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Mississip ey ‘GULF COAST NATIONAL HERITAGE AREA “Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area Grant Program "Progress Report Form Hancock Community Development Foundation = Gulf Coast Seenie Byways Directional & Interpretive Signage Plan $25,000 _ ‘April 30, 2018 for period 1/1/3018 ~3/31/18 Please ist your project objectives. Develop and implement a master template fora system of directional and interpretive signs forthe Mississipi Gulf Coast bertage resources that can be ‘sed Coestride; Develop and implement system of directional signage off Highway 90 and throughout the Mississipi Scenic Byways asthe budget allows; up-ite information materials to ‘promote and macket te riage areas that extures local and regional maps and guides, themed tours of cata, historical, naturel nd scenic resources to dive Visitors o Visitor centers andthe website; and, up-dae the website and social media with information Please describe what you have accomplished with the project since your project has begun, Since the last report (1/30/18), the following hasbeen accomplished: 1/2618 Announced Wayfinding grant and project to the membership of the Hancock Chamber of Commeroe with 200 in attendance. 2/9718 Met with contractor to discuss project objectives, February ~ developed the extalog of signage (tiached) 2DAN18 Met with Hancock Cousty Board f Supervisors, contractor, Hancock County Pot de “arbor sa to eolaborteon signage plans for county, also met with Mayor of Waveland and contractor aad sea! email communication 2725/18 Contractor proposal to engines, design an st signage is complete (tached). 4018 Met with chtiman of Kiln Business Council to review signage plenaed forthe Kiln ara SYR/IR Met with cleted officals from Hancock Count and announced plans for wayfinding, [oject, and, contacted manager of Buccanocr State Prk to insure tha outing to the park was comoct, 5/16/18 Held Hancock Chamber Greenways and Byways Committce meeting to re-envision highway 90 corridor. DOS Met with the Boards ofthe Hancock Charaber and Community Development Foundation ‘present the signage lay-out and proposed locations. 3122/8 Following numerous site Visits, Uh engincering, design copy and sites for the signage is ‘complete and stashed! a an exhibit. 5/28/18 Met with Mayor of Diamond to review sign planned forthe city; also reviewed al Signs with MDOT official, Kelly Casteberry and City Manager as well as some city councilmen; so met with Mayor of Bay St Louis. 5720/18 Met with President of County Board of Supervisors to revi signage lay-out. 730/18 Met wi taf from Hollywood Casino to roview sigmage lay-out and gnin insight, Mississip pl GULF COAST NATONAL HERITAGE AREA 3, Has anything unexpected happened since starting your project? Ifo, i i affecting your plan for implementation? As tentioned i the lat report, Hancock County has decided to ‘pdget $50,000 fo implement series of grtewny’signs throughout Hancock County (design is attached on the catalog of signs), and, the Hancock County Port & Habor Commission ‘announced that they are budgeting $100,000 forthe developaent ofa catalog of signage for the Sounty's indus assets at Prt Bionvile ladostal Pat the Stennis International Anport end ‘he Airpark. Allenties are collaborating to insure branding and style work together. eat Ile aT ame Eves Digectur im bridged tectire Hancock County Chamber of Commerce “Tish Wiliams, recutve Director 1008, Heach Bud. Suite A Bay St Louis, Ms 39520 26 February 2018, Hancock County Wayfinding Signage \We ae delighted to support the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce in the design and Implementation of wayfinding signage along Highway 90 to direct vistors to our attractions. We anticipate thatthe construction budget wil include funding for at last nine and possibly eleven sens. ‘We wil create a sgnage catalog and documents inn: \ayfinding graphic template for Waveland ‘wayfinding graphic template for Bay St Louls etal of sgn mounting specfc locations fo signage (not surveyed, but dimensioned) specie text and arrows foreach location ‘Complete MDOT Appation for permit to erect outdoor signs, including fee of $85, ‘materials for the bd package Coordinated stots: Highways in the site area are administered bythe Misssippi Department of Transportation. Coordination with MOOT fesse nd almprovements must meet state and federal highway standards prior to bidding and constrection, Concurrently with this project, the County intends to stall signage at four locations throughout the ‘county. We will support these effort with graphic design for ground-mounted signs that are cohesive and use logos from the county and incorporated cies. ‘Not included inthis scape of work is landscape design for each st. “The scope of work includes graphle design and construction documents as outined above. tindudes -ubmittng the MDOT application and coordinating with that authority. The work includes coordinating ‘signage toxt with the Mayor or delegated authority ofthe Clty of Waveland and the City of Bay St Louis, along with te Chamber Director, We recognize the Chamber's desir to have these installed by the "Memarial Day weekend May 25, but we cannot be responsible for the MDOT review time; we will make every effort to submit the application by March 16. Professional Fee: $4,500.00. 443 nan Stock | Bay Sant Lol MS 39520 1 $.228.467.149 1