as leverage to overcome the bland lul
in your life. Rather than judging other people, judge the negative qualities
in your own life and determine a solution to each of them. Make yourself
better. This will come through acceptance.

Acceptance is a tough word to swallow. Often times, we can’t even get

past the hurt another person has caused let alone accept the fact that it
happened. Let’s just say; your life is not going to get any better at all
unless you forgive the situation/the person and accept it. Forgive the one
you divorced. Forgive the perpetrator who bullied you. Forgive the
person who stole your job. Forgive the person who hit your car. Forgive
the person who cut you off in traffic. Forgive. Forgive. Forgiveness.

Be the person you always wished you could be by letting go. Take
advantage of the opportunities that surround you when you do so.
Remember, the algorithm will not spit out any positive scenarios to your
future unless you adhere to the fundamental of forgiveness.

Don’t be afraid that not everybody believes in what you believe. The
world is filled with disbelievers. They only get in your way because they
have nothing better to do in theirs. Not everybody is going to see it the
way you see it, or understand it the way you understand it. Understand
this and build it into your DNA of acceptance.

Above all, don’t get too bothered by what other people are doing. Don’t
focus too closely on their activity either. They have their own perspective
of how to get where they want, and their wants are much different than
yours. Only you know where you’re going and why you want to get there.
Their initiatives are far different than yours, so don’t let theirs dictate
how you should approach yours.

Take in account the acceptance you have about the words I have instilled
in these pages. Take the life hacks in this book seriously and initiate action
upon realization. Use it as leverage to generate a better life.
Imagine the best possible scenario of a life you would like to live. Take in
account all the details, like the people you want to surround yourself
with, the opportunities you would like to pounce on and the size of family
you would like to build. Think of as much detail as possible to generate
the clearest perspective. Now, stay focussed and work towards achieving
one small step each day towards your vision. And, never let your vision

Accepting the algorithm comes down to accepting who you are.

Lastly, if your belief system isn’t instilled with positive values or aimed at
making Life a better place than the algorithm will see that you are trying
to cheat and cut corners. It will challenge you greatly, more than you
would like.

Thank you for reading. Spread the word about what you learned.
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