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Name: Subject: I&S MYP Year: 3

Unit title: Economic Powers Homework Task sheet

Key concept: Related Global context: Globalization and

Global Interaction concept(s): Powers, Sustainability
Identity, Causality
Statement of Inquiry: Globalization may cause change in power relations which affect
identities of nations.

ATL: Transfer: Apply skills and knowledge in unfamiliar situations

Critical thinking skills: Formulate factual, topical, conceptual and debatable questions

Communication skills- Make inferences and draw conclusions

Extract adapted from Sir Frederick Lugard’ speech governor of Honk Kong and
Nigeria (1893) for the British Empire:

It is sufficient to repeat here that, though our policy is one of free trade where we trade
without any limits, we have to seek new markets. Old ones are being closed to us by unfriendly
taxes. Moreover which formerly were the consumers of our goods, are now becoming our
business rivals. ………………If we allow other nations to develop new fields, and don’t do so
ourselves, is to go backward…….we have proved ourselves capable of dealing with native races
and of developing new countries at a less expense than other nations. We have many colonies
which are our pride and the outlets of our trade today………..

A word as to missions in Africa is an ideal mission in my opinion. …………………..the skill of

the European in medicine is superior than the crude methods of the native
people………………, so also in religion. The medical missionary (a person who knowledge of
medicine as well as religion) gains an admission to the houses of the natives easily due to their
knowledge, which would not be so readily accorded to another. He becomes their adviser and
referee, and his counsels are substituted for the magic and witchcraft which delay development.

In our industrial mission, the native tribes can benefit from our knowledge. Not only mechanical
and artisan, such as the carpenter's and blacksmiths, but also farmers are taught our modern
ways. The digging of wells, the system of irrigation, the introduction and planting of useful trees,
the use of manure, and of domestic animals for agricultural purposes, the improvement of his
implements by the introduction of the primitive Indian plough, etc. have improved the condition
of people in Africa. The land will be more productive, there will more extra products. They can
sell the products and get money. It will enable them to purchase from the trader the cloth
which shall add to his decency, and the implements and household utensils which shall produce
greater results for his labor and greater comforts in his social life.
Answer the following questions:

1. Summarise your understanding of the text.

2. List and explain 3 motives of colonialism on the basis of this source.

3. Explain the role of medical practitioners in strengthening roots of colonialism.

4. Explain the different ways in which the colonial rule benefit African nations according
to Lugard? Do you agree with his view? Why or why not? Support your answer with
5. Anlyse the source based on its OPVL.





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