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March 4th, 2019

Malala Fund
ㅡ Lockbox 11114
P.O. Box 70280
Payton Sinsabaugh Philadelphia, Pa 19176-0280
Virginia Beach, Va 23464
757.575.3204 To Whom It May Concern, My name is Payton Sinsabaugh and I was writing to you a little bit
about my fundraiser to go along with my donation. I am a senior in the
Global Studies and World Languages Academy at Tallwood High
School in Virginia Beach. Throughout our four years we have been
learning about global issues and cultures around the world to prepare us
for our Senior Project which consists of a research paper of a minimum
of 12 pages, an action to raise awareness of our issue, and a
presentation in front of a panel of judges to talk about our research and
how we tied it in with our action. When I heard about Malala and her
story back in 2015 I was so impressed and amazed with the courage she
had and instead of being quite so continued to stand up for what was
right. I have also had the opportunity to study Arabic for four years
and plan on continue to study it in college. We have had open
discussions about what women have had to experience and it has made
me want to do something to make a change. All this inspired me to do
the research topic of education for women in the Middle East and
gender wage gap in developed countries and I focused my research to
answer the question: How do various forms of global discrimination
against women impact economic development and human rights?

For my action I decided to do a 3 on 3 basketball tournament to raise

money to donate to you, the Malala Fund. I held it for a couple hours
on a Saturday night and charged teams of 3 $15 as an entrance fee into
the tournament. I also charged spectators an entrance fee and sold
concessions. Throughout the gym I had posters up with quotes and facts
about the amount of girls that are uneducated in the world from your
website. The tournament was a huge success and we raised over $600
to donate. My presentation, the final part of the project, is in the
works and I will officially present in front of the panel in late
April/Early May. I hope that this donation will be able to help women
all over the world to become educated.

Thank you for your time,

Payton Sinsabaugh