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on the diverse nature of music: music is often performed in a purist form that sticks to only that
type, so we could bring speakers of various types of music that collaborate in some form at the
end of possible.
Historical and contemporary aspects of Indian music
Possible speakers:
Shubha Mudgal - text of music
Aneesh Pradhan - bhakti of music
Madan Gopal - Sufi music
Vidya Rao - thumri
Fusion - Sushmit Sen
Sushmit Sen Indianisation
Of music

Delhi Gharana Khalifa - Ustad Ahmed Khan

Sudhanshu Sharma

Songs of protest: Sumangala Damodaran

3 Day event:
Line up 2 talks and a performance and then an interactive session in the afternoon
(Invitation could be extended to all music societies of colleges to come with compositions of
music which are as experimental as possible? With elements of all kinds of music put together
in a pleasing manner - followed by the speakers interacting and conducting a workshop with