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Team 5401’s Year in Numbers

$ Raised Through # of New

Fundraising: Rookies:
$2,178.14 23
Hours $ Raised Through
Volunteered: Donations:
40+ $601.00
# of Sponsors # of In-Kind
Shared: Sponsors:
1 3
Hours Spend in # of Robots
Robotics Lab: Built:
530 5
$ Raised Through # of Awards
Sponsorships: Won:
$13,500.00 5
# Fundraisers # of FLL Teams
Held: Mentored:
5 2
# FTC Teams # of New
Started: Instagram Followers:
2 174
Scholarship $ # Students from a
Awarded: Different School:
$373,960 6
This year we are celebrating FIVE years of FRO
A BRIEF HISTORY OF so here is a look back of some of the important
milestones of our team.


Team 5401 was founded by two Boeing
Engineers, Kevin McKay and Andy
MARCH 2015 Windhausen, and a handful of students.
We had our first competition at
Hatboro-Horsham High School. We won MARCH 2016
the Rookie Inspiration Award at the Upper We qualified for the Mid-Atlantic District
Darby District Event. Championship Competition (MAR
APRIL 2016
We made our way to the semi-finals at
MAR Champs, but were eliminated. We SEPTEMBER 2017
still qualified for the World Championship We partnered with William Tennent HS
Competition in St. Louis (World Champs). which allowed us to take in several
students from their HS to become
MARCH 2017 members of our team. This way the
We won the Engineering Inspiration Award following year they could go back to their
at Hatboro-Horsham and qualified for school and start a rookie team with
MAR-Champs. veteran knowledge of FIRST Robotics.
APRIL 2017
We ended MAR Champs with our third
NOVEMBER 2017 Industrial Safety Award of the season. We
We won the HAVOC off-season also qualified for World Champs.
MARCH 2018
We qualified for MAR Champs for the third
SEPTEMBER 2018 year in a row and won the
We started two FLL Teams, one at Faust Entrepreneurship Award there.
Elementary & one at Struble Elementary,
and two FTC Teams, one at Snyder OCTOBER 2018
Middle School and one at Shafer Middle We began a partnership with Neshaminy
School. High School similar to what we did in 2017
with William Tennent High School.
MARCH 2018
We hosted our first FMA District Event at
Bensalem High School.