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DATE: February 15, 2019

ADVERTISER: Chef Mo’s Ribhouse

ADDRESS: #22 Ngkaion Building, Malingap Street,, Barangay

Teacher's Village, Quezon City, 1101

CONTACT NO: +639166375259

MEDIA PACKAGE: Full Page Ad for 1 issue

One (1) Full Page Ad
Logo on Map Ad
Online Promotions (Social Media)
Two (2) Coupon ads
Website Article
1 FREE issue

TOTAL AMOUNT: Full Page Ad P20,000

Website Article P10,000
Coupon Ad P2,500
Php 32,500.00 Grand Total Amount

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The Mindworx Multimedia Ent. Inc. reserves the right:

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 To reject advertisements that are false, misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent, not in good taste, offensive or
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as libel, intellectual property or right to privacy and among others.
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 To subject final lay-out and copy for editorial approval.

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after deadline.

If an advertisement contains statements or illustrations that are not deemed acceptable, and that Mindworx
Multimedia Ent. Inc. thinks should be changed or eliminated, the advertiser and/or the advertising agency will be
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Mindworx Multimedia Ent. Inc.

The advertiser and the advertising agency jointly and severally agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless
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Mindworx Multimedia Ent. Inc. may become liable by reason of Mindworx Multimedia Ent. Inc. publication of the

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