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‘STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA wie secvs.ssse BUNCOMBE COUNTY In the General Cour of Justo= Superior Court Divison TAUBE,LISAM 1" | ORDER FOR MEDIATED SETTLEMENT oof 5) pGONFERENCE IN SUPERIOR COURT AND Tae STS Rome teas L TRIAL CALENDAR NOTICE unre sonn 2” [bare Fr Consors Stent Cant January 24,2020. ae ee | February 24,2000, HOOPER, TAMARA, etal Tae aa vs an) rd aU [Taney Ri MCGUIREJOSEPH fee Toca Box: 92 Te a Ra a Inaccordarce wi the Rules implementing MesatedSetement Conferences, i ORDERED tal hs case be erred toa ‘sated celomertcoaerence wich shal be conplted before te deans shown store Within wety-one (21) days after the date of his Order, te pars may by agreement slet a cred mdiserto conduct ‘he mediated setiement conference. Wn twenty-one (21) days afar he daa hs Orde, the lant or pts ana ‘tal not the Trial Court Administrator of the slecsn of «cried meat." Notoe sha be on frm AOSCY 812 (Fiabe frm tam neous orsrmeDacuneni/ 13.20) fs webste” uaz anezus om GhzenstprogramsMSChadatasDef agp (You may sear fr editor: by name of ‘ear, yey. o by court der: Once a mediators name appears on your eeren ican i lars compte cote and Stary ting) ‘Ameidato sect by agroorn’ ofthe partes shal be compentated a he rate agrees upon between the medio and the partes. ACout-apported modater shal be corpensstes a the rte of S160 por hur for espe ntneadate ceeer® | conference, abe iles in quarter segment The conerence te shal be pad ae provaed'r Rue TF tn aeaiion, 8 ‘5150 adnate fo shad bo pad pura o Rue ‘persons require by Ruse 4A) 6 ato he conference shal be piysicalysresent uss such phyla presence ‘reused prsuaro the arose of al pares and pores equred and an theme oy an oer othe Seni: Fessdont Suporor Cou Jusge, upon maton of pry and win ttoe tal pares nd persone request aad athe redator “Te medio sal cholo ho do, tie and ination ofthe conference an tinly natal stameys ad uneresenied pares. Te covfranc shat be comptes bythe dealin fr compton el ath above and he meats shal rept he Fesuts on fem AOG-CV-813 othe court wihin fon (10) day ater he coneence = cote, ‘Tae parties may, within 30 days ofthis Order, mave amend his Order by contacting the Tl Curt Administrator. Final calendar notices wil be provided tough apublshod calendar. The mediate sateen conference al not ely ether roceotings, incating tat (acl Rule #3), asco Mare. Shimberg, Tat Court Adhinsaor Copies have been sent to attomeys and prose itgants named above ee Camal-Fie Copycat Cony Deters Coppa STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION. COUNTY OF BUNCOMBE FILE NO. 18 CV 5532 MR I2 A up LISA M. TAUBE, > Abu ) PUNCONBE CO, og Plinitf ) [0.68.0 x. ) answer!” __| ) TAMARA*TAMMY" HOOPER, individually, and inher oficial capacity) as Chef of Police fr the City of } Asheville and CITY OF ASHEVILLE, ) ) Defendants ) ) Defendants Tamara Hooper, individually, and in hee former official capacity as Chief of Police forthe City of Asheville (“Hooper”) and the City of Asheville ("the City”) (collectively, “Defendans”), by and through counsel respond tothe Plainti's Complaint as follows: inst Praintf's Complaint fails to state a claim upon which relief may be granted, and should be dismissed pursuant to Rule 12(6\6) ofthe North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, ‘Seuond Defense Plaimtf's defamation and other ciims ae bared by the absolute privilege that applies to