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SSCHAGHTICOKE TRIBAL NATION CONNECTICUT ’ May 22, 2018 Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt Department ofthe Interior 1849 C Street NW ‘Washington DC 20240 Dear Deputy Secretary Bernhardt | write to you on behalf ofthe Schaghticoke Tribal Nation (“STN”) to request that you right the wrong ‘done to STN regarding its federal recognition status. STN respctfilly asks that youreinstate a decision Jn which the Department of the Interior Department”) comectly granted STN federl recognition. STN ‘qualifies now and ha always qualified a a Indian tribe, and the revocation ofits federal recognition was solely because of apolitical campaign against its recognition. ‘After many years of effort and significant costo both STN and the Department, the Department issued a positive Final Determination tht federally recognized STN a5 an Indian tebe pursuant othe Departments recognition process ound at 25 C.F. Part 83. In response offical the State of (Connecticut, for political reasons initiated a campaign aimed at reversing tat decision. The next year, afer an internal review, the Department reversed its decision and issued a negative Reconsidered Final Determination. In doing 50, the Department examined evidence related to STN’s community and politi influence or authority extremely resrcively and not in accordance with its precedent and guidance, including: (1) the comect method for calculating endogamous mariage rats; (2) the significance of 'STN’s sate recognition, including the continuous existence of its tate reservation; and (3) the effet of some of STN's former members choosing not to enroll for membership. ‘The Department came tothe riaht conclusion when it issued its positive Final Determination, The Department's Reconsidered Final Determination i the result of unduly restrictive parsing ofthe relevance and weight ofthe evidence STN put forth. The Department has authority to right this wrong by reinstating the positive Final Determination and thereby granting STN federal recognition pursuant toi \ithout federal recognition, SEN’s ability to exercise its inherent riba sovereignty and wo care for ts people is seriously impeded. Therefore, I respectfully ask you, on behalfof STN, to correct this manifest Injustices that weave abe to thrive ara people and to exercae ou aclfdctermination. Yad Le Chief Richard L. Velky Schaghticoke Tal Nation Sincerely. STN Rusiness Addross: 101 Elizabeth Street, 2nd Floor, Derby, CT 06418 ‘STN Website: