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An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization


--: Administration Office :--

FREEDOM Campus, Plot No. 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Dil Kusha Bagh, Raisen Road,
Pul Bogda, Bhopal (M.P.)-23
Web Site :,

FREEDOM Profile Details An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization

FREEDOM an Organization

Foundation for Resources, Environment, Energy, Development, Organization &

Management Society (FREEDOM) is a Secular Charitable Non-Government, Non
Profitable Voluntary ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization.
FREEDOM is working in the rural and sub-urban areas of Madhya Pradesh,
Chhattisgarh & Utter Pradesh states in India. The organization consists of a group
of youth and energetic professionals, who have contributed their valuable
lifetime for improvement of life of vulnerable, deprived and socially unjust
community living in remote areas of rural and suburban India.
The group of professionals has devoted their energy towards developing the
rural mass and finally their efforts have been emerged in the shape of
organization in the 1992. However, organization has built its core strength in
agro-marketing and community development after receiving its legal status in
1996. Ultimately entire efforts of FREEDOM led and contributed in different
dimensions of agrarian scenario of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Utter
Pradesh states of India.
Since after formation of FREEDOM, it has groomed herself and taken various
diversified activities in agri-rural development with the support from national
and international organizations. FREEDOMS have not only expanded
programmatically but also expansion has taken place geographically.
Today FREEDOM is recognized at various front and continuously growing and
inviting innovative ideas into its day to day program which interns helping in
development of poorest of poor of MP, CG & UP. Now after 17 years of grass
root experience FREEDOM has started supporting small NGOs and various
informal groups in rural areas. We feed proud to say that our farmers have
started participating in different forum and well informed about the different
agro-market trades. FREEDOM have also developed collaboration with various
resource and technical agencies in order to provide quality input and support to
the rural mass. This made FREEDOM enable to have presence in all agro-climatic
zone of MP, CG & UP.

1 FREEDOM Profile Details An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizatio

Empower rural poor to
achieving Sustainable

We see that our target
community realize their
aspiration for better life,
just community and at
conducive environment.

 Natural Resource
 Sustainable agro-rural
based livelihood
 Life skill education to
youth, poor and
 Self employment of
 Empowerment of

2 FREEDOM Profile Details An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizatio

 Organize different skill development trainings through linkage with
technical and resource agencies.
 Linkage with technical institution and bridging the gaps between
research organization and farmers.
 Demonstrate innovative models in real life situation and invite funding
agencies to adopt innovations.
 Process documentation, supporting different stakeholders, monitoring
and evaluation of innovations and research studies for policy advocacy.
 Organize communities, empower socially excluded groups such as
ST/SC/ Women and landless and bring them into the mainstream of

 Capacitate masses on various job oriented and life skills to amplify
improve lives.
 Conserve, protect and manage natural resources
 Aware and accelerate community on basic human rights, empowerment,
health, education, environment etc.
 Promote sustainable agriculture technologies for better livelihoods.
 Documentation, monitoring & evaluation, social-economic technical
 Extend services and demonstrate models for sustainable development.

3 FREEDOM Profile Details An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizatio

FREEDOM Organization
An Organization committed towards integrated growth of
Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Utter Pradesh
 Women Empowerment.
 Community capacity Building.
 Cluster development.
 Employment opportunity Creation.

4 FREEDOM Profile Details An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizatio

Registration PAN No. : AAATF3146J
Registration No. - 4014 ISO 9001:2008 : 1102116023B
(Under the MP Society Registration Act 1973). FCRA Renewal : 063160193
Registration date: 15-10-1996. TAN No. : BPLF00496G
 Mr. Rajesh Shakya (President)
 Dr. Asha Kataria (Vice President)
-: Administration Office :-
 Smt. Archana Singh (Secretary) FREEDOM Campus, Plot No. 1, 2nd & 3rd
Floor, Dilkusha Bagh, Pul Bogda,
 Smt. Kalpana Patel (Treasurer)
Raisen Road, Bhopal, 23, (M.P.)
 Mr. Dharmendra Shri. (Vice Secretary)
 Mr. Bhagat Singh (Member)
 Mr. Brijesh Silarpuriya (Member)
 Mr. I.S. Saxena (Member)

District OR Field Offices (M.P.)

Postal Addresses Postal Addresses
-: State Offices :- Plot No.1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Behind Hreo Honda Show
Postal Address State Above Sneh Hospital, Room, Nadan Road,
Coordinator Dilkusha Bagh, Raisen Ichhawer, Sehore
Madhya Pradesh Mrs. Anjela Road, Bhopal-23
Plot No. 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Joseph Behind Bus Stand, Wadwani Clinic, Guna,
Above Sneh Hospital, Ashirwad Institute, Mandla
Dilkusha Bagh, Pul Bogda, 23, Anjani Colony, Ujjain, 12, HanumanGadhi, Datia,
Raisen Road, Bhopal-23, 56, Kampoo, Tansen Marg, B.R.C. Bhawan, Narmada
(M.P.) Gwalior, (M.P.) Road, Mandla.
Chhattisgarh Mr. Udhyanda Ram Manoher Lohiya 31, Jai Stambha, Main
34, Harsh Vihar Colony, Banjare Ward, Bus Stand, Katni Market, Lateri, Vidisha
Raipur, (Chhattisgarh) 15, B, Gourav Nagar, Dewas 131, Nariya wali Bakhad,
Utter Pradesh Mr. Rajesh Ujjain
24, Bada Baza, Jhansi, Bajpai F56, Shirhsti Complex, A.B. Ward No. 20, Gayatri
(U.P.) Road, Indore. Nagar, Near Politecnic
College, Vidisha
Opp. SPM Gate No. 4, Near Ward No. 10, Bandha
CGB, Rashulia, Hosangabad Road, Junardeo,
District OR Field Offices (C.G.)
-: ECS Transaction Details :- 56, Nanada Nagar, Viveka Nand Colony,
Name of the Bank :- Kotak Mahindra Bank Ambikapur, (Chhattisgarh) Surajpur, (Chhattisgarh)
Bank Address :- 214, Bhagwan Complex, Zone-I, District OR Field Offices (U.P.)
M.P. Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.) FREEDOM Organization, FREEDOM Organization,
Organization Account No. :- 9412451561 24, Bada Baza, Jhansi, 12, Dr. Jai Singh, Near Bus
IFSC Code No. :- KKBK-0000753 (U.P.) Stand, Lalitpur (U.P.)

5 FREEDOM Profile Details An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizatio