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of Printed Pages : 4 ES - 331 I


tr) Term-End Examination

00 December, 2012


Time : 3 hours Maximum Weightage : 70%

Note : (i) All the questions are compulsory.

(ii) All the questions carry equal weightage.

1. Answer the following question in about

600 words :
Discuss the role of curriculum in effective teaching
and learning keeping in-view the emerging needs
of the society. Elaborate various steps involved
in the process of curriculum development.
What is the difference between curriculum and
syllabus ? Discuss various approaches to evaluate
effectiveness of a curriculums.

2. Answer the following question in about

600 words :
Discuss the role of Instructional objectives in
making the teaching learning process more

ES-331 1 P.T.O.
Discuss those skills which make teacher
performance effective in class room teaching.

3. Answer any four of the following questions in

about 150 words each.
(a) What is the nature and process of formative
evaluation ?
(b) Describe various components of
instructional strategy.
(c) What are the major types of project work
done in schools ?
(d) Describe Bloom's classification of
educational objectives.
(e) What are different modes utilised in
Computer-Assisted Instruction ?
(f) What are various types of teacher-based
instructional activities ?

4. Answer the following question in about

600 words.
While teaching your subject you might have come
accross many class room problems. Specify these
problems and their causes. Suggest remedial
measures you think proper to solve those

ES-331 2
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ES-331 3 P.T.O.
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ES-331 4