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Student Name: Mikaela Jacqueline Villacin

Project Name: LOVE our Mother EARTH and ADOPT A COMMUNITY

Need: It is evident nowadays that our planet earth is experiencing the so-called phenomenon climate change and
global warming. Thus, this gives us the need to help lessen this problem since global warming and climate change
are unstoppable. Therefore, we plan to adopt a community in Talisay City as a recipient of this action plan.

Purpose: This action plan is designed to minimize the use of plastics, save our environment, and protect our health

Participation: Participants of this action plan are the members of my family, our house helpers, drivers and the
people in our adopted community.

Outcomes: We expect members of the family, house helpers, drivers and most importantly the people in the
community to follow our advocacy.

How we will check outcomes: After a month, we will visit the community and take photos of the surroundings to
check if there were changes.

Resources: To make this action plan possible, we will need the following supplies:

a. Tarpapel- a tarpaulin made from recycled papers

Family’s Advocacy: As our family’s advocacy, we will do the following:

1. We will encourage our house helpers to use an ecobag for groceries and food containers for meat when
shopping in the supermarket.

2. We will instruct our house helpers not to burn plastics and buy in bulk and avoid sachets.

3. We will invite a resource speaker to conduct an informative talk about global warming and climate

change to our adopted community.

4. We will create a Facebook page to campaign this action plan.

4. We will plant trees in our surrounding and also encourage other people in the community to do the same.

1. What information did you learn in preparing the action plan?

I have learned that global warming and climate change are seriously affecting us and our mother earth.

2. How did this experience help you better understand climate change and global warming?
This experience gave me the opportunity to be involved in my community to better understand climate
change and global warming.
3. What did you learn about working with family members?
I have learned that it is fun to work with family members because we were able to share meaningful ideas.
I have also realized that unity, love, and cooperation are the secrets to the success of this action plan.

4. What did you learn about your community?

My adopted community is cooperative with my plan. I have learned that all they need is knowledge about
global warming and climate change to seriously act on a certain problem.

5. How will you use what you learn in this experience?

From now on, I will lead in the protection of our mother earth by not using plastics and keeping my garbage