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TPACK Template Meagan Craig


Subject Civics

Grade Level 2nd grade

Type of Online Class Asynchronous

Learning Objective 2.12 The student will understand that the people of the
United States of America
a. make contributions to their communities
Pedagogy Planning

Complete the following sentences:

1. The online course I’m teaching in for this activity is asynchronous.

2. In this online activity, my online students will use a simulation on iCivics to have an
individual experience based upon their unique choices. Each child’s end result will be
different, and I will grade them online by screenshotting the certificate at the end of the

Online Activity 1. The students will read a chapter from the online
textbook to supply them with background knowledge
on how they can make contributions to the community
by electing and influencing politicians.
2. The teacher will then post a video of me talking about
the topic more in depth for my auditory and visual
3. I will then have the students do the simulation.
- The students will go through each topic presented
to them and decide what question they want to ask
the candidates.
- Then, the students will read each candidate’s stand
on the issue and pick who they agree with and
decide how important the topic is to them.
- After going through all the topics, the student will
vote for the candidate they agree with the most.
- After voting, there is a debate review where the
student will select what topic most influenced their
- Then a screen will pop up that shows a summary of
all the topics and how the student rated them.
- At the bottom there will be a button that says,
“view certificate.” The student will click this and
send the teacher a screenshot of the certificate.
Technology Technology The students will use Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop
computer to go on