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United States Department of State Nas Washington. DAC 2nie0 019 Mrs. Diane Foley James W. Foley Legacy Foundation P.O. Box 1678 Rochester, NH 03866 esr Diane: | was tuly honored to have bern selected to receive the 2019 Foley American Hostage Freedom ‘Award from the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation. Jim's life and his legacy inspire me in my work. Your and John’s mission to advocate for and advance the safe return of Americans detained unjustly abroad has been my mission asthe Director of the Cental intelligence Agency and as the Secretary of State. itis the President’s mission. On April 2, Ihad intended to accept the Foundation’s award on betalf of the dedieated men and women a the State Department and ‘throughout the United States Government who go to work each day with the goal of freeing our fellow citizens held hostage abroad. Since President Trump took office, we have safely recovered many Americans held hostage in foreign lands. Otio Wermbier, Tony Kim, Kim Hak-song and Kim Dong-chul came home from ‘North Korea. Sadly, Otto's parents share the same heartbreak that you and John experience ‘every day. Caitlan Coleman and her children were rescued from the Taliban in Afghanistan after five years in captivity. Josh Holt hes returned home from Venezuela, Pastor Brunson was recently reunited with his family in North Carolina. Last month, Danny Burch was freed from captivity in Yemen. There are more Americans beyond these who are now free. This work has ‘been accomplished without the concessions thet only encourage more hostage taking by the kidnappers and terorsis. Sadly, there are too many Americans who remain hostage far {rom our shores. Jeff Woodke in Mali, Bob Levinson, Xiyou Wang, Siamak Nameei and Nizar Zaeka, emong others, in Iran, Austin Tice and others in Syris, and Professor Kevin King and Paul Overby in Afghanistan are Just some of the Americans we still need to bring home, ‘understand thatthe Foundation decided to rescind the Freedom Award and my invitation to attend the 2019 James W. Foley Freedom Awards due to pressure from its media partners and ‘your fear, sated in your recent eter, that some guests atthe dinner would not show my office proper respect if Iatended. How sad is it that base politics and hatred have been allowed 10 treep into even this sphere of cur national activity? ‘The safe recovery of Americans held hostage overseas should be beyond politics and must enjoy the support ofall Americans. [regret that pressure of such a cynical and abominable nature was brought to bear on you and John, | want you to know, Diane, and { want all of our current hostages and their families to know. that the ignoble conduct of those behind this sad deed will never diminish my commitment, or the commitment ofthe men and women I lead. tothe safe recovery of all Americans unjustly held abroad. ‘You, John, Jim and your family remain in Susan's and my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely. > ‘Michael R. Pome /Secretiy of Size