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onvoe carro WELDON, HUSTON & KEYSER, L.L.P. owano O77 76 NORTH MULBERRY STREET compe noon MANSFIELD, OHIO 44902 pon April 16, 2019 City Council City of Mansfield 30 North Diamond Street Mansfield, Ohio 44902 Re: Mulberry Street Conversion Bill # 19-072 Dear Members of Council, Please accept this letter on behalf of Belcat Properties, Ltd. and Weldon, Huston & Keyser, LLP, the owner and occupant, respectively, of the premises and historic building located at 76 North Mulberry Street, on the southeast comer of the Fourth Street intersection. We wish to express our views with respect to the proposal under consideration to convert Mulberry Street from a one-way street southbound to a two-way street between Fifth Street and Second Street. It is our understanding that the proposed conversion would create three traffic lanes, with two lanes dedicated to southbound traffic. The creation of three lanes instead of two would require the widening of the roadway and a significant reduction of on-street parking spaces. It would also involve the creation of parking “bump-outs” on the east side of Mulberry, the removal and relocation of utility poles and a significant narrowing of the sidewalk along the east side (north bound lane) of Mulberry Street. The narrowing of the sidewalk would be particularly acute in the vicinity of our building’s front entrance steps. While we strongly approve of converting Mulberry Street to a two-way street, we oppose the plan to widen the roadway to create three lanes. We do not believe that maintaining the two southbound lanes would do anything to relieve traffic congestion on Main Street, even if Main Street were to also be converted to two-way traffic in the future. Moreover, the significant loss of on-street parking spaces on both sides of Mulberry Street would cause great inconvenience to the ‘customers and patrons of the various businesses and government offices along Mulberry Street, as well as Fourth Street, especially between Fourth Street and Park Avenue West. The growth in