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Please do the assignment below to rehearse anything you have learnt in this activity and send it to the
link provided.

When your mind map is completed, use it to analyse any text of hortatory available in this module!


Purposes : To present opinion that the removal lead of petrol should not be done because of the
using of car in country

Generic Structure Analysis

• Thesis ; paragraph 1 (the removal of lead from petrol)

• Argument 1 ; paragraph 2 (different petrol car crowd in city and country)

• Argument 2 ; paragraph 3 (punishment to the old car is not followed by an increase in

public transportation in the country)

• Recommendation ; paragraph 4 (the old car should be treated differently dealing with the
region (country/city))

Language Feature Analysis

Focusing on the writer : using the first personal pronoun "I"

Using abstract noun ; discussion

Using action verb : treat,

Using thinking verb ; think, seem

Using passive voice ; should be treated differently

Using simple present tense ; there doesn't seem…, there is no public transport.., etc


Purpose : to attempt to persuade the reader to believe something by presenting one side of the

Generic Structure Analysis

• Thesis ; paragraph 1

(whether or not fishery resources were affected by the tsunami)

• Arguments ; paragraph 2-6 (catch per boat and total catch actually increased in 2005
and 2006 compared with 2004, catches were back in the normal range for 2005, two districts had lower
catches a year after the tsunami, while four districts showed no difference in catches)

• Reiteration ; paragraph 7

Language Feature Analysis

Focusing on the non-human participants : using the data

Using abstract noun ; impact

Using passive voice ; is considered, be related, is driven

Using simple present tense ; the available evidence shows that overall, Monthly total
catches in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


Purpose : To persuade the readers to pay attention for a youth-centred prevention policy must be
aggressively implemented.

Generic Structure Analysis

• Thesis ; paragraph 1 (Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of avoidable death in

the United States)

• Argument 1 ; paragraph 2 (Smoking is the main cause of deadly disease)

• Argument 2 ; paragraph 3 (each smoker who died in 1990 as a result of his or her

• Argument 3 : paragraph 4 and 5 (many costs are wasted because of cigarettes)

• Recommendation ; paragraph 6 (a youth-centred prevention policy must be aggressively


Language Feature Analysis

Focusing the non-human participants : using smoking.

Using passive voice ; must be aggressively implemented

Using simple present tense ; The nation has a compelling interest ,etc