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City Council City of Mansfield April 16, 2019 Page 2 development of that portion of the Carrousel District will continue to demand more on-street parking, not less, Finally, the significant public expense necessitated by the widening of the road would not be justified when balancing the goal of travelling convenience against the need to develop and retain business in downtown Mansfield. It should be the goal of City Council to attract people to travel to downtown Mansfield for the purpose of partaking in its commerce and entertainment, not to just make it easier to drive through. ‘We appreciate your consideration of this important step in the long-term improvement of downtown Mansfield. Converting Mulberry Street to a two-way street makes sense, but unnecessarily widening the street and eliminating parking spaces to do so, does not. Respectfully Submitted, BELCAT PROPERTIES, LTD. WELDON, HUSTON & KEYSER, LLP David D. Carto nald E. Hoovs eee Cc Catherine D. Goldman