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Zafar Iqbal Khan

Assistant Director
AFOHS (Dett), Rawalpindi.

Ref 14112018-GEO-957

Subject: Proposal for Geotechnical Engineering Services for Air Force Officers Housing
Scheme [CB-24], Rawalpindi.

This is with reference to letter No. AHQ/74313/131/AFOHS (Dett), Dated: November 09, 2018 regarding
geotechnical investigation study for new houses at Air Force Officers Housing Scheme, Rawalpindi.

In preparation of this proposal, the scope of services and conditions for the proposed geotechnical study
has been defined based on the investigation requirements by AFOHS (Dett).

The scope of services, including details for subsurface explorations, in-situ laboratory tests and report
preparation, is attached.

We thank you for this opportunity to be of service to you. If all of the foregoing meets with your approval,
we would appreciate your acknowledgement by signing the enclosed copy of this proposal and
returning it to us for our files.

Very truly yours

Tariq Mahmood


Earnest Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited



It is our understanding that proposed development(s) consist(s) of two storey residential building(s) with
maximum elevation of approximately 30 feet. Required information used in the preparation of this scope
provided by AFOHS (Dett) is given below;

a) Bearing capacity of soil

b) CBR value
c) Subsoil exploration and preparation of bore logs
d) Soil classification and specification of materials
e) Chemical analysis of soil
f) Location of ground water table and aquifer
g) Water analysis

Earnest Pakistan is pleased to submit their proposal for Geotechnical Engineering Services in the
subsequent sections followed by a presentation of the budget.

Subsurface Exploration

Utilizing our in-house drilling equipment, a minimum of two boreholes per plot upto the depth of up to 25
feet from Natural Ground surface have been proposed at diagonal corner(s) of plot. The actual depth of
each borehole will be determined in the field by our staff. The number of boreholes can be increase
depending upon site specification and site conditions. The actual boring location may be varied and will
be determined in the field according to present site conditions and past geological records of proposed
area. Drilling and sampling will be in accordance with all current applicable ASTM and professional
standards. All borings will be located, and performed under the full-time direction of a trained

Note: All boring will be done with percussion machine preferably but Rotary Drilling Machine can be
used whenever required to obtain minimum boring depth. In this case, the unit rates for Rotary
Drilling will be applicable.
Laboratory Testing & In-Situ Testing

Based upon the results of the subsurface exploration program, a geotechnical laboratory testing program
will be established. Presently, we anticipate performance of the following tests.

1. Unconfined Compressive Strength Tests (in case of cohesive soil).

2. Direct Shear Tests (in case of non-cohesive soil).
3. Atterberg’s Limits Determinations
4. Water Content Determinations
5. Sieve Analysis – Grain Size Distribution
6. Chemical analysis of soil (for sulphate & chlorides)
7. Chemical & biological analysis of water
8. CBR Test (if applicable)
9. Standard Penetration Test

The results of the subsurface exploration and laboratory testing program will be Interpreted and summarized
in a Geotechnical Engineering Report. The engineering evaluation will focus on all viable foundation types,
pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each and the potential for use of multiple types of
foundation systems. The report will address a variety of foundation types including, but not limited to, the

1. Pile Foundations (If required)

a. Friction Piles

b. End Bearing Piles

2. Mat Foundation Systems

3. Spread Footings

Geotechnical Engineering Report

We will be available to work closely with the architects and structural engineers during preparation of
working drawings and construction specifications. This service will insure that proper integration of the
geotechnical requirements has been incorporated into these documents for design and construction.

Duration for subsurface investigation and submission time for Geotechnical Report would be finalized
after assessment of prevailing conditions at immediate area of site and volume of work (total number of
Water Analysis, Location of Ground Water Table and Aquifer

In this investigation, information regarding the thickness, areal extent and depth of fresh water bearing
formations will be obtained. Water samples will be analyzed in the laboratory to determine the chemical
characteristics of the water. It is anticipated that the water study report would be completed within 20 days
of completion of all necessary field work provided that favorable condition continue to prevail at site
during investigation.

Estimated Budget

1- Geotechnical Services

Total Deptha FEE Amount

Sr. No. Description of Service UNIT
In Feet Per Feet (PKR) (PKR)
Furnish all equipment, drill crew,
1 field engineer (mobilization and - - Per trip 20,000/-
2 In-situ Testing -
3 Laboratory Testing -
50 b 800/- 40,000/-
4 Geotechnical Investigation Report -
5 Geotechnical Design Assistance -
6 CBR Test (if applicable) 1 12,000/-
7 Chemical analysis of soil with sample preparation & preservatives
1 8000/-
(for sulphate & chlorides only)
a- May change as per site condition.
b- 2 boreholes per plot upto the depth of up to 25 feet each from Natural Ground surface.

2- Water Analysis & Location of Ground Water

FEE Amount
Sr. No. Description of Service UNIT
Per Feet (PKR) (PKR)

1 Assessment through Water Diviner - Per trip 40,000/-

2 GW Location through Resistivity Survey

- Per point 30,000/-
3 Water Survey Report

Chemical & Biological analysis of water (with

4 1 18,000/-
sample preparation & preservatives, ice & bottles)

We thank you for this opportunity to be of service to you. If all of the foregoing meets with your
approval, we would appreciate your acknowledgement by signing the enclosed copy of this proposal
and returning it to us for our files.
Payment Terms:

o An amount equal to 100 % of mobilization amount and 50 % of total amount of work to be paid in
o The payment against each interim bill is to be paid within 7 days from the date of submission.
o Our quoted rates are exclusive of prevailing taxes.

General Terms and Conditions:

o Hindrance free leveled working area.

o Truck able access to working site.
o Preparation and dismantling of earth ramp for loading and unloading of drilling machine if required.
o Water for drilling purpose, if required.
o Portable water for human consumption, if required.
o After mobilization of drilling machine and accessories, work to be started in 2 days. After that an
amount of 10,000 per day will be charged against idling.
o Drilling machine will be moved within 2 days from site, after completion of subsurface exploration. In
case of further delay from owner, an amount of 10,000 per day will be claimed against idling
o We will dispose of all remaining soil and rock samples sixty (60) days after submission of our report
covering these samples. Further storage or transfer of samples can be made at your expense upon
your prior written request.
o Hazardous materials and/or other unknown conditions may exist at the site where there is no reason
to believe that they could or should be present. We will notify you immediately when unanticipated
conditions are discovered as our initial scope of work will change thereby requiring additional costs.

Accepted By:

Name & Signature

Tariq Mahmood

Principal Geotechnical Engineer Title:

Earnest Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited

Date: Nov 15, 2018 Date: