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May 23, 2018

The Registrar

Southwestern University

Cebu City

Dear Sir/Madam:

Good Day!

My name is Mark Andrew Y. Tan, a student of Southwestern University currently enrolled in the College
of Law as a 4​th​ year with a ID number 16-1013-177. I enrolled in this university on the 1​nd​ semester of the
year 2016 to continue my studies which initiated in the University of San Carlos.

I am sending this letter to your kind office to consider and accredit my previously taken subjects at the
University of San Carlos. This letter stems from the fact that the titles of some subjects are not
compatible with the title of some subjects present in the Southwestern University of law curriculum.
These are the following:

Southwestern University Course Total University of San Carlos Course Total

Law subjects number Units subjects number Units
Persons and Family LAW 111 5 Persons and Family LLB 111A 4
Relations Relations
Constitutional Law LAW 112 4 Constitutional Law 1 LLB 123A 3
Criminal Law 1 LAW 113 4 Criminal Law 1 LLB 114A 3
Legal Research LAW 115 2 Legal Research LLB 124A 2
Statutory Construction LAW 116 2 Statutory Construction LLB 125 2
Legal Profession LAW 117 1 Legal Profession LLB 126 1
Obligations and Contracts LAW 121 5 Obligations and Contracts LLB 117 5
Constitutional Law 2 LAW 122 4 Constitutional Law 2 LLB 128A 3
Criminal Law 2 LAW 123 4 Criminal LLB 118N 4
Special Penal laws LAW 124 2 Law 2
Legal Ethics LAW 126 2 Basic Legal Ethics LLB 137N 3
Election Laws LAW 114 2 Administrative Law on LLB 247N 3
Public officers law LAW 127 1 Public Officer & Election
Administrative Law LAW 217 2 Laws

Property LAW 211 4 Property LLB 201A 4

Criminal Procedure LAW 212 3 Criminal Procedure LLB 214N 3
Land Titles and Deeds LAW 214 2 Land Titles and Deeds LLB 221 2
Labor Standards LAW 215 3 Labor 1 LLB 242N 3
Natural Resources and LAW 219 2 Natural Resources & LLB 244N 3
Environmental law Environmental Law
Sales LAW 218 2 Sales LLB 213 2
Copyright, patent and 2 Copyright patent and 2
trademark trademark
Legal Medicine LAW 328 1 Legal Medicine LLB 425 1
Agrarian Law & Social LAW 327 2 Agrarian Law & Social LLB 243N` 2
Legislation Legislation

Although possessing different titles of such, the educational content and unit is similar. I humbly request
the accreditation of such subjects so that I can graduate by 2019 and so that I can beat the deadline set
by the Office of the Registar.

I hope you understand my predicament and I look forward to receiving a positive feedback from your
good office. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter of request.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Andrew Y. Tan


Student Number: 16-1013-177

Recommending Approval:

Atty. Godwin Denzil B. Manginsay

Dean, College of Law