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Draft an Affidafit of Desistance in a criminal case for acts of lasciviosness. (Exclude the jurat)

- XVII -

Draft an affidafit of Self-Adjucation of the estate of a deceased person. (Exclude the jurat)


Draft an Information charging Obet Buena with arson filed with the Regional Trial Court.
Branch 10, Manila. 10%


- VIII -

Prepare a clause stipulating a right of first refusal to be embodied in a contract of lease, in case of
sale of the property leased.

- IX -

Prepare an affidavit of merits to be attached to a Petition for Relief.


Prepare an arbitration clause to be included in a contract.


Ian Alba owns a house and lot at No. 9 West Aguila, Green Cross Subdivision, Quezon City,
which he leased to Jun Miranda for a term of two years starting May 1, 2006, at a monthly rental
of P50,000. Jun defaulted in the payments of his rentals for six (6) months, from January 1, 2007
to June 30, 2007.

Prepare a demand letter as lawyer of Ian Alba addressed to Jun Miranda preparatory to filing an
ejectment case. (3%)

Assume Jun Miranda did not heed your demand letter. Draft a complaint for ejectment. (Omit
verification and affidavit of non-forum shopping). (9%)


Draft a complete deed of donation of a piece of land in accordance with the form prescribed by
the Civil Code. (8%)


Romeo Hacendero wants to authorize Juanito Ahente to sell, on cash basis, for a price not lower
than P500,000.00, a parcel of land, situated in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, and covered by Transfer
Certificate of Title No. 123456, in the Register of Deeds of Nueva Ecija. Prepare a Special
Power of Attorney granting such authority. (4%)


From the affidavits and the death certificate submitted during the preliminary investigation, the
following facts are established: At 6:00 o’clock in the evening of September 13, 2009, at the
corner of Dapitan and Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila, Edgar Bastonero, alias Bugoy, and
Carlos Tirador, alias Pogi, accosted Johnny Escolar, a student, and demanded the latter’s cellular
phone and wrist watch. Because Johnny resisted, Bastonero pulled out a knife and stabbed
Johnny several times in the chest, causing instantaneous death. Bastonero and Tirador then ran
away. The affidavits were executed by William Tan and Henry Uy, classmates of Johnny, who
witnessed the entire incident. The death certificate was issued by Dr. Jose Cabra who conducted
the autopsy on Johnny.

As Assistant City Prosecutor in Manila, prepare the appropriate criminal information to be filed
in court. (10%)


Prepare the following:

Verification and Certification against Forum Shopping. (5%)

Petition for Letters Rogatory. (5%)



Herbert Madasalin, a 25-year old Bar candidate, surrendered his driver's license to the security
guard at the Arlegui Gate when he entered the Malacanang compound to pray at the National
Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus. After praying the novena to St. Jude, Herbert went to the Arlegui
Gate to retrieve his driver's license. However, he was not able to get the license because the
security guard was then elsewhere. He returned the next day only to be told that the security
guard had misplaced the license. The security guard concerned could not anymore remember
where he had placed the license.

Herbert immediately requests your assistance in the preparation of an affidavit of loss. His
address is at 143 Zuzuaregui Street, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. As his friend, prepare
Herbert's affidavit of loss. (5%)


Kyle Angelo was served with summons and a copy of the complaint of Ciara Jane for collection
of the amount of ₱1,000,000.00 as evidenced by a promissory note signed by Kyle Angelo. She
alleged that the debt was overdue; and that Kyle Angelo refused to pay despite repeated
Kyle Angelo engaged the services of Atty. Carlos Sa bit, who decided to file a motion to dismiss
on the ground of lack of cause of action and prescription. Atty. Carlos Sabit drafted the motion
and sent the draft to Kyle Angelo for his perusal. Kyle Angelo, being himself a law graduate,
quickly noticed that the draft did not contain a notice of hearing.

Draft the notice of hearing that Atty. Carlos Sabit should include in the motion to dismiss. (3%)


Believing that an onerous transfer would result in lesser taxes than a gratuitous transfer, Nenita
Villo, a widow, decided to sell her lone asset worth ₱3,000,000.00 to her daughters, Andrea,
Carina and Carissa, all of legal age, gainfully employed and still unmarried. The asset consisted
of the house and the lot registered under Transfer Certificate of Title No. 67890 of the Register
of Deeds of Paranaque City and situated at No. 3156 Bayswater Street, Metro Ville Subdivision,
Paranaque City where Nenita and her daughters presently resided.

Nenita required her daughters to make a down payment of ₱1,000,000.00, and the balance to be
paid once the title to the property was transferred to her daughters' names. All the taxes, fees, and
costs related to the sale would be for the account of Nenita, while those related to the transfer of
title would be paid by Andrea, Carina and Carissa.

Draft the contract to be executed by Nenita and her daughters in connection with the transfer of
the house and lot. Omit details other than those stated in the question. (10%)


Prepare the following documents in legally acceptable and enforceable forms, based on the
above facts:

(a) The promissory note (5% );

(b) The judicial affidavit (10%); and

(c) The dacion en pago (10%).