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Love and Relationship Saturn and Sect, by
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The outstanding
Confrontation and
Relationship Horoscope
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How Sedna Consciousness -

do The Soul's Path of
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match? A short horoscope by Robert Hand 17-Apr-2019, 20:00 UT/GMT
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Understanding Astrology
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9000 Years Ephemeris
Download the free ephemeris for
9000 years in PDF format.
Special body ephemeris files
A selection of ephemeris of
interesting and actual asteroids,
comets etc. like Varuna, MakeMake,
Sedna, Eros or Comet Churyumov-
Swiss Ephemeris
The SWISS EPHEMERIS is the high
Advertisement precision ephemeris developed by
Astrodienst, largely based upon the
DExxx ephemerides from NASA's JPL
Leisa Schaim: Saturn and Sect 11.04.2019 Astro Wiki
The Saturn return is a well-known astrological phenomenon, probably the next AstroWiki by
most commonly recognized astrological term after Sun signs Astrodienst is a
free encyclopedia
and Mercury retrograde. It takes place approximately every
of astrology. It
29.5 years, and lasts roughly 2–3 years, depending on
collects the
whether it retrogrades back and forth between signs during knowledge of the
that time. It tends to be a critical turning point in everyone’s astrological community and makes it
life, in some way or another. available to everybody. The Wiki`s
cadre consists of two astrological
Smiljana Gavrančić: Brexit and 13° Pisces - Leaving the EU from the 29.03.2019 lexica.
degree of Mercury's Fall
If you entered some project with the symbolism of 13°
Pisces, it can hardly last in time. UK started its journey to EU
in 1973 from 13° Pisces, the degree of Mercury’s fall, and it
also leaves EU from 13° Pisces. Here, changes of previously
agreed things are possible, for any agreement, any signature
fails in time...


Alan Clay: Sedna Consciousness - The Soul's Path of Destiny 01.04.2019

The author introduces us to his voluminous new book on the

possible dwarf planet Sedna (8 billion miles away) whose
orbital period is so long that the whole of recorded human
history has taken place in the last Sedna six months. Here he
contends that Sedna's astrological themes include
transcendence and spiritual growth. And he looks ahead
deeper into the 21st century to discover what comes next on
our Earth journey.


Alex Trenoweth: The Growing Pains of Harry Potter 22.03.2019

On the 26 June 1992, as Mercury was conjunct the Sun in

Cancer, the first in a seven-part series of Harry Potter books -
originally written for children - was published. Some people
might say the literary world has never been the same since:
magic, wizardry and obscure Latin phrases enchanted
Muggles in a way no other books have. J. K. Rowling was
instantly transformed from destitute single mother to
globally-acclaimed author. To date over 500 million copies of the books have been
sold worldwide.


Chris Brennan: Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology (2) - Annual 14.03.2019
Profections, Lots, and Zodiacal Releasing
In this article, I will present two timing techniques that were
used by Hellenistic astrologers to determine when certain
events would occur during the course of a native’s life. First,
though, I would like to expand on some philosophical
positions that were adopted by astrologers in the ancient
world. Many of the philosophical positions that were first
defined in ancient times are still very relevant to the practice of astrology today.

Understanding Astrology
Cristiane Brum Bernardes: Confrontation and Empowerment: 08.04.2019
Expressions of Saturn and Lilith in Capricorn
The first term of 2018 was astrologically marked by several
planets traversing the sign of Capricorn, figuratively
represented by the mountain goat with fish feet. Mars, during
his passage at the beginning of the year, made a conjunction
with and activated Pluto, who has been in this sign since
2008. The zodiacal warrior also activated Saturn, newly
arrived in the tenth sign of the Zodiac, of which he is the
ruler, on 21 December 2017.

Ray Grasse: The Enchanted Cosmos - Symbolism, Synchronicity, and the 21.02.2019
Astrological World View
I recently met with a client whose natal horoscope included
an especially volatile Mars positioned exactly on his 4th-
house cusp—the segment of the horoscope relating to home
and domesticity. During the course of our conversation, the
young man told me of a curious event that occurred at the
moment he was born. Exactly as his mother was at the
hospital giving birth to him, a small fire broke out back at the
family home, causing extensive damage to one of several bedrooms.

What is Astrology?
A Brief Introduction to Astrology
This short online introduction can help make you familiar with
most of the astrological techniques and give you a basic
understanding of how it's all done.

First steps in Astrology, by Liz Greene

This introduction into the basic ideas of astrology is taken from
the children's book "Looking at Astrology" by Liz Greene. Although
once written for children, the text is very interesting for everyone
who wants to take first steps in astrology.