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Mango Float with Oreo



Neil Jhon Tampipi


Jenny Mae Fuentes Kina Mae Arador

Production sales

Total worker: 3


Owner- who owns the company in an attempt to profit from the successful operations of the company.

Sales: is one in charge of an organization most critical assets customers and the revenue they generate.

Production: directs and coordinates the development and manufacture of all product made by the


Source of capital: own Money

Projected Income statement

Sales 4000

Total Revenue Sales 4000

Tools/equipment 400
Transportation Expense 96

Total Expense 496

Income before tax(5%) 3514

Income after tax 1757

Net Income 1757


Machinery and Equipment

 Crushed Graham
 Nestle Cream
 Condensed Milk
 Plastic Cup
 Mango
 Plastic Spoon

Process Flow Chart

1. Peel the mango.
2. Slice the mango by cube
3. Prepare the milk (condensed and cream)
4. Combine it together and mix well.
5. Prepare the cup and put the crushed graham for 1st layer
6. Put the milk and mango then put the crushed graham for 2nd layer
7. Repeat the number 6 for 3rd layer
8. Last, put at the refrigerator.



Food test Making Product completion Of ingredients Production

Pass Selling product

The operations will start in planning followed by production including the completion of ingredients. In
making the product we held food test (pass of fail). If our food testing will failed we will start from
the start. And if our food test will pass next we sell the product and evaluation of work.

Pricing :

Price Total
Crushed graham (3pcs.) 35 105
Nestle Cream(2pcs.) 55 110
Condensed Milk(3pcs.) 29 87
Mango (1 kilo) 75 75
Plastic Spoon (1 pack) 60 60
Plastic Cup (1 pack) 25 25
Transportation 24 24
Total: 486

Cash : PHP 500

Price: PHP 50
Number of produce: 20 pcs.
Sales: PHP 1,000

Product :
Our Product Mango Float with Oreo, with the main ingredients sweet mango with the additional
of milk to make it sweeter. Our product will be different from other because of its additional taste
the oreo.

15% 35% students
20% nearby Communities
30% School Faculties

The figure above shows the total population in the school and how we distribute our product to the
costumer and to the market. Our first priority is the students because they have the 35% of the
population. Second is the nearby communities with 30% the teachers that have the 20% of the
population and lastly others have 15% of the population.

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