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fischer bolt anchor FBN II gvz

Product characteristics


1 Product information
2 Technical data
3 Characteristics and advantages
4 Competitive comparison
1 Product information
Product information

In this chapter you will find:

 Product information

 Advantages at a glance

 The FBN and its successor FBN II (substitution lists)

 Approvals and certifications

 Areas of application

 Target groups

 Installation description

 Information about the change from FBN gvz to FBN II gvz

> 3 070803-Red-File-FHII-en, 03.08.07, V-PMF, ABU

Product information
 Its name:
fischer bolt anchor FBN II gvz

 Its function:
By tightening the hexagon nut the cone bolt is pulled into the
expansion clip and expands it against the hole wall.

 The product line:

The product line’s name is FBN. It consists of: FBN II gvz, FBN A4
und FBN fvz

 The appearance:
The FBN II gvz is zinc-plated as hitherto and has got an expansion
clip and a long thread. Due to two possible setting depths the FBN II
has a stamped head.

The forged articles have a formed collar above the expansion clip,
preventing slipping of the clip. Its shape is an outstanding, visual
characteristic, differing the FBN II from its competitors.

 Its areas of application:

Bolt anchor for push-through and pre-positioned installation in non-
cracked concrete.

 Its performance:
The FBN II impresses with the characteristics of anchor bolts: The
diameter of the drill hole = thread diameter – the optimal proportion
between effort (“drilling”) und the required thread diameter.

Two setting depths possible: (standard and reduced anchorage

depth) offer maximum flexibility:
– if the drill depth is limited (e.g. because of reinforcement)
– if maximum performance is required (standard
anchorage depth)
– if a reduced load capacity is sufficient (e.g. replacing a
competitive product) a shorter anchor can be offered, reducing
the drill depth.

> 4 070803-Red-File-FHII-en, 03.08.07, V-PMF, ABU

Advantages at a glance

The unity of the Long thread for

expansion clip and the maximum Drive-in pin, to
cone provide maximum flexibility, protect the thread.
tensile load capacity at whether you hit a The hexagon nut
very small spacings and reinforcement or can be fully
edge distances in non- want to install removed even with
cracked concrete. stand-off fixings. high impact energy
concrete and narrow
drill hole).

The recognition feature of forged anchors: The formed collar makes the
difference. During the manufacturing process of forging the steel
becomes particularly ductile. Through this the adjustment of an anchor,
which was not installed exactly perpendicular to the concrete surface, is

 For maximum tensile and shear force load capacity (concrete cone failure in
non-cracked concrete – anchoring base can not bear higher loads)
documented by the European Technical Approval, with Option 7 for non-
cracked concrete – and therefore applicable in security-relevant fixings

 Fire resistance R120 acc. to TR020

 Wide range of products: In addition to our standard product range we offer

the short version „K“ for fixings with reduced anchorage depth (e.g. at existing
reinforcement), with many nuances of effective length. The standard product
range can be used with two anchorage depths (standard and reduced); thus
the FBN II is applicable for a wide variety of application.

 Smallest spacing and edge distance for anchorages installed near to an

edge and small anchor plates

 Stamped head to control the anchorage depth after installation

 High comfort of handling: Compared to some cheap anchor bolts our

anchor can be installed with fewer hammer strokes. A few turns of the nut will
suffice to give the anchor enough grip

> 5 070803-Red-File-FHII-en, 03.08.07, V-PMF, ABU