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¥. The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia ee AWARENESS TALK & PI WORKSHOP ON OUTCOME - BASED COMPETENCE ASSESSMENT 25 AUGUST 2018 THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, MALAYSIA ‘acsiemarm 1EM Professional Interview Guidelines 2018 for Applicants and Candidates Bi] E M THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, MALAYSIA ae ioe eee Table of Contents a Preparation of Documents 1. Professional interview Application Form 2. Teaning and Experience Report (Portfolio of Evidence) Annexes: Design an Site Experience 3, Technical Report The Interview 1 Introduction 2. Conflict of Interest, 3, Format of Interview 4 (ral Examination = Presentation + Question & Answer + Opportunity fr Final Evidence 5, Written Examination + section A Section 6. Preparation for Interview 7, Post Interview 8. Appeal NM. Glossary V. Appendices Competence Standard forthe Professional interview (EM P0100) Professional Interview Application Form (IE PI A100) “Training and Experience Report (IEM PLAAOL) Development Action Pla (EM PI C300} '. Appeal Form (IEM C400) reso Page tof 2