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Chains & Winches

Specializing in Vehicle Stabilization,
Rescuer Safety & Patient Protection

With extrication equipment designed & adapted

for today’s responders, JYD Industries™ continues
to bring game-changing solutions to new-car
technology challenges. Specializing in vehicle
stabilization, rescuer safety, and patient protection
products, we arm the emergency response
community with safe, simple, lightweight &
portable equipment. Starting with our JYD Rescue
Struts, we developed lifting equipment, gear bags,
and other rescue equipment to provide quality
products and services to enhance rescue & life-saving efforts. Explore what thousands
of rescuers have discovered about JYD Industries™ products.

Stabilization & Lifting

The JYD Rescue Strut Concept

JYD Rescue Struts are engineered to provide

stabilization based on a Tension-Buttress
concept. This system comprises the strut as the
Buttress and the ratcheting strap as the
Tension device. Both of these, used in
conjunction, form a system of complete
stability. The rescue strut concept, using the
Tension-Buttress system, creates an “A” frame
or “outrigger” effect on the unstable vehicle,
allowing for secure stabilization.

• Engineered to be Compact, Portable, & Lightweight
• Less equipment, faster deployment
• Reduce the amount of cribbing carried
• All accessories stored in bag attached to the strut
• One rescuer can easily carry two JYD Rescue struts
• No assembly required

Noteworthy Features
• Triangulate with One Ratchet Strap
• Self Contained for Easy Deployment
• Polymer Coated Base for Better Grip
• Base and Clevis Operate Individually so Base Will Stay Flat on Ground
• Ratchet and Axle Strap Rated at 1,300 lbs. / Heavy Duty rated 3,300 lbs.

JYD Rescue Struts are 3rd Party Tested to a Rated Capacity

of Up to 5,000 LBS!

JYD Rescue Strut Components

The Strut
Two styles: XTEND and ZSTRUT, all
available in Small, Medium, and Large.
Now available, the new Heavy Duty
strut, the XTEND HD.
Floating Claw Hook Removable Heads
The Floating Claw Hook can be used Every Strut includes two
as a fastening point for the ratchet removable heads: The Angled
strap by placing it into an existing Head for inserting and griping
hole in the frame, around a structural
in angle positions up to 90
component of the car, or by creating
a hole in the metal body structure by degrees and The Pointed Head
use of a step-bit. The ratchet strap for placing in available holes or
can be doubled back for added create holes in sheet metal

Ratchet Strap
The Ratchet Strap is used Axle Strap
to latch onto a component Used to lash onto a
of the vehicle with a single component of the vehicle
round turn, multiple wraps, with a single round turn,
a “girth” hitch or by using multiple wraps, a “girth” hitch
the attached claw hook. or by using the attached claw
The axle strap has a 1,300 hook. The axle strap has a
lb. working load and a 1,300 lb. working load and a
4,000 lbs. breaking 4,000 lb. breaking strength.

Accessory Bag Anchor Picket

The included The included Anchor
accessory bag is Picket can be removed
secured using Velcro and used through the
to the strut handle. It base plate to secure strut
contains additional system in soft ground. The
head, ratchet strap, Picket head is coated with
axle strap. durable polymer coating.

Carrying Handle Base Plate

In addition to be lightweight and JYD Struts are mounted on a
simple to use, JYD Rescue base plate capable of pivoting
Strut’s Carrying Handle is
180 degrees for proper
specifically engineered to carry
the strut in a balanced position positioning and storage.


Stabilization & Lifting

Rescue Strut Styles

JYD Industries is dedicated to equipping First Responders with safe, simple, lightweight &
portable rescue struts to take your rescue & life saving efforts to the next level with ease. JYD
has engineered a variety of rescue struts to meet your stabilization needs.
JYD Industries Rescue Struts come in three styles, each available in multiple
sizes & systems to accommodate your department’s needs.

Zipnut® Technology
Using Patented ZipNut® Technology, JYD Industries'
ZSTRUTs are setting industry standards. The ZSTRUT is
engineered to extend by simply pulling up the extension rod
to desired height. Eliminating the need for locking pins allows
for quicker deployment and adjustability. ZStrut Zipnut®
technology makes minute incremental adjustments during
lifts simple — the collar rotates on the threaded rod to
tighten fit. To retract just pull the collar up.

Locking Pins
The XTEND Rescue struts from JYD Industries are the
solution for your stabilization challenges. Self-Contained,
lightweight and easy to use for quick and secure
deployment. XTEND Rescue Struts uses heavy duty, top
quality, stainless steel aircraft quality Locking Adjustment
“T” Pins for quick and secure deployment.


JYD’s new XTEND Heavy Duty Rescue Strut has twice
the strength with little added weight. At 37 lbs., the
XTEND HD is tested at over 20,000 lbs. & rated 2:1
with a 10,000 lbs. Capacity (WLL) at Full Extension!

XTEND HD Strut Set

Part #: JYD-XHD L

Rescue Strut Specifications
JYD ZSTRUT and XTEND Rescue Struts have a Rated Capacity (WLL) of up to 5,000 lbs.
(each) with a safety factor of 2:1. XTEND HD has a Rated Capacity (WLL) of up to 10,000
lbs. with a safety factor of 2:1 at full extension!








19 lbs.




29 lbs.


32 lbs.

Stabilization & Lifting

JYD Rescue Struts

Rescue Strut Sets

All JYD Rescue Strut Sets come with 2 Struts in the size & style of your choice, 2
Witches Hat Point Heads, 2 Angled Heads, Accessories Pouches, 2 pickets, 2
Simpson Ratchet Straps with floating claw hooks, and 2 Simpson Axle Straps
with floating claw hooks.

Rescue Strut Set: LARGE Rescue Strut Set: MEDIUM Rescue Strut Set: SMALL
Rescue Strut System
All JYD Rescue Strut Systems come with 2 Small Struts and 2 Large Struts
in style of your choice, 4 Witches Hat Point Heads, 4 Angled Heads,
Accessories Pouches, 4 pickets, 4 Simpson Ratchet Straps with floating
claw hooks, and 4 Simpson Axle Straps with floating claw hooks.

Rescue Strut System: XTEND Rescue Strut System: ZSTRUT


Stabilization & Lifting

Stabilizing & Lifting Stabilizing & Lifting a Stabilizing & Lifting a OTHER
on All Fours Side Rollover Roof Rollover APPLICATIONS
The Sidewinder can be When Used in Using the Sidewinder in The Sidewinder is
used for quick 2 or 4 Conjunction with other a pair under the roof rail, primarily designed
point stabilization. The stabilization devices, allows for efficient for automobile use.
Sidewinder eliminates the Sidewinder’s stabilization. Lifting the Other applications
the need to deflate the pivoting heads can rear upward becomes exist, such as in
tires by releasing the adjust to sloping angles faster & more effective. rescue operations
weight on the for quick action. Placing the sidewinder including USAR
suspension. This Tethered to a strut, a under the A-Post/Hood and special
accomplishes a partial or vehicle can be lifted area allows you to lift operations.
total lift with ease. using the Sidewinder. the front end

Third Party Tested to a Rated Weight up to 7,500 lbs.

Engineered Scissor Operation
Specifically designed for Rescue Work
Pivoting head can Single head
adjust to sloping design for quicker,
angles for quick simpler operation
Can be operated
manually or with Carry-Handle
power tools for easy
Roller Bearings
for smoother Enclosed
operation Threaded
Built in clevis
Polymer Coated
designed specifically
Bottom designed
to secure a Ratchet
with wide base for

Standard Kit Includes:

• (1) Sidewinder • Combination Flat head & • (1) Speedy Wrench • (1) Universal
Pointed Head
Part #: JYD-SW-K
Available Accessories

Cleat Base Milwaukee Kit #1 Dog Paw Sidewinder Bag

(see page 12) (see page 26) (see page 12) (see page 25)
Stabilization & Lifting

Dog Paw Part #: JYD-DP

• Works with Both the JYD Struts & Sidewinder

• Works With Cleat Base
• Interlocking Design for Safe Stacking
• Pyramid Textured Bottom Designed to Work With the Turtle Plastic Pyramid Cribbing
• Front & Back Cut Out Works With a 3.5” Wedge
• Can be Used to Raise the Sidewinder and Strut Height for Use on SUV’s or Pickups
Give Your JYD Sidewinder and Rescue Struts a BOOST!

Cleat Base Part #: JYD-CLBS

• Optional Strut & Sidewinder Accessory

• Designed for Off Road or Slippery Conditions
• Stainless Steel Construction with Welded Inner Guide
• 14” x 7” Dimension Doubles footprint of SideWinder Base
• Strut Base Able to Slide in Guides for Proper Tensioning
• Stamped Bottom Cleats for Use on Ice or Slippery Roads
• Powder Coated Red for Durability and Visibility
Guarantee Your Struts & Sidewinders Grip on Slippery Surfaces

1-inch Headed Pickets Part #: JYD-20068

• Powder Coated Red Cold Rolled Steel
• Combination flat and pointed head with
Rhino Coating
• Formed Point
• 36” Length
• 1” Diameter
• Reflective Bands
• Designed to Meet Rescue Certifications

Sidewinder & Step Chock Kit Part #: JYD-SWSTAB-K1

The Sidewinder Step Chock Kit includes two Turtle

Plastic Step Chocks (SC-1) and two complete Side-
winder Kits.
• (2) Sidewinders
• (2) Flat Heads
• (2) Speedy Wrenches
• (2) Universals
• (2) Step Chocks

Stabilization & Lifting

Strut & Sidewinder Combo Kits
ZSTRUT Stabilizing Combo Kit # 1 XTEND Stabilizing Combo Kit # 1
Part #: JYD-ZSTAB-K1 Part #: JYD-XSTAB-K1

(1) ZSTRUT or XTEND Strut System

(2) Small Rescue Struts
(2) Large Rescue Struts
(4) Witches Hat (Pointed Heads)
(4) 90 Degree Heads
(4) Accessory Pouches
(4) Pickets
(4) Simpson Ratchet Straps with floating J hooks
(4) Simpson Axle Straps with floating J hooks

(2) Sidewinder Standard Kits

(2) Sidewinders
(2) Combination Flat & Pointed Head
(2) Speedy Wrench
(2) Universal

(2) Cleat Bases

(1) Milwaukee Drill Kit #2

(1) M18™ Drill Driver
(2) M18™ Lithium Ion Battery
(1) M18™ 1/2” Impact Wrench
(1) 1/4”- 3/4″ Step Drill Bit
(1) 110 V Charger
(1) Tool Bag

Combo Kit #2
Get everything in Combo Kit #1 PLUS 2 extra Sidewinder Kits!

ZSTRUT Stabilizing Combo Kit #2 XTEND Stabilizing Combo Kit # 2

Part #: JYD-ZSTAB-K2 Part #: JYD-XSTAB-K2

Stabilization & Lifting

Rescue Strut & Sidewinder Mounting System

Designed for mounting in multiple positions

Vertical Mount & Horizontal Mount
Part #: JYD-1090K

Vertical Mount Part #: JYD-SW VMK
Horizontal Mount Part #: JYD-SW HMK

Strut Exterior Storage Bag and Brackets

Optional Exterior Storage Bags for ZSTRUT and XTEND Rescue Struts.
• Designed for Protection From • Back of Bag Reinforced with Sturdy
Environmental Conditions Insert for Additional Strength
• 22 oz. Poly Coated Heavy Duty Vinyl • Includes Both Upper and Lower
Material is Water Resistant Mounting Brackets
• Rubber Sealed Entry Zipper for Added • Pre-Punched Grommet Holes for
Protection Bracket Placement
Part #: JYD-450-L (Large)
JYD-450-S (Small)
Vehicle Catch Cushion

Controlled Descent Device

Make a Complicated Extrication, Simple.
For an injured patient, removal procedures are less likely to cause further injury.
Lowering the vehicle into a position that is easily recognizable and easily dealt with in
the crucial time of extrication.

Every Vehicle Catch Cushion comes with all the accessories necessary during rescue operations.
• 8 stainless steel D-rings for anchoring • Control descent: Domestic cars and light trucks
• 2 cam-lock fill & discharge ports with caps • Dimensions: 60"L x 42"H x 20"W
• 10' discharge hose with adjustable deflation • 2 CamLock G’ Straps
control • Battery Powered Blower
• Weight: 35 lbs. • Thermal Protection Blanket
• Material: 5 mil. TPU composite • Carry Bag

Safely lower an occupied vehicle to better access patients on scene.

1st-in Essentials

Crash Bag Kits

For a 1st Responder or Rescuer to utilize as a first-in tool at a vehicle crash. This contains the basic tools
and equipment to start initial stabilization and quick entry for patient assessment. Made of heavy duty
waterproof vinyl with full wrapped webbing handles. A three sided dual zipper allows for quick and easy
access. Bright orange color and a large reflective band easily identifies the bag. Inside contains a
removable magnetic tool board with pockets for individual tools. A semi-removable divider holds
additional large tools and secures the rescue blanket in place. 16 industrial quality tools carried in the
bag. 19” (L) x 15.5” (H) x 4” (W) 13.5 Pounds.

Standard Crash Bag

• Channellock® 6 in 1 Screwdriver
• Channellock® Pliers
• Channellock® Cable Cutters
• Channellock® 10” Adjustable Wrench
• Ajax Strip & Peek Pry Tool
• Rescue Shears
• Spring-Ring Window Punch
• Lenox® 12” Hack Saw
• 4 - Spare Lenox® Hack Saw Blades
• JYD Industries Seat Belt Cutter
• 4 - Tire Valve Deflator/Inflators
• GlassMaster Saw with Center Punch
• Kovenex® Rapid Response Rescue Blanket
Part #: JYD-CB (Kit),
Part #: JYD-CB-1 (Bag Only)

Elite Crash Bag

•Standard Crash Bag Components, PLUS…
•An Entire Glass Knife Kit
• Glass Knife Head
• M12 Drill, (2) Lithium Ion Batteries,
• AC Charger
• DeWalt Pry Bar
Part #: JYD-CB-GK

Elite+ Crash Bag

Upgrade from an Elite to and Elite+
Replace the 12V drill with an 18V drill when you purchase the
new Elite+ Crash Bag Kit.

Part #: JYD-CB-GK+

• Channellock® Adjustable Pliers
• Channellock® Cable Cutters
• Channellock® 6-in-1 Screwdriver
• Ajax Strip & Peek Tool
• Stanley® FatMax® Utility Knife
w/ Spare Blades
• SWAT-T™ Tourniquet
• JYD™ Seatbelt Cutter
• JYD™ Ringed Center Punch
• EMT Trauma Shears
• Streamlight ProPolymer HAZ-LO
LED Flashlight
• 2 Tire Deflator/Inflators

Orange Red Blue Black Plain Black

Part #: JYD-XPOUCH Kit-Orange Part #: JYD-XPOUCH Kit-Red Part #: JYD-XPOUCH Kit-Blue Part #: JYD-XPOUCH Kit-Black Part #: JYD-XPOUCH Kit-Tactical Black

*Straps for the X-Pouch are available in Leather & Nylon*

Essential Hand-Tools Readily Available at Your Side
The X-Pouch outer shell is built from 1000 Denier coated Cordura® Nylon for years of rough dependable service.
The interior pockets are built with 400 Denier Gray Pack cloth for easy and quick deployment of tools. Plus, the
lighter color material helps during use in low light conditions. The 1″ elastic positioned on the sides of the pouch
help secure tools when the pouch is open or in odd positions. Velcro® USA products are utilized to keep the
pouch closed when stored, but quickly and easily opens when tools are needed. A universal belt loop allows for
normal carry or with a quick pull of the tabs allows the X-Pouch to be worn in the tactical mid-thigh position. A 1”
leg strap is provided to keep the pouch secured to the user’s leg. A zippered pocket on the front flap allows small
items to be secure and easily accessible. The X-Pouch is constructed with 100% American made materials and
includes a Lifetime Warranty. Available with or without the tools.

1st-in Essentials

Extrication Protection Kit Part #: JYD-EPC-K

• For Protection of
Rescuers and
Patients During
• Covers Posts and
Other Jagged
• Washable, Non-
• Durable Exterior
Made of 22 oz. Poly
Coated Vinyl
• Strong Pliable Inner
Material -
Kovenex® Aramid
• Effective in
reducing gear

24” x 60” Cover with Post Covers with 24” x 24” Cover with 4 Extrication Protection
6 Interior Magnets Hook & Loop Interior Magnets Carry Bag
Part #: JYD-757 Part #: JYD-755 Part #: JYD-756 Part #: JYD-759

Patient Protection Panels

Designed to provide protection to an entrapped victim inside a
vehicle. Panel has hand-holds for gloved hands to maneuver easily.
Clear .125” Polycarbonate comes in single or double hinged panels.
Each panel measure 21” x 24” with reflective tape protection.

Replace Your Bulky Short Board! Kit #1 Part #: JYD-753

Patient Protection Panel Kit #1 includes a single

protective panel, an additional Double-Hinged Panel,
and a Kovenex® Blanket. All the above items come in
one Storage Bag for efficiency.

Kit #2 Part#: JYD–753-K2

Patient Protection Panel Kit #2 has the same products as

Kit One, replacing the single panel with the Teardrop
Solid. Translucent. Portable. Panel.
Double Hinged Panel Part #: JYD-752 Teardrop Panel Part #: JYD-754 Single Panel Part #: JYD-751

Premium 4-in-1 Safety Kit Part: JYD-SAFE-K1

4 Safety Kits all in one bag, for less.

JYD Industries has combined four safety kits into one, with a few additional tools, to simplify and enhance
operation and deployment. Everything you need for patient and rescuer protection is conveniently packed into
one vinyl coated polyester bag. The Bag is bright orange and striped with reflective tape for high visibility at
crash scenes. Multiple pockets placed around the bag for easy access to the tools you need.

Premium 4-in-1 Safety Kit Includes:

Packexe® SMASH Kit Part #: ESI-PX-SM Extrication Protection Cover Kit Part #: JYD-EPC-K
• Dispenser • (3) Post Covers with Hook & Loop
• SMASH Roll, 12.25” x 164’, Perforated Every • 24” x 24” Cover with 4 Interior Magnets
4” (Fits Dispenser) • 24” x 60” Cover with 6 Interior Magnets
• SMASH Roll, 12.25” x 164’, Unperforated (Hand Extrication Protection Panel Kit with Teardrop Panel
Application) Part #: JYD-753
• Film Cutter • Single Panel
• Safety Knife • Extrication Protection Panel - Teardrop
• Squeegee • Kovenex® Blanket
• Cloth Spring Ring Window Punch Part #: ESI-20102
Packexe® Sharpswrap Kit Part #: ESI-PX-SW Carry Bag Part # : JYD-076
• (4) Rolls (Kit Holds 2)
• Handle

Optional Kit #2 Part: JYD-SAFE-K2

Same as Above EXCEPT Exchange Single Extrication Protection Panel with Double Hinged
Extrication Protection Panel
JYD Responder Bags™
Material Specifications and Features
22 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester, UV Resistant, Won’t Crack in Severe Cold,
100% Waterproof Fabric, Reinforced Wear Points

Air Chisel Kit Bag Rotary Disc Saw Blade Bag Hydraulic Hose Bag

Designed to hold an SCBA Designed to hold up to (3) 16” Designed to hold ground
cylinder, entire Ajax Air rotary saw blades in line sections of hydraulic
Chisel kit components and be protective compartments rescue tool hose to keep
pre-connected ready for made of heavy duty vinyl them properly coiled and
service. Three attached coated polyester. For on the protect the couplings. The
compartments hold: 60 go use, either metal, masonry, material does not absorb
minute compressed air ordinary material, or the new mineral oil hydraulic fluid
cylinder; regulator, air hose super aggressive cutting thus keeping the bag from
and spare chisel bits; and, air blades can be carried safely attracting dirt. A hook &
gun w/bit connected to and conveniently to the saw. barb strap secures the large
hose. Hook and Barb A small exterior pouch can opening closed. Two carry
enclosures with tabs secure store a blade wrench. Full handles provide easy
openings to two overlapping lid with hook & maneuverability of hoses,
compartments, a long tab barb closure keeps dirt and while a handle at the
holds gun in. Reinforced lid moisture out of the bag. bottom allows quick release
protects the regulator. An of the hose line(s) from the
opening between the two bag.
compartments permits the
regulator to stay attached to
the cylinder. An adjustable
40” strap/padded shoulder
strap connected to metal D-
rings and a handle for easy
movement. (Air cylinder and
air kit not included).
Part #: JYD-325 Part #: JYD-075
Part #: JYD-276

Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions:

24” (W) x 13.5” (H) x 14” (D) 19.5” (W) x 17.5” (H) x 2” (D) 21” (W) x 22” (H) x 4” (W)
Shoulder Strap: 26” Reinforced Colors: Orange, Green,
and Padded Black, Red, or Blue
Troll Bag Back Step Bag Cribbing Bag

Compliments the Hi-Rise Bags. Carries supplies typical for For plastic or wood cribbing,
Designed to carry additional hose evolutions: Hydrant this bag can hold up to (9) 4”
equipment such as rubber adapters; hydrant wrench; x 4” pieces. This three sided
mallets, blind caps and nozzles other necessary hose or bag allows quick access to the
that may be required at a stand cribbing pieces, but keeps
hydrant equipment. A flip lid
pipe or to extend a hose line. them secure during transport.
with hook & barb Two double adjustable straps
Two double adjustable straps enclosure allows full access to with plastic clips hold the bag
with plastic clips hold the bag the interior. Inside is a hook & and contents together. A
and contents together. A barb enclosed pouch for small handle at the bottom front for
reversible inner liner doubles as equipment. A 57” adjustable removal from the apparatus
a cover. Reinforced shoulder shoulder strap secured with compartment. Two small
strap with a hook & barb metal spring clips on exterior openings in the bottom
enclosed protective cover metal rings and an exterior corners allow moisture run-
allows easy mobility. A hydrant wrench pouch is off. Reinforced bottom for
reinforced bottom and partial durability.
sides for durability.

Cribbing Bag Kit

Complete Kit: Part #: JYD-CRB-K1
• 8-Turtle Plastic 44PL Pyramid Locking
• 4-Turtle Plastic 2/4-12 2”x4”x12”
• 1-Cribbing Bag

Part #: JYD-100 Part #: JYD-275

Part #: JYD-020

Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions:

19.5” (W) x 10.5” (H) x 7” (D) 17.5” (W) x 10” (H) x 10.5” (D) 24” (W) x 11.5” (H) x 10” (D)

Color: Orange with 2

Reflective Strips
JYD Responder Bags™

Cleat Base Doggie Bag LDH Wrench Pouch

Optional Base for Sidewinder Carries additional Designed to hold a

and JYD Rescue Struts. components to assist in the hydrant wrench on the
• Designed for Off Road or use of the rescue struts and end of a large diameter
Slippery Conditions stabilization process. Bag is hose. Three hook & barb
weather resistant, has a connecting straps hold
• Stainless Steel the pouch onto a 3”, 4”,
Construction with fully enclosed lid, pockets
for accessories, and an or 5” hose section. A
Welded Inner Guide hook & barb enclosed lid
adjustable carry strap.
• 14” x 7” Dimension secures the wrench
Doubles footprint of Includes: inside. Reinforced
SideWinder Base • (2) Ratchet Straps with bottom for durability.
• Strut Base Able to Slide in 20’ of Webbing (Blue)
Guides for Proper • (2) Axle Straps (Blue) 23.5” (W) x 7.5” (H)
• (2) Open Hook Straps
• Stamped Bottom Cleats (Blue)
for Use on Ice or Slippery
• (2) Cluster Hooks
• (1) C-Hook on Webbing
• Powder Coated Red for
Durability and Visibility

Part #: JYD-CLBS Part #: JYD-475 Part #: JYD-125

Cleat Base Bag

Part #: JYD-CLBB
Sidewinder Bag Lower Clevis Kit Multi Purpose Bag

Designed to carry a Optional—the current The All-Purpose JYD

Sidewinder with an clevis can remain in place Industries Bag is designed
interior pocket for the or removed. If the upper to use for any equipment.
speed wrench, it’s roomy clevis is removed, the two The tough bottom provides
enough to add a battery reflective tape pieces can extra structure to help
impact wrench and other be applied to cover the 2 maintain its shape and
accessories. The tough holes on either side of the from absorbing fluids from
bottom provides extra strut. the rescue scene. Includes a
structure to help maintain noncorrosive double
Kit Includes:
its shape and from zipper, reflective striping,
absorbing fluids from the • (1) Larger Red Powder carry handles, and a
rescue scene. Includes a Coated Clevis reinforced shoulder strap.
noncorrosive double • (1) 3.5” Grade 8 Bolt
zipper, reflective striping,
carry handles, and a • (1) Pinch Nut
reinforced shoulder strap. • (2) Washers
Dimensions: • (2) Pieces of Reflective Dimensions:
22” (W) x 7” (H) x 9.5” (D) Tape
22” (W) x 7” (H) x 9.5” (D)

Contact your local JYD

Dealer to have them
installed on your JYD
Rescue Struts

Part #: JYD-SW-B Part #: JYD-LC-K Part #: JYD-110

Hand Tools

We have put together 4 Milwaukee Cordless Power Tool Kits for extrication operations. These kits
include —Drills with Step Drill Bits to create purchase points for the struts, Impact Wrenches to raise
and lower the SideWinder, Reciprocating Saw for gaining access and an AC/DC charger for use in
the station and on the apparatus.

When you purchase a Milwaukee tool from us, JYD will work with the manufacturer
to handle any warranty or repair issues that may arise!

Kit One Part #: JYD-MIL-K1

• M18™ 1/2” Impact Wrench,
• (1) M18™ Lithium Ion Battery
• 110V Charger

Kit Two Part #: JYD-MIL-K2

• M18™ Drill Driver
• (1) M18™ 1/2” Impact Wrench
• 2) M18™ Lithium Ion Battery
• (1) 1/4”- 3/4″ Step Drill Bit
• (1) 110V Charger
• Tool Bag

Kit Three Part #: JYD-MIL-K3

• (1) M18™ Drill Driver
• M18™ Sawzall®
• (2) M18™ Lithium Ion Batteries
• (1) 110V Charger
• (2) 6” 10TPI Recip Saw Blades
• (2) 9” 10TPI Recip Saw Blades
• Recip Saw Blade Holder
• 1/4”-3/4″ Step Drill Bit
• Tool Bag

Kit Four Part #: JYD-MIL-K4

• (1) M18™ Drill Driver
• M18™ 1/2” Impact Wrench
• M18™ Sawzall®
• (3) M18™ Lithium Ion Batteries
• (1) 110V Charger
• (2) 6” 10TPI Recip Saw Blades
• (2) 9” 10TPI Recip Saw Blades
• Recip Saw Blade Holder
• 1/4”- 3/4” Step Drill Bit
• Tool Bag
Recip Saw Blade Holder Part #: JYD-480
Designed to carry additional blades. Attaches to any reciprocating saw with hook and
loop fasteners.
Holds (2) 6” & (2) 9” Reciprocating Blades

GLAS-MASTER Saw & Center Punch

Colors: Yellow Part#: WEH-GMM-1-Y
Orange Part #: WEH-GMM-1-O
The Glas-Master Saw is a manually operated glass removal tool designed to cut laminated
glass in windshields as well as newer vehicle side windows.

• FAST– No other manual tool cuts glass faster

• EFFECTIVE– Cuts rescue time significantly
• VERSATILE– Use on fiber-glass, wood
plaster, etc. Can be used for underwater rescue
• SAFE– Less danger to entrapped victims and user
• The Glas-Master Saw offers storage for the SPRING-LOADED CENTER PUNCH which
has proven to be an advantage and keeps it available when needed

Window Punch Replacement Standard Replacement Blade

Part #: WEH-GMM-1WP Part #: WEH-GMM-1B46
Hand Tools

For today's 1st responders, laminated glass poses

a challenge. JYD Industries has addressed this by providing
solutions to help you prepare for the future of new-car
technology. JYD Industries Glass Management Products are
now essential tools for today’s 1st responders.

The Glass Knife
The laminated glass cutter that fits any drill.
• Engineered to fit any drill
• Designed to cut laminated windshield glass and newer
model laminated side windows
• 80% of debris is ejected outside the vehicle compared to
a reciprocating saw
• The glass knife and the drill work independently for use
in any position
• Hardened steel blade for durability

Reduce Glass Dust Danger with JYD’s Glass Knife Kits

Glass Knife Kit #1 Glass Knife Kit #2 & #3
Includes: Get a M12 or M18™ Drill, 2 Lithium Ion Batteries,
• Glass Knife Head and 1 AC Charger
• Pry Bar
• (5) N95 Dust Masks Part #: JYD-GK KIT 2 (12V)
• Safety Glasses
Part #: JYD-GK KIT 3 (18V)
• Can of Wetting Agent
• Carry Bag


Hand Tools - Glass Management

Packexe® Sharpswrap® is a sharps management tool. This is an easy to use product to
cover up sharp edges and protect PPE from damage and responders and patients from

Packexe® Sharpswrap® Kit Part #: ESI-PX-SWK

• (4) Sharpswrap® Roll
Part #: ESI-PX-SWR
• Sharpswrap® Handle
Part #: ESI-PX-SWH

Packexe® SMASH is the original Time-Critical Glass management tool. For use in
extrication on all types of glass. Packexe® SMASH holds glass in place, reducing the
risk of injury from glass fragments and dust.
Packexe® Smash Kit Part #: ESI-PX-SK
• Dispenser
• SMASH Roll, 12.25” x 164’, Perforated
Every 4” (Fits Dispenser)
• SMASH Roll, 12.25” x 164’, Unperforated
(Hand Application)
• Film Cutter
• Safety Knife
• Squeegee
• Cloth
• Bag

Packexe® SMASH Hand Roll Part #: ESI-PX-HR

A smaller, handheld version of Packexe® SMASH. This is a one-handed, easy
to use tool for glass management when space is limited.

Packexe® Smash, The Edge Part #: ESI-PX-SED

The Edge, 2-Pack Refill: Part #: ESI-PX-SER

Chains & Winches

Mini Puller Kit Part# JYD-MP-K

Kit Includes:
• Mini Lever Puller
• 1/2 Ton Come Along (1,000 lbs.)
• Compact, Lightweight Carbon Steel Design
• Non-Slip Rubber Handle
• High output, Short Handle for Tight Spaces
• 5 ft., Grade 100, Nickel Plated Load Chain
• Free Chain Mechanism
• Load Chain Guide for Smooth Operation
• Both Hooks Have Notched Safety Latches
• Meets ASME b30, Every Hoist is Tested to 125% of
Rated Capacity
• 5’ x 9/32” Grade 100 Adjustable Anchor Chain
• Tagged and Certified
• Labeled Carrying Bag

Doggie Bag Part #: JYD-475

Carries additional components to assist in the use of the
rescue struts and stabilization process. Bag is weather
resistant. Has a fully enclosed lid. Pockets for accessories.
Adjustable carry strap.
• (2) Ratchet Straps with 20’ of Webbing (Blue)
• (2) Axle Straps (Blue)
• (2) Open Hook Straps (Blue)
• (2) Cluster Hooks
• (1) C-Hook on Webbing

R.I.T Lift Kit Part #: ESI-RKBK

• (2) 10-Ton Lifting Bags

• (1) Small Compressed Air Cylinder
• (1) Pre-Set Regulator
• (1) 20’ Controller Supply Line
• (2) 20’ Bag Supply Lines with Relief Valve and Shut-Off
• (1) Dual Controller with Gauges & Relief Valve
• (1) Custom Carry Bag that Secures Cylinder with Handles
& Carry Strap

Chains & Winches

Winch Accessory Kits

Standard Rescue Winch Accessory kit Deluxe Rescue Winch Accessory kit
Part #: ESI-20202 Part #: ESI-20201 DLX

• 2-3T Snatch Blocks with Latch • 2-4T Snatch Blocks with Latch

• 9,000 – 12,000lb Winches • 15,000 – 20,000lb Winches

• 5/16 – 3/8” Wire or Synthetic Rope • 3/8 – ½” Wire or Synthetic Rope

• (5) Anchor Shackles • (5) Anchor Shackles

(2) 8’ Round Slings (2) 8’ Round Slings

(1) 10’ Base Recovery Sling (1) 10’ Base Recovery Sling
(1) 5’ Grade 100 Adjustable Chain Sling (1) 5’ Grade 100 Adjustable Chain Sling
(1) Wheeled Measuring Stick (1) Wheeled Measuring Stick
• (2) JYD Industries Carry Bag, Tuff Bottoms & • (2) JYD Industries Carry Bag, Tuff Bottoms &
Straps Straps


Part #: DIL-10K-100
Rescue Chains
Grade 100 (AKA Grade 10 or G10): Tagged with specs, serial number and Working
Load Limit (WLL) and includes certificate of origin and serial number (except where noted*).

Standard 1.5 Ton Come-Along Package Deluxe 1.5 Ton Come-Along Package
Part No. ESI-20010 Part No. ESI-20011
• 3000 lb. Come– Along with 5 ft. by 9/32” • 3000 lb. Come– Along with 5 ft. by 9/32”
grade 80 chain grade 80 chain
• Adjustable 5 ft. by 9/32” grade 100 chain • Adjustable 5 ft. by 9/32” grade 100 chain
• Adjustable 10 ft. by 9/32” grade 100 chain • Adjustable 10 ft. by 9/32” grade 100 chain

Standard 1.5 Ton Come-Along Package Deluxe 1.5 Ton Come-Along Package
with Poly Box Part No. ESI-20015 with Poly Box Part No. ESI-20016

Standard 3 Ton Come-Along Package Deluxe 3 Ton Come-Along Package

Part No. ESI-20054 Part No. ESI-20057
• 6000 lb. Come– Along with 5 ft. by 9/32” • 6000 lb. Come–Along with 5 ft. by 9/32”
grade 80 chain grade 80 chain
• Adjustable 5 ft. by 3/8” grade 100 chain • Adjustable 5 ft. by 3/8” grade 100 chain
• Adjustable 10 ft. by 3/8” grade 100 chain • Adjustable 10 ft. by 3/8” grade 100 chain

Standard 3 Ton Come-Along Package Deluxe 3 Ton Come-Along Package with

with Poly Box Part No. ESI-20055 Poly Box Part No. ESI-20058

Deluxe 3 Ton Chain Come-Along (Come-Along only)

6000 lb. Come-Along with 5 ft. by 9/32” grade 80 chain
Part No. ESI-20056

Other Chain Accessories:

18 Feet of 3/8“ – G-100 with slip and grab hook PART #ESI 20031
Cluster Hook Set PART #ESI 20034
J-Hook - 5 ft of 3/8” G-43* with Cluster Hook PART #JYD 20035
C-Hook - 5 ft of 3/8” G-43* with Cluster Hook PART #ESI 20036
Cheater - 3 Link 3/8” G-100 (27” Spreader) PART #ESI 20037
Cheater - 28” 3/8” G-100 (27” Spreader) PART #ESI 20038
Cheater - 3 Link 1/2” G-100 (32” Spreader) PART #ESI 20045
Cheater - 32” 1/2” G-100 (32” Spreader) PART #ESI 20046
J-Hook - 10’ of 3/8” G-43* with Cluster Hook PART #JYD-20039

A Division of ESI Equipment, Inc.
119 Keystone Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936

JYD Industries has created a program to recognize lifesaving efforts performed by our customers
while utilizing JYD Struts and Sidewinders during an extrication. The crew or team in actual contact
with the equipment at the rescue scene will be acknowledged with the Life-Saver Award .

Criteria for consideration is the following:

• The use of the JYD Strut and/or Sidewinder devices in an actual emergency event where the use
was a factor in extricating or retrieving the casualty.
• The use of the JYD Strut and/or Sidewinder in an unusual circumstance or emergency event that
made the outcome positive.

A department is requested to submit to JYD Industries™ a detailed incident report of how the
equipment was utilized and a list all personnel involved. Photographs of the equipment in use
during the incident are helpful.

If selected, all personnel involved will receive a certificate of recognition and a JYD Life-Saver pin.
Additionally, a Life-Saver decal will be sent to place on the apparatus acknowledging the lifesaving
effort. Awardees and a description of the event will also be featured on the JYD website.

To submit a request for recognition, send to:

JYD Industries
c/o Laura Miller
119 Keystone Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
or email: