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By Meg News Channel In these final days of the campaign, Meg is not leaving any community untouched. She’s traveling up and down the state, meeting voters, telling them her story and urging them to go to the polls on Tuesday and help her build A New California. Follow along with Meg’s stops, and check back for regular updates from the trail. Onward to Nov. 2! MENLO PARK (November 1, 2010) – A large crowd of hometown supporters overflowed out of a Menlo Park coffee shop this morning for a final sendoff for Meg before Election Day. They braved the chilly morning to line up near the entrance of the coffee shop, eager with anticipation to wish their candidate well before tomorrow night’s returns come in.

With one more day left, their chants of encouragement have shifted from “Go Meg go!” to “Win Meg win!” Nearby, Meg’s big green bus, the “Take Back Sac Express,” honked for her, firing the

crowd up even more. Meg’s home is in Silicon Valley – it’s where she learned how to use innovation to solve problems and to use technology to do more with less. Meg greeted her supporters and then headed inside for a cup of coffee, where she met dozens of other enthusiastic patrons and a few longtime friends from the area. She greeted each one personally, thanked them for their support and told them: “We’re going to win tomorrow.” Long after Meg left, the crowd of supporters continued chanting their words of encouragement, before finally heading to phone banks to make calls to voters on Meg’s behalf.

CARPINTERIA (October 31, 2010) – Election Day may be around the corner, but Meg’s not forgetting to celebrate Halloween. Tonight she stopped by a Halloween gathering at a Carpinteria home. She handed out candy to trick-or-treaters, and talked with parents about her plan to put California back on track.

In the end, she told these families that it’s all about the kids – that she’s running for Governor to help build a brighter future for California’s next generation. Lots of little ones gladly took canvas Meg 2010 bags to deposit their candy stash in, and they gathered around Meg to pose for photos on the front porch on this festive fall evening. Meg even signed some autographs -- one little girl proudly displaying Meg’s message to her on her cardboard candy corn costume: “Happy Halloween!”

BURBANK (October 31, 2010) – With 48 hours to go, victory was in the air today. You could see it everywhere you turned here in Burbank, where hundreds of excited supporters gathered to wish their candidate well and cheer her on to victory at one final blowout rally. Today was about giving Meg’s campaign one huge surge of momentum before voters head to the polls on Tuesday. Excited supporters said it was their last chance to show Meg that they’ve been behind her all the way, and they’ll continue to work hard through Election Day. And the momentum surged today.

You could see it in the sea of orange and green. In the homemade signs that read “A New CA” and “Meg is ready”. And in the confetti that cascaded upon the crowd, foreshadowing a victory on Tuesday. A look around the crowd showed the diversity of support for Meg’s campaign. They're young and they're old. They're all ages and from all walks of life. And they’re Republicans and independents

and Democrats. They’re Californians who are tired of politics as usual and can’t wait to see a proven job creator and a career problem-solver in office. “I see her as somebody who’s ready to bring California back,” said Unice Mendez of Huntington Beach. “There was no doubt in anyone’s mind: this is going to be our victory.” Blanca Felix came with her husband to the rally, and a smile was still on her face long after it ended. In Spanish, she told her husband how Meg’s candidacy makes her feel. “This was very emotional and I am with faith that she’s going to win,” Blanca said. “She is what California wants.”

CUPERTINO (October 30, 2010) – As Meg’s been traveling the state, she’s been greeted by excited California voters at rallies and businesses and in downtown districts. Tonight it was time to return home to her campaign headquarters, one last time before Election Day. Meg stopped by at her home base in Cupertino to thank the loyal volunteers and staffers for all their hard work, and to make some phone calls in this final sprint to Tuesday’s election.

On this Saturday night, more than 100 people packed into the headquarters. They lined the walls and cheered, “Go Meg go!” as she made her way through the office and stopped to say a few remarks. Her message was simple – but spoke volumes. She told them that we have to work hard to turn out the vote, and its because of our teamwork that we’ll take back Sacramento. “Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you are going to do. Thank you for everything you have done for California.” “We’re going to win.”

SACRAMENTO (October 30, 2010) – Progress begins here on Tuesday -- and it will start with Meg’s leadership. That’s the message she took to Sacramento today when she joined more than 500 people for a rally at American River Packaging company. Today, it was time to show Sacramento who’s going to stand up and get the job done, who’s going bring fundamental reform to this broken state.

The crowd was wild for Meg, who was joined by members of the Republican ticket. They cheered her as she promised to lower taxes, cut wasteful spending and fix our education system for our children and grandchildren so that we can create a brighter future. “I’m going to do something that hasn’t been done in California politics in a long time,” she said. “I’m going to treat you like grown-ups, I’m going to tell it to you straight and I’m going to put forward a plan to put California back on track.”

VISTA (October 30, 2010) – Californians here are fired up. With three days left until Tuesday’s critical election, it seems like every stop Meg makes, the excitement climbs. Just look at the crowd that gathered for her today in Vista, a community near San Diego. Inside the warehouse of Directed Electronic – a company owned by Congressman Darrel Issa – hundreds of people poured in to be part of the change they say is coming to Sacramento.

“This is our last chance. We’ve got to do it now or never. And we’re going to help her to do it,” said Allen Greenwood of Point Loma. “Doesn’t this feel like victory?” Issa asked the crowd as they cheered. Then Meg took the stage. This already roaring crowd got fired up even more. “This is a dead heat, and if we go into Nov. 2 in a dead heat, what happens? We win! Because there is so much enthusiasm for our side – so much enthusiasm for this race,” she said. “We have had it. We’re going to take back our government – we’re going to do better … we are within grasp of exactly what this state needs!” A California band revved up the crowd. People rushed the stage. Meg began tossing bright green Tshirts emblazoned with poppies into the crowd as Californians cheered her. Kelly Pelekis of Oceanside has been here for 50 years. She’s lived through Jerry Brown. And on Saturday, she came to Meg’s rally in Vista to show California that she’s ready for Meg. “We want to support her. We want to make it known we’re going to vote for her,” Kelly said. “This is the most important election in a long time.”

COSTA MESA (October 30, 2010) – Feel the MegMentum. That’s the phrase that stood out in a sea of signs at the OC Fair and Event Center, as several hundred cheering supporters gathered around the Millennium Barn to rally Meg to victory. “MegMentum is all about momentum for Meg,” said Maeghan Cobbin, a senior at Loyola Marymount

and independent voter who’s already cast her ballot for Meg. “And we’ve got MegMentum.” Meg, flanked by other members of the Republican ticket Mimi Walters, Tony Strickland and Mike Villines, pumped up the crowd to a deafening roar, promising to take back Sacramento on Tuesday and change the direction of California once and for all. “I’m ready to get California moving again – are you?” she asked the cheering crowd. Californians young and old came out for the rally because in these final days, they say it’s more critical than ever to show support for Meg. For Joe Guaderrama, it was about showing his two daughters, Haley and Kristen, a piece of their future. “I thought it was important that both of them came here to witness a new beginning in California, starting with Meg Whitman as Governor,” he said. Sixteen-year-old Haley chimed in: “Meg’s inspiring. She makes me want to tell all my friends to tell all their parents to vote for her so we can have a better life.”

BAKERSFIELD (October 29, 2010) – Meg wrapped up her swing through the Central Valley in Bakersfield, where several hundred voters poured into the Kern County Museum to greet her. The roar was deafening, the momentum high. Little girls, dressed in Meg 2010 T-shirts and holding orange and green pom-poms – pumped up the crowd with cheers. Chants of “We want Meg!” filled this auditorium. For some, Meg’s visit was a sign of hope – a sign of the changes that are coming to California under her leadership. Gary and Sheri Lasater came to the rally because they’re counting on Meg to help. Since 1974, they’ve owned a construction business. But in the past few years, California’s economic climate has forced them to let all of their employees go, and now they have only themselves to carry the business. With Meg, things are going to be different, they said. “We want a new Sacramento -- the old Sacramento’s not going to get it,” Sheri Lasater said. “She knows what it takes.” Terry Maxwell of Bakersfield has been a longtime volunteer for Meg. Now, just days before the election, he feels the momentum surging. “I’d give my left arm to make sure that Meg Whitman is elected,” he said above the buzz of the crowd. “What she can do for this state, no one else can do.”

VISALIA (October 29, 2010) – Today it was time for a little Halloween fun. Meg stopped at Vossler Farms’ Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, where she was greeted by dozens of excited children and parents who had no idea the gubernatorial candidate was swinging by.

They rushed Meg as soon as she came off the big green bus that had pulled into the dirt parking lot, begging for photos and autographs and to tell her their stories.

Eighth grader Stevie Guess came to the pumpkin patch for a birthday party, but was overwhelmed when she saw Meg’s bus. She jumped out of the car as fast as possible, eager to tell Meg that she voted for her this week – in a mock election in her history class. “You’ve got girl power!” Stevie told Meg. Meg high-fived the young girl and said: “Thank you so much -- I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.” Afterward, Stevie couldn’t get over her excitement of meeting her role model. “It was pretty cool – I’m never going to get that chance again.” Meg made her way through the throngs of families, snapping photos and telling them why she’s running for Governor. “I’m doing this for you – to create jobs and make the schools better,” she told a group of students. They followed Meg throughout the grounds as she picked out just the right pumpkins and explored the corn maze. Everyone wanted a piece of Meg, and they couldn’t believe she had taken the time to stop by. “To see her rolling through, stopping by even just for a few minutes, It shows that she cares for us,” said college student Chris Telfer. “It shows that we matter.”

CLOVIS (October 29, 2010) – Their chants echoed throughout the warehouse of P-R Farms. “We are ready. We are ready. We. Are. Ready.” Meg led the charge, cheering this crowd of several hundred people on just days before Tuesday’s critical election. She told them she’s ready lead – and asked them if they’re ready, too. “We are ready!” they replied. Meg told the crowd that on Tuesday, we have an opportunity to change things – an opportunity to make history. “We have a chance to send a message to the legislators in Sacramento that we have had it, and we’re not going to keep watching as they run this state into the ground,” she said as the crowd cheered. “The power is in your hands.” The crowd roared and waved green and orange pom-poms and signs that read “Meg 4 Jobs.” “She’s got California energized,” said Bonnie Newman of Fresno. Californians are so excited for Meg that here in the Central Valley, they’re seeing turnout like never before. Scott Boghosian runs a Republican headquarters in Madera – and it’s the first time he says they’ve opened an office in a non-presidential race. But people are yearning for leadership – and they want Meg. “She needs to know she has our support,” Scott said. “We’re going to have the turnout. We’re going to win.”

GLENDALE (October 29, 2010) – Meg was greeted by a passionate crowd this morning in Glendale at Porto’s Bakery, a small business founded on the California dream. Raul and Rosa Porto left Cuba in 1960 with little but their clothes on their back and came here to begin their new life. Because of Rosa’s incredible baking skills, hard work and dedication, their bakery grew -- and has now expanded to two other locations in Burbank and Downey. Meg got a chance to meet with Betty Porto, Raul and Rosa’s daughter who now owns the bakery, and greeted the staff and cooks. Meg ordered some pastries and went from table to table, saying hello to customers and talking about their concerns for California.

WALNUT CREEK (October 28, 2010) – Much like they’ve done every day for many months, volunteers packed into the GOP headquarters here to make phone calls for Meg Whitman and the Republican ticket. But tonight was a little different: the San Francisco Giants were playing in Game 2 of the World Series, and Meg was stopping by the office. The game played on a TV in the background, and just as Meg walked in, the Giants scored their first home run of the night. One volunteer stood up and asked Meg to sign his baseball, telling her he can’t wait to see two

victories in the coming days. Inside the office, decorated with pumpkins carved with “Go Meg”, Meg thanked volunteers for all their support and hard work, and she made a few calls herself. One call showed just how important phone banking can be. A college student told Meg her roommate was still on the fence about who to vote for, and she needed Meg to get on the phone and seal the deal. Without hesitation, Meg took the phone and told this college student that she'll bring businesses back to California so she can have a job when she graduates. Meg told her she wanted to help make California once again be the place where anything is possible. When Meg hung up the phone, somebody rang a bell nearby – a sign that Meg had just won another vote.

STOCKTON (October 28, 2010) – Since day one of her campaign, Meg hasn’t stopped talking about the importance of job creation in California. And today she visited one of the state’s hardesthit areas to tell Californians how she’ll put jobs first when she’s Governor. A crowd of nearly 200 people welcomed her in Stockton at JM Eagle, a California-based manufacturing company. Here in San Joaquin County, unemployment is almost 17 percent, and Californians are yearning for leadership. “In five days, when we win this race for Governor, lots of things are going to start to happen: first and foremost, we’re going to take Sacramento back for our children and grandchildren. We’re going to change how things are done in this state,” Meg told the cheering crowd. “It’s going to be the beginning of a whole new attitude about job creation in California.” “If you want to get California working again, I’m ready – I hope you are,” she added. Walter Wang, the company’s CEO, told the crowd that Meg has the heart and the passion to get the job done. “I don’t think this is an easy job at all, but she is doing this for you,” he told the crowd. He added later: “Creating jobs is easier said than done. You really have to put the hard work in, you’ve got to make the right decisions. And she’ll make the right decisions --- she has done that already …That’s the type of leader we want.” Kim Fuhrman heard Meg was in the area and made a point to head over to JM Eagle, with camera in hand, eager to meet the candidate with a plan. “Anyone who runs a business gets it,” she said. “And California needs to be run more like a business.”

SALINAS (October 28, 2010) – What a warm welcome on a chilly morning for Meg as she pulled up to a Salinas farm in her big green bus, the “Take Back Sac Express.” Here at D’Arrigo Bros. Co, a third-generation ranch that grows and ships all kinds of fruits and vegetables, at least 300 people gathered to rally for their candidate. President and CEO John

D’Arrigo welcomed Meg “to the Salad Bowl of the world” and thanked her for her dedication to keeping agriculture thriving and putting Californians back to work.

“We need to support her, we need to get people energized and realize what she can do for us and what we can do for her,” D’Arrigo said. With the backdrop of plowed fields ready for spring planting, Meg stood before this roaring crowd and asked them to do everything they can to turn the tide for her on Election Day. She urged Californians to share her message with everyone they know. “Tell them this is a battle for the future of California,” she said. “This may be the most important election we ever have, and it matters that we get out the vote.” Under Meg’s leadership, she promised California will be “the comeback state” – people across the nation will be talking about how California is once again the hub for jobs and innovation and dreams. Gilbert Leal came to the rally because he’s a seller on eBay and he couldn’t wait to meet Meg and share his story. On his Meg 2010 yard sign, Meg wrote, “Congratulations on eBay success!” “This is exciting,” Leal said. “You don’t get to see this every day.”

ETIWANDA (October 27, 2010) – Meg continued her swing through the Inland Empire, stopping in San Bernardino County where she was greeted by more than 300 excited voters at a rally in Etiwanda. They waved California flags and signs that read “A New California”, “Latinos for Meg” and “Meg 4 Gov” as they buzzed in anticipation of her arrival.

This crowd didn’t need any pumping up, but Sen. Bob Dutton gave it a shot as he introduced Meg. “I am so excited about what’s going to happen next Tuesday because next Tuesday we’re going to reclaim California!” he said as the crowd cheered. And when Meg took the stage, this crowd went wild. “I can feel the movement on the campaign trail, I can feel the enthusiasm, I can feel the excitement,” Meg told them above the roar. “Jobs are coming back to California starting in 6 days!” They rushed her after the rally, eager to take photos and meet the candidate who they believe will move California forward. Jean Arballo of Rancho Cucamonga had never come to any political rally before, but tonight was the night she knew she had to step up and be there. From her spot in the back row, Jean jumped up and down as Meg spoke, cheering her on and snapping photos on her phone. “She’s saying everything I’ve wanted to hear … it would be a breath of fresh air to have her in office,” Jean said. “We’re going to win this. And California’s going to be a better place.”

RIVERSIDE (October 27, 2010) – More than 400 people poured into the warehouse of Johnson Machinery, which sells and rents Caterpillar equipment for the construction industry, to join Meg for a lively rally. Meg toured the facility and then spoke to the enthusiastic crowd, telling them she's hopeful for Tuesday's election. And with six days left, she urged Californians who want to have a voice in their future to step up for her campaign, tell their friends and go to the polls for her on Tuesday.

SAN DIEGO (October 27, 2010) – As you may have heard, the gubernatorial race isn't the only one happening in California right now. As the San Francisco Giants vie for the World Series title over the Texas Rangers, Meg's keeping a close watch on the competition. And now she's made a wager in the game -- with none other than Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

After Meg visited Sneak's Kicks in San Diego, she headed over to the South Coast Surf Shop on Newport Avenue, where Meg bought a green, white and blue surfboard and then called up Gov. Perry and placed her bet on the Giants winning the series. If they win, Gov. Perry has to buy Meg some cowboy boots from Texas. If the Giants lose, that California surfboard gets sent straight to Gov. Perry. Game on!

SAN DIEGO (October 27, 2010) – To walk into Jordan Geller’s shoe warehouse is to walk into an eBay success story. And Geller says he owes his success entirely to Meg Whitman and the community she built as eBay’s CEO. He began on eBay more than 10 years ago, selling an old pair of shoes here and there, and found that he got a pretty good return on his investments. What started then with $300 of his own money has now turned into his dream job. He formed his company, Sneak's Kicks, and he’s used eBay to buy and sell tens of millions of dollars worth of goods.

On Wednesday, Geller got to show Meg the dream she helped make possible for him when she visited Geller’s Sneak's Kicks “Shoe-Zeum” – a collection of more than 1,500 brand new collectible Nike shoes that he purchased on eBay. “I knew I was on to something, and it was Meg who built the community that allowed me to do what I love doing,” Geller said. “Meg Whitman was pivotal in the growth of eBay. Before she got there, it was just another website. And she made it the ultimate marketplace, the ultimate shopping mall, the ultimate place for people to come together who love the same things.” As CEO of eBay, Meg took the tiny startup from 30 employees to 15,000. Revenues grew from $4.7 million to nearly $8 billion. And with eBay’s growth came a different kind of platform for businesses across the globe: Today, more than a million people make part – if not all – of their livings buying and selling on eBay. “I buy these shoes from other eBay sellers just like myself so in a lot of ways these 1,500 shoes represent at least 1,500 jobs that Meg created,” Geller said.

“This is what I want to do as Governor -- I want to empower small businesses to be successful doing what they love,” Meg told a crowd inside the 9,000-square-foot Shoe-Zeum. “Small businesses are going to lead California out of this recession. If we can cut taxes, streamline regulations and make it easier for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, then there is absolutely a clear way out of the high unemployment rates we’re seeing today.” Jordan Geller says you just have to look at what Meg did with eBay to realize what she could do for California. “I have no doubt that Meg will be an incredible leader in California. If she was able to come in and take a little website and turn it into what it is now, which is the worldwide marketplace, I can’t even imagine what she’ll be capable of doing with California.”

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