A Student Teaching Plan Portfolio 1st Sem. 2010-2011

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Subject GED 426 (Practicum)

Louie Fe C. Delapiña November 2010

Goals: Guided by its mission. service oriented human resources responsive to the finest pursuit of quality services.\  To enhance instructional and community development through research activities and utilization.  To offer academic programs that meet international standards.  To strengthen extension services that will uplift the quality of life of the community. the UM Tagum College commits itself. integrative and innovative non-secretarian educational powerhouse geared towards a culture of excellence proactive to the demands of the global community.  To develop dedicated.  To integrate into the curriculum diversified activities to foster new learning experiences that define the uniqueness of the various academic programs. national and international development goals. research and extension services relevant to the needs of time embracing the holistic development of human resources imbued with knowledge. Mission: To provide quality instruction. . habits and values underpinning the dynamism of educational standards.  To harness the peculiarity to every member of the learning community through optimal exposure to relevant activities that reinforce talent and skills.Vision: UM Tagum College envisions to be recognized as responsive. skills.  To establish partnership and linkages congruent to the local.  To empower individuals with transformational competencies and ethical values adaptive to the needs of the global community.

It is considered training on the pre-service teachers to develop a capable and committed teaching to give a holistic program and reforms to achieve an improved quality of basic to the children. This six unit practicum could be treated as practice teaching and it happens with a particular group of children in an elementary school setting. but all this saying is just useless if you will not lead the students to the right path by educating them in a holistic manner to boost their morals and values in life. . experience and may level up and become a competent teacher. It simple emphasize that train a child in the way he should go and when he/she become old he/she will not depart from it. As what they said experience is the greatest teacher. Education is the key to economic and political stability. An educated populace put more weight in the liberation of the people from extreme poverty rather than delving in too much politicking that will bring harm than good to our community .Introduction Practice teaching refers to the period of time in which a student gains additional knowledge. Doing your best is the key to success and your future depends on you.