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SPRINGTIME, April 2019 3

Editor’s Notes On Paint

’ve become obsessed with two dozen tones of cornflower
home interior paint, and just blue possessing varying, indis-
how complicated the simple tinguishable undertones of
task of selecting a shade can be. green or gray or purple… well,
I read countless interviews with nothing starts to look right.
interior designers, and even For a not-all-together brief
pause films to inspect the wall period there were so many dif-
colors in the backgrounds of ferent color samples splashed
dramatic scenes, making notes across my bedroom wall that
when a vivid moss green or a it began to look like a child’s
perfect Hampton’s house gray smock after art class. I confess,
catches my eye. I may have gone sample mad.
Ira Glass, host of NPR’s “This Samples are, however, terrifi-
American Life,” has some advice cally handy — and absolutely
on writing that I believe ap- necessary. You really can’t trust
plies to paint as well. He warns the paint chip fans or what you
that beginner writers will often see photographed in glossy
struggle with comparing their magazines.
good taste in literature to their There are two local stores
own work, anguishing over the where I became a bit of a regu-
divide. With paint it may seem lar — Herrington’s in Lakeville,
PHOTO BY ALEXANDER WILBURN initially simple to envision an which carries Benjamin Moore
Paint chip cards are useful sources of inspiration, but to truly test out what ideal color, but as soon as you’re
a color looks like, the next step is purchasing a sample to paint on your presented with choices, say over Continued on page 4
wall. Hues can vary greatly depending on light sources and the time of day.



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We offer varieties from the traditional
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4 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

… notes on paint Benjamin Moore, but there’s a

lovely selling point — less than
Continued from page 3 200 shades. If you want a Far-
row and Ball yellow, there are
paint samples and Meta44 in pick one color to test, then buy only 11 to choose from. That’s
Millerton, which carries sam- samples of the next lighter and nothing! For those struggling to
ples of Farrow & Ball. darker shade to compare. This trust their eye, the Farrow & Ball
Benjamin Moore is American- will look a bit mad on your wall. catalog can be like a guide book
made paint available in thou- You may find yourself thinking, from an interior designer. While
sands of colors and appears to “Aren’t these the same color the names are as fanciful as
be geared toward personalities with only slight, slight differ- they come — “Borrowed Light,” ILLUSTRATION BY ALEXANDER WILBURN
that lean toward the perfection- ences?” But sit with them for a “Nancy’s Blushes,” “Mouse’s
ist side. With Benjamin Moore, few days. You may be surprised Back” — some are so self-explan- painting your sample on dif-
my advice is to have a clear plan. by which one becomes your atory they read like hints. Who ferent walls within the same
Remember it. Keep it in your favorite. could fault you for following the room as well, and watching
mind as if a magician has asked Farrow & Ball, found at instruction of “Breakfast Room the way it changes wall to
you to remember your card. You Meta44, is a British paint manu- Green” or “Gallery Room Red?” wall, morning to evening.
are the ace of spades. You are facturer so tied to the sense of I find Farrow & Ball colors Paint is tricky business, and
“Palladian Blue.” history and charm found in particularly temperamental while a color may look per-
With so many selections, it’s market towns in Dorset like the however. Some may disagree, fect in a well-lit professional
all too easy to do what I did: one John Farrow and Richard but I found their shades can photograph at a certain time
walk into Herrington’s looking Maurice Ball came from, that depend greatly on the light, and of day, you want a color that
for a sample of Avon Green and it’s almost a lifestyle brand. For the neutral shade that works in you can live year round,
walked out with Chippendale those in the know, Farrow & Ball a south-facing room will likely from the darkest day in win-
Rosetone (pink), Sleigh Bells is as much about status as own- appear drastically different, ter to the brightest morning
(gray) and Collingwood (off- ing a pure-bred Labrador. even cold, in a low-light room in spring.
white). The better strategy is to It costs twice as much as facing north. I recommend — Alexander Wilburn

Spring 2019

Notes on Paint Bunny Williams

By Alexander Wilburn ...........................p. 3 By Alexander Wilburn .............................. p. 14
Michael Trapp No Waste Shopping
By Debra A. Aleksinas ............................p. 5 By Alexander Wilburn ......................... p. 17
Rethink Your Gardening Spring Cleaning Isn’t A Chore
By Janna Siller .........................................p. 7 By Sophia Kaufman ............................ p. 20
Koi Pond Revisited Do-Ikea-Yourself
By Debra A. Aleksinas ............................p. 9 By David Wilburn .................................p. 22
A Designer’s Window Plant Like An Expert
By Anne Day ............................................p. 11 By Leila Hawken ...................................p. 25

Published by Alexander Wilburn Editor

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Company, LLC Libby H. Hall-Abeel Advertising Manager
April 18, 2019 Caitlin Hanlon, Olivia Montoya
PO Box 1688, Lakeville, CT Composing
800-339-9873 Cover photo of designer Katie Baldwin By Anne Day, see story on page 11

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SPRINGTIME, April 2019 5

Michael Trapp
And The Traveler’s Eye
By Debra A. Aleksinas

very home can use a sea- to be expensive in order to have
sonal refresh, and spring visual impact. Second, home-
inspires beauty and cre- owners should not get hung up
ativity. So where to start? on design rules.
I recently asked West Corn- “It’s about the creative aspect
wall designer Michael Trapp, and getting people to look at
who specializes in antiques, things differently. There is no
ancient artifacts and textiles, right way or wrong way, and
for a few pointers. Even though there are no taste police. If you
he was jet lagged, having just get tired of something you can
returned from a buying trip to just change it.”
Asia, he was excited to share Judging from his distinctive
some tricks of his interior style, Trapp practices what he
design trade at his circa-1830’s preaches. His home/shop is
Victorian revival home over- filled with surprising objects
looking the rushing Housatonic collected over decades of world
River, which also doubles as his travel.
antiques shop. Each winter he spends
First and foremost, he said,
decorative items do not need Continued on page 6
Outdoor items indoors, like statuary, urns and ceramic pots, can refresh
a home, said designer Michael Trapp in his West Cornwall kitchen.

Sanitation Service
Quality Service For Refuse Removal
Recycling For The Future

Amenia, New York

6 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

“There is no right way or

wrong way, and there
are no taste police.”

… Trapp
Continued from page 5

months in exotic places, in

search of objects that catch his
eye. Some are for clients, and
others are for his home or shop.
His recent trip to Asia yielded
Ming dynasty plates from a
shipwreck, and 18th century
cabinets from an apothecary
store in Jakarta.
Trapp is especially fond of
natural objects like shells,
animal bones, Spanish moss, as
well as natural containers filled
with branches or plants, which
can give a home a feeling of the
outdoors. “Something outside
that you can bring in, like statu-
ary, urns or pots, always give
you the feeling that you can
push the season ahead.”
Most of all, be creative, said
Trapp, and if live plants aren’t
your style, consider other op-
tions. Urns and pots can be
filled with all sorts of inter-
esting materials and objects:
dried branches, pieces of coral,
stones, a glass jar filled with
bird eggs, a grouping of figu-
“A lot of people like to stick
to convention because it’s safe,” PHOTO BY DEBRA A. ALEKSINAS

but a little creativity can go a Trapp’s West Cornwall home features a mural made from antique Portuguese wall tiles depicting “The Last Supper.”
long way toward finding your
personal aesthetic. your home. Over the decades quarter-acre footprint. can go a long way. “Sometimes
As spring starts to blossom, he has transformed his West “It’s not about what you you just need to look outside
so do requests from clients Cornwall property into an Ital- have, it’s what you do with it,” the box, and be more free.”
looking to create rooms within ian villa-style garden with lush said the designer, who noted Michael Trapp is an antiques
a garden, said Trapp, an idea landscaping, outdoor garden that homeowners don’t need dealer and interior and garden
which allows for movement rooms and a reflecting pool. The to reside in palatial homes in designer. His retail store is in West
from one space to the next and enormity of its visual impact order to create an inspirational Cornwall. For more information
expands the overall feeling of belies the site’s compact, three- environment. Creativity, he said, go to
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 7

Could This Approach window wares

Make You Rethink ART INSTALLS
Your Gardening? WINDOW SHADES
By Janna Siller

an vegetable gardeners 184 Main St. Lakeville CT 860 364 9824
who avoid digging re- By appointment
ally grow more on less
ground as the emerging no-till
movement promises? To get at
this question, I’ve been planting
side by side trials of organic veg-
Charlie’s Repair Shop
gies for four years at Adamah Charles J Flint, Jr., Prop
Farm in Falls Village.
Plowing, rototilling, and Complete Automotive Service
plain old digging with a spade
are all methods of destroying Brakes & Tires
non-crop plants while putting New Trailer Sales & Service
biomass into the soil where it
can break down and feed crops.
We Buy and Sell Used Cars
Called tillage, these are consid-
ered crucial steps in the process at this point in history. Keeping 6093 Route 22 Millerton, NY 12546 | (518)789-6636
of growing healthy vegetables. carbon in the soil is not only
Whether growers approach a good for the climate, it’s great
plot of fresh grass or one that for plants too. Undisturbed
has been a vegetable garden soil has a greater ability to host
for years, they need some way microbes that benefit plant
to remove the competition and growth, to hold nutrients, and
make way for new crops. to store air and water, increas-
On our farm we use a roto- ing resilience whether the
tiller and it works beautifully.
We grow cover crops, some-
season is wet or dry.
The tricks of the no-till trade All Lines
times called green manures be-
cause they enrich the soil, in be-
are quite simple. If you’ve ever
left a bucket out on the lawn Of
tween our vegetable plantings
and we integrate them with the
and come back to find a circle
of grass dead underneath, you
rototiller so they can compost are familiar with the method Contractor Liability
right there in the bed. Rototill- known as occulation. No-till gar- Commercial Auto
ing introduces a quick shot of deners smother weeds, lawn, or Personal Auto
oxygen to the soil and makes previous vegetable crops with Home - Renters
a nice smooth seed bed after a black tarps, cardboard, plywood Farm - Life
couple of passes. Our vegetables or even biodegradable mulches
grow beautifully without the like thick layers of compost or
William J. Cole Agency, Inc.
use of expensive manufactured straw.
fertilizers. If you’ve ever felt like you VICKI BENJAMIN
If we are seeing such lovely were going to asphyxiate get-
results from tillage, why do I ting into a car after the summer 518-789-4657
continue to bother with no-till sun has been shining through
trials? Tillage releases carbon the windshield all day, you 1 John Street
into the atmosphere, which is Millerton, NY 12546
exactly where we don’t need it Continued on page 8
8 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

Sheldon Masonry & Concrete, LLC … rethink your gardening

Mathew Sheldon Continued from page 7

Serving CT, NY and southern MA are familiar with the method bed. I’d used no-till methods
known as solarization. No-till for another- smothering weeds
860.387.9417 gardeners put clear plastic over with a tarp and planting into an
plants they want to eliminate, unloosened bed. The tilled plot
Lakeville, CT concentrating the UV of the sun grew the kind of lettuce we are and killing plants root and all to used to: lush, green, bug-free, make way for the next crop. newborn-baby-sized gorgeous
Some growers use a mechani- heads. The no-till plot grew
cal method called roller crimp- small, bitter heads that attract-
ing that allows you to grow your ed aphids.
Arnold’s Garage & Towing own mulch plants with cover I guess I believe in the prom-
2 North Elm Street Canaan, CT 06018 crops. Others use chemicals to ise of long-term reward for
(860) 824-5802 suppress plants. Of course if patient attention to soil health
your garden is small enough, because I checked the no-till
April is national car care month you can simply clear weeds and books back out of the library
Time to Spring into vehicle maintenance! previous crops by hand. No the next season. I’ve kept up the
Winter takes a toll on your vehicle so be sure to have your brakes, tires, wipers, matter which no-till method experiment. Our no-till plots
cooling system and wheel alignment checked. Spring is also the time to have you choose, you’ll likely want to have not only caught up in their
the A/C system checked before the hot summer months ahead! use a lot of compost to renew ability to grow gorgeous vegeta-
Call us today to make an appointment. the fertility of your soil without bles, they often perform better
integrating cover crops. in stressful conditions.
*AAA member
discount available* So, like Hamlet ruminating, My recommendation for
I’ll flip the question from a few gardeners interested in no-till
paragraphs ago on its head: if is the same as my recommen-
no-till has so many benefits and dation for gardeners about
The Johnsons the methods are so simple, why
haven’t we transitioned from
everything — experiment! If you
Google “no-till gardening “you
the trial stage to being a full will come up with all kinds of
fledged no-till farm at Adamah? advice to guide you. Learning to
While no-till may be workable garden in new ways is just like
in the end, transitioning on learning anything- you have to
our scale takes a great deal of make a lot of mistakes along the
extra labor, extra compost, and way. What discourages a lot of
equipment. While a couple of would-be excellent gardeners is
unfolded trash bags will equip simply that, unlike learning to
a gardener for occulation, the cook or knit, it often takes a full
cost for hundreds of square season to get to try again after
feet of tarps adds up! It has also a gardening mistake and some-
taken the soil itself time to ad- times it takes many seasons to
just and to show us the benefits see the benefits of new meth-
IRONDALE of no-till.
After our first year of trials
ods. The more you play around,
the more you’ll find the path
I sent my borrowed copy of a forward. Dig a little in one area,
Antiques • Furniture
• Furniture • Collectibles no-till gardening book back to smother with a tarp a little in
Prints • Prints
• Paintings • Paintings
• Carpets • Glassware the David M. Hunt library and another, but most importantly
almost abandoned the project watch the plants and the soil
“Lots • to
of History Glassware
Choose From” altogether. I had used our tra- closely and notice.
ditional methods for one plot Janna Siller is the director of
& SUNDAY 10AM-5PM of romaine lettuce- integrat- Adamah Farm in Falls Village.
CASH AND CHECKS ing cover crop with a rototiller For more information go to www.
6082 Route 22 North, Millerton, NY — 518-789-2022 and planting into a smooth
Route 22 North, Millerton, NY — 518-789-2022
mile north of Route 22/44 traffic light in Millerton
One mile north of Route 22/44 traffic light in Millerton
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 9

My Koi Pond Revisited:

This Time It Will Work!
By Debra A. Aleksinas

ong ago kept as pets by ing my day, I would take my
Chinese and Japanese em- cup of coffee out to the small
perors, koi are today prized pond to visit and feed the three
for their beauty and reputation orange and one white koi,
for bringing happiness, harmo- which are known not only for
ny, luck and love. their playful demeanor (yes,
Some species of koi even have fish do have personalities), but
a lifespan of up to 200 years. also as harbingers of good luck,
Unfortunately, mine lasted all of prosperity, courage and success.
two months before ending up Unfortunately for my young
as sushi to a back yard predator fishies, luck and prosperity
a few summers ago. A novice to were not in their future. I can’t
water gardening, I enjoyed the speak for their courage, but I
beauty and tranquility four koi definitely lacked success.
brought to my garden pond, On one of my morning visits,
which I built inexpensively much to my shock and dismay,
using a heavy-duty liner, basic the pond turned up empty.
filtration/pump system, live Broken-hearted and more than
plantings and natural stones.
Most mornings, before start- Continued on page 10
These Japanese koi are among the 80 fish stocked in Tim Dorn’s 23,000
gallon pond. Dorn is the owner of Kent Koi Ponds & Waterfalls.

North East
Locally owned and operated
since 1983 by Carl Marshall.
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9-5,
Friday 9-6 & Saturday 9-12
Featuring: Lafont,
Robert Marc, Silhouette,
Ray Ban, & Maui Jim MufflEr INc.
860 364 0878
26 Hospital Hill Road
Custom Bending Up to 3 Inches
Sharon, Connecticut
Tires • Brakes • Mufflers
New York State Inspections

Equine • Pet • Livestock

Open Monday - Friday 8 to 5;
Hay, Straw, Shavings and more! Saturday 8 to 1

Blue Buffalo Non-GMO Nutrena

(518) 789-3669
Original Feeds
Route 22, Millerton, NY
Wellness Cavalor
Purina Taste of the Wild Garden Supplies
Kalmbach Abady Green Mountain
Progressive Poulin Organics
John Heck Cindy Heck
2978 Church St, Pine Plains | 518-771-3226 |
10 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

… koi pond revisited

Continued from page 9

a tad guilty for not having ade- For larger pond projects, “It
quately protected the fish from should be deep enough to keep
their untimely demise, I retired animals away, and be below the
PO Box 1206 from water gardening. The next frost line,” which is roughly
Sharon, CT 06069 day I backfilled the pond and three feet to five feet deep, clos-

860-364-0773 re-planted grass.

As it turns out, there were
er to the latter in our area, said
Dorn, who designs, installs and two problems: I hadn’t dug the maintains ponds for clients. He
pond deep enough, nor did I has even transformed former
provide adequate places where swimming pools into koi ponds.
the fish could hide from curi- The next consideration is
JOHN & JUNE KINSKY ous birds, cats or raccoons on filtration. Ammonia, nitrate and
BUDGET BLINDS OF LITCHFIELD COUNTY the prowl for an all-you-can-eat phosphate are all toxic to fish.
860.619.2811 fish buffet. Gardening experts Dorn said he uses a skimmer
recommend that garden ponds box/waterfall filter box with an
FREE be at least two feet deep and external pump for small garden
In-Home HIC#0648748
mine fell short by more than pond installations, and all of
Consultation half a foot. that plus a bead filter and UV
BUY ONE, But time heals all wounds, filter for larger pond projects.
Shades, Blinds, Shutters, GET ONE so this spring I have decided A few other considerations:
Home Automation and more 60% OFF to come out of water-garden garden ponds which are about *Excludes Lutron
retirement and give a pond two feet in depth should in-
An Independently Owned and Operated Franchise Good until 6/30/19 another try. This time, though, clude mostly live plants, where-
before shovel meets soil, I de- as more elaborate koi ponds,
cided to do my homework and at a depth of about five feet,
consulted a Kent expert on the should not contain plant life,
topic. as koi tend to uproot and eat
Tim Dorn, owner of Kent Koi them. Also, keep in mind that
Ponds & Waterfalls, graciously as fish grow, they create more
offered the following key point- waste, so you may eventually
ers for building and maintain- need to upgrade the filter.
ing a backyard garden pond. For me, the start of spring
For those more serious garden- means fine-tuning my plans for
ers, Dorn, whose 23,000 gallon a new pond and dreaming of
pond holds about 80 Japanese the tranquil mornings to come,
koi ranging from four to 48 coffee in hand, when I walk out
inches in length, also shared to my garden to visit the gleam-
basic information on maintain- ing fish as they dart about the
ing larger koi ponds. sparkling, cool waters. They will
To begin with, placement, have plenty of plants to keep
he said, is key. Consider a loca- them shaded, help regulate
tion close to your patio, deck or water temperature and control
window, so that you can enjoy algae growth. Most of all, the
watching your fish. As for the pond will provide adequate
size, the bigger the pond the shelter from curious wildlife.
more filtration is needed. He This time around, the sushi
suggested taking a garden hose bar will be closed.
to outline the general shape Kent Koi Ponds & Waterfalls de-
you envision, and then stepping signs landcape water features. For
back to see how it works with more information call 203-564-3474
the landscape. or go to
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 11

The Bright View From

A Designer’s Window
By Anne Day

es, people do change win- and designing living spaces for
ter slipcovers for summer old friends and new friends.
ones, said Lakeville interi- After working with “an amazing
or designer Katie Baldwin, when mentor and inspiration,” New
I asked her about affordable York/Salisbury/Florida interior
ways to brighten the house for designer Robin Bell, Katie has
spring and summer. Though I been in business as an interior
was with Baldwin to learn about decorator for five years. Though
window treatments — she man- about 75 percent of her clients
aged to slip in lots of other hints are weekenders, Baldwin also
for brightening up a winter- loves to help people who want
tired house. More on that later. to live here on a budget with
Baldwin, a graduate of Salis- their home decorating needs.
bury Central, Housatonic Valley One way to date a house,
Regional High School and Fash- Baldwin said, is to hang on to
ion Institute of Technology, had old-fashioned window treat-
worked in fashion merchandis- ments. The heavy chintz drapes
ing in New York and San Fran- of the ’80s and ’90s have given
cisco for years and said she’s
now happy to be back home Continued on page 12
Interior designer Katie Baldwin was mentored by celebrated
designer Robin Bell before opening her own studio in Lakeville.

860-824-1161 |
12 SPRINGTIME, April 2019


Sales • Service
Complete Design Installation
Installation & Residential • Commerical
Competitive Pricing
Service Automatic Route
Forklifts • Construction
Heat • Hot Water
Budget Payment Plan

An Independent

Linen shades are a specialty of Baldwin, who enjoys their simplicity.


Specializing In: Prompt Professional

… designer’s window
Continued from page 11
• Gas Warm Air Service
way to simplicity — natural fab- room or a sun porch.” Baldwin
Systems ric shades, wooden blinds and is flexible with her clients and
Carlson… sheer curtains without heavy she said, “I have a few custom
• Central Air
for Customers valances. Sometimes, said Bald- window workrooms that I work
Conditioning win, when privacy isn’t an issue, with that can do custom shades
who insist on a naked window is best. for any room — roman shades,
Safety & Quality This designer said updat- custom blinds— whatever
ing windows doesn’t have to works in that space. I have a
be expensive — making small huge library of fabrics so we can

800-542-2422 800-542-2422
changes makes a big difference. work with the colors already in
Using new fun colorful fabrics the rooms.” She likes to design — or just adding trim to exist- window treatments with per-
ing window treatments can be formance fabrics so that the sun
a room-changer. She suggested does not damage the material.
removing a heavy valance that She also always recommends
blocks too much light. lining the fabric to prevent sun
Baldwin loves using linen damage and to increase the
shades for simplicity and light. amount of blockage when they
Also, she said, “I love how fresh are pulled shut.
bamboo shades look in a garden On a visit to a client’s newly
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 13


Leaving behind the heavy drapes of the past, Baldwin’s
recommendation for windows is to let the light in.

purchased house in Lakeville, the accent color. In her Lake-

Baldwin showed me a before ville office, Baldwin’s working
and after. In a room she has with navy and saffron but if she
not worked on yet, the win- wanted to change the warm
dows were covered by heavy mood of the saffron-accented
damask drapes which puddle room, she’d swap the saffron
onto the floor and were topped throws, pillows and vases for
by a matching heavy valance some similar accessories in a
— even with the curtains open, fresh springy citron green —
very little light got in. In the suddenly you’d have an entirely
room Baldwin has just finished new feeling in the room.
designing, the natural colored Baldwin is a decorator who
linen shades were pulled up to prefers to collaborate rather
let the afternoon light in and than dictate. She said, “I like
the place felt bright and invit- partnering with clients, I want
ing, and one sensed that spring to help people realize their
is around the corner. vision — to bring their dream
Though window treatments to life — not mine. It’s all about
are a relatively inexpensive way collaborating.”
to brighten a room, there are Katie Baldwin Designs is in
even more inexpensive and less Lakeville. For more information
permanent ways, like changing call 917-536-5365 or go to www.
out your pillows or changing
14 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

Bunny Williams
Continues To Leave Her
Stamp on Falls Village
By Alexander Wilburn

n a town as small as Falls
“There are is so much
Village, practically painted
as miniature portrait of New talent around here,
England living, residents notice it’s unbelievable the
exactly when the holiday flags beautiful things that are
have been taken down from made in this area. I want
the lamp posts, and if those
lamp posts are lit at the right to support the glass
hour. It’s easy to spot changes, blower who isn’t selling
especially when those changes wares at Barney’s, or
are happening to the very quiet the potter who isn’t at
Main Street, typically free from
foot traffic apart from home-
owners taking their dogs out for
a walk.
Luckily, Fall Village’s most
recent change isn’t disrupting
the quiet town. It’s a renova- interiors for the 2010 reopening
tion project helping to renew of the historic Falls Village Inn,
the street’s sense of aesthetic built in 1843, free of charge.
cohesion. 100 Main Street, a one- “I wanted to help the Falls Vil-
story commercial space with lage Inn because it was impor-
a gray-blued industrial facade, tant for the town, and I think
had served various functions for this newly renovated building
the community, including a gro- is going to be important for the
cery store, before settling into town.”
its role as vacant eyesore. That Sitting by the fireplace in
is, before it caught the eye of her conservatory for a Sunday PHOTO BY ANNE DAY
celebrated decorator and taste morning interview, Williams Celebrated decorator Bunny Williams has lived in Falls Village for 36 years.
maker Bunny Williams. discussed her affection for Along with founding Trade Secrets in the town and designing the interiors
Williams made a home for small town life. “I fell in love at the Falls Village Inn, she has recently purchased a Main Street building.
herself in Falls Village 36 years with this house. I fell in love
ago after purchasing a neglect- with it before I even turned in in 2005 by Harry N. Abrams, “I would like it to be a co-
ed Victorian in need of a revi- the driveway. I loved the allée “Any rational being would have operative of high-end local
talization. It was in her Falls Vil- of trees, and I loved the way it considered all the work that had artisans. Art, furniture, china,
lage backyard that she founded sat up on a hill over this little to be done and walked away.” pottery, weaving — there are is
Trade Secrets, the massively village. I thought Falls Village Equally undaunted by the shab- so much talent around here,
popular plant and antiques sale is an untouched little part of by exterior of 100 Main Street, it’s unbelievable the beautiful
that benefits Women’s Support New England that’s really quite Williams saw the potential for a things that are made in this
Services in Sharon. She’s gone special. Now I’ve come to have a space to draw buyers to Falls Vil- area. I want to support the glass
on to purchase additional prop- long history with the town. ” lage and establish a retail hub blower who isn’t selling wares
erty in Falls Village, including As Williams wrote in “An that celebrated and invested at Barney’s or the potter who
her studio and a Greek Revival Affair With A House,” a coffee- in the sophisticated work of isn’t at Bergdorf’s.”
home across the street for her table account of the effort she skilled Litchfield County craft- Implementing William’s vi-
friend. Williams designed the poured into the estate, printed ers and artists. sion of the building is Churchill
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 15

Building Company, who can

still be seen working to finish
the project for this summer.
“The design process was cer-
tainly interesting,” explained
Seth Churchill, craftsman and
owner of the custom building
firm in Lakeville. “We had to
transform the building from
something nobody wanted
to touch, and in fact, I think it
was considered for being torn
down, into something that
Bunny created to be not only
a functional space, but some-
thing that architecturally fits
into the Falls Village Main Street
landscape. That’s not easy to do.
She has great vision and design
sense, while being sensitive to
the surrounding architecture
was important.”
It turns out, reimagining the
building started from the top.
“We ended up having to
Continued on page 16 Illustrated plans for the completed exterior of Falls Village Workshops by Drake Design Studio,
a landscape and architectural design firm in Lakeville, founded by Sarah Drake Weihman.

one call for all your needs

Excavation, Landscaping
Grounds MaintenancE

Residential & Commercial  Landscape Maintenance for Every Season

Licensed | Insured | Credit Cards Accepted
(860) 672-5260 |
16 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

“Looking around Falls Village really guided us…”

… Bunny Williams
Continued from page 15

do the whole roof over, that England homes with columns

was big job,” said Churchill. tying in imagery from the Greek
“The original building had the Revival architecture of the town
trusses, but this portion on the — while still maintaining an in-
right was part of the expansion dustrial edge that feels modern
that buried the right side of instead of downtrodden.
the truss. Once we squared off “I think when Bunny bought
the facade. It’s hard to explain, it the thought was, ‘Now I own
but every building knows what this thing. Oh my god, what am
it wants to be. Once we clean I going to do with it?’” Churchill
it up, there was a blank canvas said. “We had a certain respon-
for us to work with, and look- sibility, especially if you’re
ing around Falls Village really Bunny Williams, and you have
guided us and told us what it a reputation of doing wonder-
should look like.’ ful things. There was a sense of
The once anonymous 100 responsibility to not fail and to
Main Street, now Falls Village keep up that bar, that expecta-
Workshops, infuses the classic tion. That’s a tough one. But she
Above, 100 Main Street as it appeared in fall 2017, before being
purchased by Williams. Below, Falls Village Workshop in March 2019
white clapboard color of New did it.”
as Churchill Building Company worked to complete the exterior.

KLEMM REAL ESTATE Inc Premium & Private Brokerage #1 for Selling & Renting Fine Country Properties!


$9.995.000 $7.250.000 $5.900.000 $3.950.000 $2.295.000

Private Country Estate. Stone & Shingle Main House. Exquisite Country Compound. Brick Georgian Manor House. Private North Spectacle Lake Waterfront Property. 4 Bedroom Stunning Modern Barn-style. Guesthouse. Caretaker’s Fabulous Restored Colonial. 6 Bedrooms. 5 Fireplaces.
Pool. 2-Story Pool House. Tennis. Views. 389± Acres Barns. Artist Studio. Pool. Tennis. Pond. Views. Privacy. 187± Pavilion-style House & Guesthouse. Pool. 13.26± Acres. Apartment. 3-car Garage. 4-Bay Car Barn. Utility Barn. Wine Cellar. Heated Salt Water Pool. Tennis. Terrace.
Carolyn Klemm. Joseph Lorino. 860.868.7313. Acres. Peter Klemm. Carolyn Klemm. 860.868.7313. Rebecca Ward. 860.435.6789. Peter Klemm. 860.868.7313. Pool. Views. 17± Acres. Peter Klemm. 860.868.7313. Views. 16.8± Acres. Graham Klemm. 860.868.7313.


$1.175.000 $950.000 $895.000 $795.000 $750.000

Wonderful Light & Bright Antique. 5+ Bedrooms. 2 Private Light & Bright Country Home. 3 Bedrooms. Private Farmhouse-style Cape. 4 Bedrooms. Stone Fireplace. Main Street Antique. 6 Bedrooms. Gracious Room Proportions. Chic In-town Colonial. 4 Bedrooms. 3.5 Updated Baths.
Fireplaces. Heated Gunite Pool. 2 Barns. Close to Village. Fireplace. 2-car Attached Garage. Views. Close to Village Front & Back Porches. 2-car Garage. Minutes to Town Period Details. Close to Town Amenities & Metro North Fireplace/Woodstove. Stone Terrace. 2-car Garage. Coveted
1.78± Acres. Graham Klemm. 860.868.7313. & Train. 4.94± Acres. Graham Klemm. 860.868.7313. Center. 7.17± Acres. Graham Klemm. 860.868.7313. Train. $795.000. Graham Klemm. 860.868.7313. Location. $750.000. Graham Klemm. 860.868.7313.

COME HLOW The Only Litchfield County International Property Award Winner Year After Year 2003-2018

Lakeville/Salisbury 860.435.6789 > Litchfield 860.567.5060 > Roxbury 860.354.3263 Sharon 860.364.5993 > Washington Depot 860.868.7313 > Woodbury 203.263.4040
Source: SmartMLS and Klemm Private Sales 1/1/93 – 3/19/19
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 17

No Waste Shopping
For A Colorful, Vegan
Spring Salad
By Alexander Wilburn

he best thing about driving essentials and tucked into your
in the country is that you glove compartment will save
can be ready for anything. the day every time.
Unlike in the city, where any That said, it’s not always easy
small bag you pack may have to eliminate excess plastic and
to last you through your morn- paper from your food shopping
ing subway ride, your day at the — meat will be wrapped in pa-
office, your post-work-catch-up per, and commonly used ingre-
with friends, your last minute dients like salt will most often
shopping… with your car you be packaged in cardboard. For
can be prepared and that means most people, there will always
there’s no excuse to still be be waste with grocery store
reaching for paper or plastic shopping. Still, there are four
bags when shopping for food.
A canvas bag, packed with a few Continued on page 18

See page 19 for the full recipe for this roasted pepper and chickpea salad.

Fifteen years goes by

in a flash
We’re pleased to let you know that the Bank
of Millbrook is now offering a 15-year, fixed-
rate mortgage. It’s a terrific option to get your
house paid off faster at a secured rate and to save
money at the same time.

David Fountain
Vice President, Loan Officer

(845) 677-5321

3263 franklin avenue millbrook 5094 route 22 amenia
2971 church street pine plains 11 hunns lake road stanfordville
18 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

“There are four items you can use to greatly decrease

your paper trail…”

… no waste shopping
Continued from page 17

items you can use to greatly that the website lists as made
decrease your paper trail. from organic cotton, sustain-
The first, of course, is the can- ably sourced beeswax, organic
vas tote. These are easy to layer jojoba oil, and tree resin.
up and fold, Marie Kondo-style, Last on the list is an item so
so they take up relatively little synonymous with millennial-af-
space. This is something many fection that it might feel a little
shoppers already do, but it’s silly to carry, but the mason jar
worth going the extra step and is still handy. Grocery stores like
also carrying reusable produce Guido’s Fresh Marketplace in
bags. For frequent vegetable Great Barrington have loads of
buyers, the plastic produce bags seeds, oats and sweets you can
can really add up and create a buy from bulk receptacles, so
lot of trash to throw out once your can use your own reusable
PHOTO BY ALEXANDER WILBURN home. Reusable draw string glass jars to get your chia seeds
No waste items like canvas shopping bags, cotton mesh produce and Bee’s bags are available in linen or or steel cut oats for breakfast
Wrap reusable bread and sandwich paper all help cut down on excess paper cotton mesh. Look for bags that without taking home any un-
and plastic use when shopping for food on a weekly basis. come in a set of different sizes necessary plastic containers.
and have their weight printed For my no-waste shopping
on the side or on a tag, so the trip to Guido’s I gave in to an
grocery store cashier can de- instinct that overtakes me in
duct the weight of the bag if the the warmer spring and sum-
produce is priced per pound. mer days — vegan cooking. In
The next item is a little strang- New York City I had a number
er: Bee’s Wrap. A reusable wax of vegan friends, and Saturdays
paper made for food storage, were spent heading to the 79th
this is a great paper substitute Street Greenmarket near the
for buying loaves of bread. Bee’s American Museum of Natural
Wrap is a company that was History to shop for a for a big,
founded in 2012 in Middlebury,
Lakeville/Millerton 5 x 2.5_Layout 1 3/25/19 fi11:58
Page 1 salad.
Vt., and offers an assortment For this recipe I’m adapting of bread and sandwich wraps
Lakeville/Millerton 5 x 2.5_Layout
very loosely from Martha Stew-
5 x 2.5_Layout11 3/25/19 11:58AM AM
PagePage 1
Experience the
Lakeville/Millerton 3/25/19 11:58 1
Lakeville/Millerton 5 x 2.5_Layout 1 3/25/19 11:58 AM Page 1
Protecting the Northeastern U.S. since 1953
Experience the Day Differenc
Design & Installation Experience
the the
Day Difference Our busing districts include:

Dutchess Day Difference Arlington, Dover, Hopewell Junction, Hyde Park, Millbrook,

Surge Suppression Dutchess Day Difference Our busingPine Plains,

districts Rhinebeck,
include: and Webutuck.
Arlington, Dover, Hopewell Junction, Hyde Park, Millbrook,
Pine Plains, Rhinebeck, and Webutuck.
Our busing districtsthrough
include: Eighth Grade
Our busing districts include:Preschool Traditional
Arlington, Dover,Eighth
through Learning
Grade in an Hyde
Junction, innovative environment.
Park, Millbrook,

(518) 789-4603
Arlington, Dover, Hopewell Junction, Hyde
Traditional Park,
Pine Plains, Millbrook,
in an innovative
Rhinebeck, and Webutuck.environment.
Pine Plains, Rhinebeck, and Webutuck. For more information, please email: Christine Whiting,
For more information, please email: Christine Whiting,
Director ofDirectorthrough Eighth Grade
Admissions: Admissions:

(845) 373-8309
Preschool through Eighth Traditional
Grade Learning in an 415
Route 343 environment.
Traditional Learning in an innovative environment. Millbrook, NY 12545415 Route 343
Millbrook, NY 12
For more information, please email: 845.677.5014
Christine Whiting,

(860) 364-1498
For more information, please email: Christine
Director Whiting,
of Admissions:
Phone: 845.677
Director of Admissions: www.dutchessd
415 Route 343
415 Route 343
Millbrook, NY 12545
Millbrook, NY 12545 Phone: 845.677.5014
Phone: 845.677.5014 www.dutchessday.o
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 19

art, as it would seem we have be used much more frequently Books • Toys • Cards
at least one thing in common: in the British Isles as opposed Author Events
we both love watercress. Wa- to stateside. Martha’s recipe BOOKSTORE Writing • Felting
tercress is something I started calls for all sorts of things like TOYSTORE Workshops
appreciating while living in cheeses, honey and maple A lovingly curated selection of books for all ages, Small Gifts and More
Ireland. It’s great as a salad or syrup, none of which are vegan. toys, small gifts, games, and more, including Book Subscriptions &
Persephone Books straight from London.
on sandwiches, and seems to So out they go. Gift Cards Available

57 Front Street, Millbrook, NY 12545 • Stay connected!

845.677.5857 • OPEN 7 DAYS • Mon- Sat 9- 6 • Sun 10 -5
1 bunch of watercress Dice your roasted plum toma-
toes and add them to the food
1 red bell pepper processor. 845-681-3777
1 yellow bell pepper Add one teaspoon of olive oil,
PO Box 381
one teaspoon of blue agave Millerton, NY 12546
2 plum tomatoes (a basket
cherry tomatoes might nectar and two teaspoons of
have been preferable, but lemon juice to the food pro-
I could not find any that cessor. Blend together for your
dressing, which should be a Residential/Commercial Building Services
weren’t packaged in plastic)
warm cream. Residential/Commercial Property Services
2 cups of chickpeas Residential/Commercial Sub-Contracting Services
Arrange your watercress,
1 teaspoon of blue agave chickpeas and diced roasted
nectar peppers. Dice your second,
uncooked plum tomato and
1 teaspoon of extra-virgin
add it to the salad. Pour the
olive oil (I like L’Extraverte
dressing over the salad and
olive oil from Oliviers
add salt and pepper.
and Co., which is made in
France but sold in Grand I toasted slices of a baguette
Central Station. It’s flavor is topped with salt and olive oil
vibrant and grassy instead for some scooping.
too buttery)
This is a great salad to make
2 teaspoon of lemon juice when you want to linger in
the kitchen without doing
Set your oven to 400 degrees
too much work. Open the
Fahrenheit and roast your
windows on a sunny day and
peppers on a baking sheet
open a light bottle of wine,
with a little olive oil. Bake for
like a chardonnay or a rosé.
20 minutes, or until black-
There’s plenty of downtime
ened. Flip your peppers, and 59 Church Street, Canaan, CT 06018
while you wait for the peppers
add in one of your plum 860-824-5443 / 800-480-3963
to roast, and washing and
tomatoes. Bake for another 20
prepping the watercress is the Hours: Mon.-Sat. 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
perfect warm weather activity
to really put you in touch with Hand & Power Tools, Paint, Lawn & Garden, Electrical, Plumbing,
Remove peppers from the pan
and dice. Set aside half of the fresh food you’re prepar- BBQ Grills, Window Glass & Screen Repair, Transponder Keys
your diced peppers for the ing.
salad and throw the rest in a
food processor .
20 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

Spring Cleaning Isn’t

A Chore, It’s A Culture
By Sophia Kaufman

pring brings with it a lot religious ritualistic precedents
of things: more greenery, a for it all over the globe; some
poetry unit in school, a re- attribute the concept to the Per-
newed effort towards New Year’s sian New Year, Nowruz, which
resolutions, the promise of falls on the first day of spring, or
summer. Something about the the Jewish practice of thorough-
return of the sun might make ly cleaning the house before
you want to fill your house with Passover. The Catholic Church
lemons and cherry blossoms, or also cleans the altar thoroughly
air everything out so it smells before Good Friday.
like fresh linen and vanilla. And The timing of spring cleaning
of course, there’s always the historically has also been based,
promise (or threat, depending in some places, on climate and
on your point of view) of spring weather patterns. In continen-
cleaning. tal climates, such as the United
The concept of spring clean- States, before the invention
ing is self-explanatory — a of mechanical cleaners, early
PHOTOS, IMDB.COM cheery change in season brings spring was often the best time
Netflix personalities Marie Kondo of “Tidying Up” and Antoni a desire to start anew — but its for cleaning as it was warm
Porowski of “Queer Eye” have became cultural figures of origins may not be. There are enough to keep windows and
betterment by turning domesticity into a reflection of the self.

Locally grown …
Each week The Lakeville Journal and The Millerton News
are produced locally by staff who live
in the Tri-state area communities.
It is a connection to YOUR communities and what is
important to YOUR lives that make our publications unique.
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Your Independent,
COMPASS Community Newspapers & Regional News Website
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 21

doors open but not hot enough tional focus. Netflix shows like
for insects to be an issue yet “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”
— accumulations of soot from and the reboot of “Queer Eye” “Despite the hectic nature of everything all around us, or
fires throughout the winter (now in its third season) are
could be beat clean from the hugely popular. Pinterest, Tum-
perhaps because of it, there seems to be a growing cultural
furniture and tidily disposed. blr and Instagram have large trend toward active, holistic self-improvement, often with
Some theorists believe that even D.I.Y. communities that revolve more than a shade of minimalism …”
daylight saving time plays a around reusing and repurpos-
role: the more sunlight we have, ing, adding an ecological bent
the more energized we are, and to self-improvement.
likely to have the enthusiasm to Perhaps most interestingly, a As technological production member watching “The Wind in
do the chores or carry through growing number of people are continues to increase, and the the Willows” as a kid, and being
with New Year’s resolutions that actually cutting down on the urgency of confronting climate so enamored of the idea of
feel more energy-consuming in kinds of technological applianc- change continues to escalate, spring cleaning — particularly
the winter. es they invest in — some going it is interesting to think about whitewashing — that I took a
The future of spring cleaning so far as to choose flip phones how we — as individuals and as piece of white chalk and began
is as fascinating as its historical over smartphones. The practice a society — might have to start industriously scribbling over all
trajectory. Despite the hectic of spring cleaning is evolving to rethinking how we approach of our walls with it. While the
nature of everything all around include even the intangible ar- “spring cleaning,” as something color blended in (quite nicely,
us, or perhaps because of it, eas of our life that feel cluttered, other than a habit with religious in fact), for days afterward there
there seems to be a growing as people choose to unfollow or or historical precedents. But would be a chalky residue. I’ve
cultural trend toward active, unfriend Twitter and Facebook it’s not impossible to imagine definitely given up that particu-
holistic self-improvement, acquaintances, spend less time changing certain habits in a lar spring cleaning tradition —
Spring Tonic
often with more than a shade on social media, and use less short period of time. for which, I’m sure, my parents
5”W x 5.5 “H
of minimalism in its organiza- smart technology in general. For example, I vaguely re- are thankful.


Superb plantS, extenSive Knowledge
outStanding Q uality, Selection & value
We offer our own Berkshire field-gown specimens, including Chinese • 24 Hour Towing
or Kousa dogwood; the native Berkshire strain of Cornus florida; • Aluminum and Steel Welding
American and European Green, Tricolor and Copper Beech; native • Insurance Claims
birch; hybrid lilacs; viburnums; hydrangea paniculata selections; • Complete Auto Body Repair
American Fringe trees; mature apple, peach and pear trees; • 4x4 Truck Accessories
herbaceous and tree peony selections.

Asparagus roots • strawberry plants • seed potatoes

Fedco seeds • rhubarb plants • horseradish plants • early
season vegetable plants • perennials • statuary • pottery
landscape consultation • design & installation
well-stocked garden shop

Open Daily 9 – 5
686 Stockbridge road, great barrington, Ma 01230
www . windyhillfarMinc . coM
(413) 298-3217 Environmentally Friendly 3718 Route 44, Millbrook, NY 12545
22 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

The Cheap Bookcase
You Can Make Look
Custom Made
By David Wilburn

kea bookshelves remain one of furniture that looks hand-
of the best values around. crafted and custom made for
The Swedish furtinuture and your decor. How? With paint.
appliance manufacturer has It’s actually very easy — but also
probably sold almost as many a little complicated.
Billy bookcases as Apple has First, you’re going to paint all
sold iPhones. But what if you’ve of the pieces before you assem-
outgrown laminated, assemble- ble them. Use sawhorses with
it-yourself furniture? Or you’re two-by-fours, kitchen counters,
tired of white, birch, black- extra tables or anything else you
brown and brown ash as your can find. The pieces will be laid
only color choices? flat, so no worries about drips
PHOTO BY ALEXANDER WILBURN Anyone can transform a ge- or runs if you’re careful with the
Ikea bookshelves arrive ready to be assembled, so their individual parts neric Ikea bookcase into a piece edges. And you’re going to use a

Ice Carving Competition

are easy to paint and touch up before putting the bookcase together.

Madsen Overhead Doors

offers numerous door By Willie Hallihan
rhead Doors offers numerous Celebrating
options to fit any budget!
to fit anyResidential,
budget! commercial
Residential, The conditions were almost perfect for the 7th never cease to amaze. Fourth place ho

l & industrial
verhead Doors
& doors,
industrial electric
doors, electric
Celebrating Annual Salisbury Ice Carving Competition held
Furniture Repair &
J.P. Hedbavney from Branchville, N.J.

ns toMadsen operators,
fit any budget! radio controls,

dio controls,
verhead sales
Doors &
Doors service.
offers numerous Celebrating last February 9th, the Saturday of the ski jumps, co-chairman of the competition) wit
tooffers numerous Celebrating Antiques to Modern
door optionssales & service.
fit any budget!
cial & industrial doors, electric
Residential, on the green of the White Hart Inn. A light snow Geese.” Gary Costa from Burlington,

65 65
ns to fit any budget!
commercial Residential,
& industrial
doors, electric
radio Doors
controls, offers
sales numerous
& service. Celebrating
fell throughout the day to add a visual wintry sistent top-three finisher, took third p
operators, radio controls,
cial & industrial doors, electric
ns to fit any budget! Residential,
radio controls, sales & service.
sales &
touch, and the lack of sunshine (ice’s mortal en-
Over 30 Years Experience
ancing 23 N. Main Street
Pixie.” “Thor” was the title of t
Sharon, CT 06069

emy) helped preserve the competitors’ 300-pound by second-place winner
cial & industrial doors, Madsen electric
Overhead Doors offers numerous (860) 364-5413
radio controls, sales door & service.
ice blocks. But the 34-degree temperature softened Richard Daley from Mas-
to fit any budget! Residential,
the ice enough to make it difficult for the carvers tic Beach, N.Y. And Chad
endly service DOORS
Fast, friendly
commercial & industrial doors, electric
service since radio
1954 controls, sales & service. Years
to fashion sharp details in their sculptures. Still, Gasiorek from Shohola,
Millerton Service Center
the finished works were spectacular in both the Pa., won first place with
friendly serviceDOORSsince 1954
(518) 392 3883
amateur and professional divisions. “Fighting Eagles.”
Not amateur
In the increasingly competitive your average
divi- repair shop ice carv-
The annual
392 3883
8) 392203,
673 Route
Spencertown, NY
392 3883
Spencertown, NY
sion, Justin Reich from Newington,
Does your Conn.
Subarucap-need Service
ing competition
or Repair? is made
friendly service since 1954 OVERHEAD DOORS tured third place with his “Surfing Penguins”. possible through the
Route 203, 673
8) 392 3883
Route 203, NY See
Hometown favorite Jean Saliter took second place Us First!generosity of lead spon-

In appr
Spencertown, Fast,
NY friendly service since 1954 with her “LombardiService Hours:and also won the We’ve been
3 Route 203, Spencertown, NY Trophy” sorservicing
Real Estate,
8) 392 3883 7Award.
am - 5Howard
pm Mon-Fri Millerton for over aas
quarter century! People’s Choice
7 am - Noon Sat
Freeman from as well the White Hart
3 Route 203, Spencertown, NY392 3883
(518) East Hartford, Conn., won first place honors with Subaru parts delivered twice daily
Inn, the Salisbury Winter 673 Route 203, Spencertown, NY Master Technicians
his “Lighthouse View” sculpture.
Michael Lyman
Sports Association and and its
52 S. Center St., Millerton, NY The sculpturesAdam in the professional division
Lyman Trimp Ice Art. (518) 789-3462
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 23

“Anyone can transform a generic Ikea bookcase

into a piece of furniture that looks handcrafted
and custom made for your decor. How? With
paint. It’s actually very easy — but also a little

4-inch trim roller frame with a able at any hardware store.

high-density foam roller (you’ll (Don’t buy the newer advanced
need two of them) and a pair of synthetic shellac — stay with
plastic disposable roller trays, the original.) This primer does
so the work will go really fast. not need to be thinned, but will
You will need to thoroughly require two coats. It cleans up
clean all the surfaces with a with ammonia and water.
solution of TSP (trisodium Lay out your pieces and
phosphate) to make sure there give each one a first coat. Ap-
is nothing on the surface of the ply virtually no pressure with
laminate. Ikea pieces are lami- the roller or the paint will just
nated with plastic, so you need smear around. Make sure you
to prime all the visible lami- paint the finished edges with
nated surfaces. Acrylic paint a pretty dry roller so the paint
will never stick to laminate,
Salisbury Winter doesn’t
soSports drip. Let2009
Association it dry for

Annie Sloan draws inspiration for her paint colors from travel and history, so
White Interior Primer; it’s avail- Continued on page 24
each shade carries with it a design aesthetic, like the blue David Wilburn chose,
reminiscent of Cycladic landscapes.

404 Ashley Falls Road (Route 7) Canaan, CT

onors went to
. (J.P. is also (860) 824-5467
th his “Flying
Conn., a con- Featuring:
place with “Bal- Sub-Zero • Wolf • Viking • Miele • Bosch
the sculpture
Vent-a-Hood • Fisher & Paykel • GE
Hotpoint • Miele Vacuums

SINCE still printing

12 Casey Hill Rd
1992 still copying Canaan, Ct 06018
Stacey L. Moore

reciation of SWSA
17 Dutchess Avenue
P.O. Box 880 Full Color Copies
Mon.-Fri. 9-5
Phone: (518) 789-4508
monday-FRiday 7:00am-4:30pm
s gift to our community
Millerton, NY 12546 up to 12x18 Fax: (518) 789-4509 satuRday 7:00am-12:00pm Closed sunday
24 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

“Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, which has nothing

to do with chalkboard paint, is the brand name of
a decorative furniture paint developed by British
designer Annie Sloan that is quick-drying, mixable
and named for its matte finish.”

… do-Ikea-yourself
Continued from page 23

minutes and apply the second

coat. If you did drip on an edge,
sand it out with a little piece of
sandpaper before the final coat.
After an hour, turn everything
over and repeat. Let it dry over-
Here is a useful trick and
why we have two roller frames
and rollers: I don’t clean the
roller between coats. I put the

It takes a few days of the work, but the end result brings vibrant, and
roller in a fold-top clear plastic
inexpensive color to any room in your home. sandwich bag and put it in the
refrigerator. It will stay moist
almost indefinitely. I don’t try
and clean out the roller tray PHOTO COURTESY OF TINA HILLIER

with the primer — just scrape

the paint back into the con- 20 percent water in order to roll
tainer and cover it with plastic it smooth. You can choose to
wrap. For the acrylic paint (see use any premium acrylic paint
below) I wash out the tray in the (I prefer eggshell to semi-gloss)
sink with warm water and soap. if you don’t want to wax. This is
The roller still goes in a bag and very subjective.
in the refrigerator. Your first coat will not cover
Now start with the fin- very well because the primer is
ish paint in the color of your really slick. The second coat will
choice. I use Chalk Paint® by completely cover if you are care-
Annie Sloan finished with a coat ful. Sometimes the edges and
or two of wax applied with a corners need a final touch up.
fine steel wool pad and buffed That’s it! Assemble as usual
with a towel. Chalk Paint® by and touch up or wax any spots
Annie Sloan, which has nothing you missed. Wait a few days for
to do with chalkboard paint, is the wax and/or paint to cure
the brand name of a decorative before your use the piece. And
furniture paint developed by dare anyone to spot it as Ikea!

LAKEVILLE INTERIORS British designer Annie Sloan

that is quick-drying, mixable
and named for its matte finish.
For more information on British
designer and author Annie Sloan,
and to shop for Chalk Paint® by
7 Holley Street Lakeville, CT • Tues-Fri 10-4 Sat 10-3 Chalk Paint® is very thick Annie Sloan, available in 42 colors and very flat and made to show inspired by travel and history, go
brush strokes, so I thin it with to
Visit our showroom to find furniture, gifts & home accessories.
SPRINGTIME, April 2019 25

captivating landscape solutions


Noreen Driscoll of Sweethaven Farm led a workshop on planting succulents

for spring, but her easy to follow advice can be applied from home.

How To Plant Your

Succulents Like garden center

An Expert Gardener design install : maintenance

By Leila Hawken

weethaven Farm, once a bury for the Christmas season

significant draw for seri- (At the closed Chaiwalla tea
ous gardeners throughout house in 2018 and at Sweet Wil-
the region when it was located liam’s Bakery in 2017), Driscoll
in Salisbury, is still creating said for the rest of the year she
gardening beauty, even though has customers who ask for land-
this gardening and floral busi- scape gardening. She explained GREENHOUSE & GARDENS
ness no longer has a brick-and- her clients often own either
mortar location. recently purchased homes or
“Sweethaven is wherever I ones that have been neglected,
am,” Noreen Driscoll explained or need extra care. 30 south main street kent connecticut
during a recent succulent plant- She also creates floral designs 860.927.4436
er workshop she presented at for public spaces in the North-
Noble Horizons in Salisbury. west Corner, including the
Although she has previously
opened a pop-up shop in Salis- Continued on page 26
26 SPRINGTIME, April 2019

… how to plant
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planters at LaBonne’s Market in Noreen Driscoll fills

Salisbury. She also maintain sev-
eral public gardens in Lakeville, a planter with three
including Bauer Park. things: “thrillers, fillers
Driscoll has been in business and spillers.”
since 1986, when she started
out by selling herbs and other
products at farmers markets. simply put a bit of gravel in the
Currently, Sweethaven Farm is bottom of the container, and
a floral and event design busi- then fill half-way with soil. Suc-
ness, including floral design for culents can include sedum and
weddings. chicks and hens. Add more soil
When filling a planter, and top with a few stones. Water
Driscoll adheres to a favorite infrequently. Succulents do not
concept, practiced by successful need much water, and they are
gardeners: thrillers (something fairly foolproof.
taller and eye-catching), fillers “There are no mistakes in gar-
(to fill in around the featured dening — just start over,” com-
planting), and spillers (to trail mented Jan Honick of Salisbury
over the edge and downward). who was attending the event.
That’s all there is to it. To learn more about Noreen
To make a container garden Driscoll and Sweethaven Farm go

Driscoll advises you to care for your succulents by watering them infrequently.
of succulents, Driscoll said, to


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