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1.  From  the  beginning  up  to  55’’  

In  the  previous  reading  we  saw  that  on  November  1st  the  Celts  celebrated  
the  end  of  summer.  On  this  video  we  are  given  some  more  details.  Can  you  
understand  them?  

October  31st  was  the  day  they  celebrated  the  end  of  the  ___________  ___________  
in   a   ___________   called   Samuin   (pronounced   Sow-­an).   That   night   also   marked  
the  __________  __________  ___________  and  was  considered  a  time  between  years,  a  
______________  time  when  the  ________  of  the  ________  walked  the  Earth.  

2.  From  55’  up  to  1’43’’  

Now   listen   to   how   the   Celts   celebrated   Samuin   and   how   this   festival   gradually  
merged  with  the  Catholic  tradition  of  All  Saints’  Day.  
Can  you  complete  the  gaps  with  the  words  given?  Listen  and  check.  

frowned          deceased          villagers          world          sanction          calculated          living        influence          

bonfires          away          century          bring          honour          merge        afterlife          pagan          death  

On  Samuin  the  __________  gathered  in  leak  huge  __________  to  drive  the  dead  back  
to   the   spirit   __________   and   keep   them   __________   from   the   __________.   But   as   the  
Catholic  Church’s  __________  ruined  year  up  it  __________  on  the  __________  rituals  like  
Samuin.   In   the   7th   __________   the   Vatican   began   to   __________   it   with   the   Church  
__________   Holiday,   so   November   1st   was   designated   All   Saints’   Day   to   __________  
murders  and  the  __________  faithful.    

Both   of   these   holidays   had   to   do   with   the   __________   and   about   survival   after  
death.   It   was   a   __________     move   on   the   part   of   the   Church   to   __________   more  
people  into  the  fold.    

3.  From  1’43’’  to  2’  

Where  does  the  word  Halloween  come  from?  

4.  From  2’  up  to  the  end  

a. Who  took  the  tradition  to  the  USA?  When?  

b. What  did  these  people  bring  with  them?  
c. Why  did  the  young  pranksters  wear  masks?  
d. Why  did  Halloween  become  a  dangerous  holiday?  
e. What  was  trick-­or-­treating  originally?  
f. In  the  end,  it  became  an  alternative  to  ______________