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monday 29 march
classical music

sunday 28 march
pop / jaZZ / World

3 April until 20 June Nederlands Fotomuseum
ForTis maraThon roTTErdam

5 June until 29 August Kunsthal Rotterdam
chio roTTErdam

11 April Start and finish Coolsingel
orTEl dunya FEsTival

16 until 20 June Kralingse bos
Grand dEparT Tour dE FrancE

30 May Park next to the Euromast

1 until 4 July 2010 various locations

LAzy SUNDAy WITH JAN ROT - HALLELUJAH Singer-songwriter with piano and guitar Theater Walhalla 3pm E 10 TüRKü BAR: ROJIN Enjoy mezze and a drink accompanied by Turkish folk music with a modern urban twist. WMDC 4pm E 16

ST MATTHEW’S PASSION By JS BACH The Toonkunst Philharmonic Choir and Collettivo Marmuso conducted by Maria van Nieukerken. De Doelen 7:30pm E 20 - E 39

musEum Boijmans van BEuninGEn

Ahoy RotteRdAm Ahoyweg 10 +31 (0)10-2933300 BAjA BeAch cluB KARel dooRmAnstRAAt 10-12 +31 (0)10-2131180 BoijmAns vAn Beuningen museumpARK 18-20 +31 (0)10-4419400 cAtwAlK weenA-Zuid 33 centRAl liBRARy hoogstRAAt 110 +31 (0)10-2816114 conceRt- en congResgeBouw de doelen schouwBuRgplein 50 +31 (0)10-2171717 exit mAuRitsstRAAt 173 gRote of st. lAuRensKeRK gRoteKeRKplein 27 +31 (0)10-4131494 lpii wilhelminAKAde 326 nAi museumpARK 25 +31 (0)10-4401200 nedeRlAnds fotomuseum wilhelminAKAde 332 +31 (0)10-2030405 nieuwe luxoR theAteR posthumAlAAn 1 +31 (0)10-4843333 off_coRso KRuisKAde 22 +31 (0)10-4113897 RotteRdAmse schouwBuRg schouwBuRgplein 25 +31 (0)10-4044111 Rotown nieuwe Binnenweg 17-19 +31 (0)10-4362669 tent. witte de withstRAAt 50 +31 (0)10-4135498 theAteR lAntARen/vensteR gouveRnestRAAt 133 +31 (0)10-2772266 theAteR wAlhAllA sumAtRAweg 9-11 +31 (0)10-2152276 theAteR Zuidplein Zuidplein 60-64 +31 (0)10-2030207 the thAliA lounge KRuisKAde 31 wAtt west-KRuisKAde 26-28 +31 (0)10-4361210 weReldmuseum willemsKAde 22 +31 (0)10-2707100 woRm AchteRhAven 148 +31 (0)10-4767832 wmdc pieteR de hooghweg 125 +31 (0)10-2444516


Tue-Sun 11am-5pm Trying is Buying’: Jac. Jongert, 1883-1942 Showing 300 of his works, the museum presents an overview of Jac. Jongerts’ oeuvre. The exhibition shows Jongert as one of the very first advertising designers, creating art for the masses. thru 18/4/2010 Divided Divided - Carsten Höller Höller created a special installation for the museum, covering 1500m2, which explores and expands on various elements from his oeuvre. thru 25/4/2010 The Collection – Modern Drawings For the third time in a row, the museum presents a specific aspect of its collection for public viewing. This exhibit highlights modern drawings from the Netherlands and abroad. thru 9/5/2010
kunsThal roTTErdam

classical music

LA BOHèME Puccini’s operas rarely have a happy ending. Tosca throws herself from the ramparts of Castel Sant’ Angelo, Madame Butterfly kills herself when her son is taken from her, and Mimi from La Bohème dies of tuberculosis. New Luxor Theater 8pm E 22 - E 42

a millionaire’s super yacht? Or admiring the first-class cabins on the Titanic? Gaze in wonder at the interior of six special ships, all due largely to Dutch workmanship. thru 3/9/2011 The West Coast of Europe Danish photographer and author Jens Fink-Jensen travelled the 10,000km from Skagen to Gibraltar, using words and images to describe that long European coastline where land and sea meet. thru 31/12/2010
nEThErlands archiTEcTurE insTiTuTE

SING ALONG WITH THE LAURENSCANTORIJ IN ST MATTHEW’S PASSION! St Matthew’s Passion by JS Bach, performed by Laurenscantorij & Laurensorkest, conducted by Wiecher Mandemaker. Grote- of St. Laurenskerk 10:30pm part I, 1:30pm part II free admission, donations at the exit (E 20 per person covers the costs) DOELENENSEMBLE Conducted by Arie van Beek. Goudmijn Rotterdam. Programme: Van Wijck - New work, Driessen - New work, Meijering Great themes on vain glory, De Kemp Lucente, Maier - Hatching souls. De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 - E 19

LECTURE By OBAMA PHOTOGRAPHER CALLIE SHELL Lecture by Callie Shell about her photoreportage on Barack Obama. She followed his campaign from early 2006 on, showing what goes on behind the scenes of Obama’s public life. Nederlands Fotomuseum 4pm E 7.50 - E 10

Tue-Sat 10am-5pm Sun and holidays 11am-5pm Architecture of Consequence The travelling NAI exhibition returns to Rotterdam from its visits to Sao Paulo and Moscow, displaying the work of 25 Dutch architecture firms. thru 25/4/2010 Disputed City Exhibition featuring the 40 most controversial designs from the world’s biggest architectural collection. thru 16/5/2010 Europan This European competition calls on young architecture and urban design professionals to help find innovative solutions for the transformation of urban locations. The 10th edition will be celebrated with festivities and an exhibition. thru 16/5/2010
nEdErlands FoTomusEum


Tue-Sat 10am-5pm Sun and holidays 11am-5pm Made in Holland: Dutch Inventions In cooperation with the National Archives and Delft University of Technology, Kunsthal Rotterdam presents a versatile family exhibition on Dutch inventions and innovations. Ingenious designs and models, highly diverse film material, patents and detail drawings clearly show why and how the Dutch invent and innovate. thru 21/3/2010 Skin and Hair - Carolein Smit Smit makes ceramic sculptures of dogs, rats, skeletons, cats and babies. Her often imperfect creatures were created with love, compassion and extreme precision, evoking amazement and endearment. thru 11/4/2010 Inside Out - Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen on show The glorious art collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is the main focus of the Inside Out exhibition. Over 12,000 works of art will be transported through the Museum Park to the Kunsthal while the depot is being renovated. Discover the hidden treasures of the collection! thru 23/5/2010
mariTimE musEum roTTErdam

roTTErdam march ‘10
music ExhiBiTions youTh dancE ThEaTrE liTErary Film sporT various

TuEsday 30 march
pop / jaZZ / World


ENDLESS SONG OF SILENCE An intimate, but grand duet by and with Nanine Linning, danced on a hidden conveyor belt which symbolises the passing of time. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 4:30pm E 14 - E 20

BELLE PEREz: LATINO MUNDIAL Backed by her own fantastic band, Belle journeys through Latino world hits. old Luxor Theater 8pm E 21 - E 29
classical music

Oceania – traces of ritual, symbols of authority Seldom has such a complete narrative on this topic been assembled, featuring largely unknown showpieces from the prestigious collections of museums and private collectors from Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. thru 23/5/2010

KunsthAl RotteRdAm westZeedijK 341 +31 (0)10-4400300


Tue-Sun 12-5pm The People United Will Never Be Defeated Relevant to the times, this group exhibition critically examines the relationship between art and politics. By BAVO, Joep Bertrams, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum, Jonas Staal and others. thru 18/4/2010
vivid GallEry


TourisT inFormaTion
Rotte rdam.i n fo A visit to Rotterdam starts here. With the best info and tickets, the finest tips and gifts. Coolsingel 195-197. VVV Rotterdam Info Café The VVV Rotterdam Info Café at Rotterdam Central Station is open everyday. Find your way around the city via the service desk, computer or many brochures, while enjoying a bite or a drink. Stationsplein 45 (entrance Weena). Both open every day. T 0900 403 40 65 (35ct/m).
Production Rotterdam Marketing Photo cover Marc Heeman, Meet the Streets Festivals Photography Bas Czerwinskey, Carsten Höller, Rotterdam image bank Design Supernova Grafisch ontwerp bNO Druk Printvisie

WEAPON OF WAR Femke and Ilse van Velzen, NL, 2009. In war-torn regions, rape by soldiers is tragically commonplace. Nowhere has sexual violence against women been as widespread as in DR Congo. Lantaren/Venster 3pm E 6 - E 8

ST JOHN’S PASSION By JS BACH Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and Cappella Amsterdam conducted by Frans Brüggen. De Doelen 7:30pm E 32 ORGAN CONCERT OVER LUNCH By Jet Dubbeldam. Grote- of St. Laurenskerk 12:45-1:15pm Free admission, donations after the concert

Tue-Sat 10am-5pm Sun and holidays 11am-5pm Frits Rotgans - Holland in full colour The Fotomuseum presents a selection of the best colour photos by Rotgans, depicting the prosperous Netherlands of the 1970s. thru 9/5/2010 QUICKSCAN NL#01 Photography Now Every few years, the Fotomuseum identifies, analyses and displays the most recent developments in Dutch photography and opens them up for debate. thru 24/5/2010
World musEum roTTErdam

ExhiBiTion halls cEnTrum BEEldEndE kunsT / arToThEEk roTTErdam

WEdnEsday 31 march
pop / jaZZ / World

Tue-Sun 12-6pm Artefacts I Artists who make furniture, designers who make art. With work by Geke Lensink, Oskar Peet, Amaury Poudray, Erik Stehmann, 75b, Wieland Vogel and Steie van Vugt. thru 21/3/2010

Tue-Sun 12-5pm Maurice Meewisse & Casper Rila Photography show in the Rechtsachter room. 9/3/2010 - 4/4/2010 Mia van der Burg Her work is based on how man interacts with his natural environment, cultivating and recording every aspect of it. Installation in a showcase. 20/3/2010 - 21/4/2010


METROPOLE ORCHESTRA FEATURING CHARLIE HADEN Jazz concert with bass player Charlie Haden. De Doelen 8:15pm E 22
classical music

Tue-Sun 10am-10pm François Guénet The gallery displays photos taken by photographer François Guénet during his travels through Oceania. thru 22/5/2010


Tue-Sat 10am-5pm Sun and holidays 11am-5pm Glamour on the Waves Luxury Ship Interiors Ever fancied sampling the atmosphere on

Divided Divided - Carsten Höller

Sandeep and Steelo.22. enjoy the lively beats of salsa. Lantaren/Venster 8:30pm E 11 . De Doelen 7:30pm E 7 .Symphony no.E 41 TABLE RONDE Round table talk about literature from the Maghreb.50 LADIES NIGHT See Sun 7 classical music WEdnEsday 17 march pop / jaZZ / World ROTTERDAM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Programme: Beethoven . Schumann . Lantaren/Venster. Chausson .50 . De Doelen 8:15pm E 18 .50 classical music Friday 26 march pop / jaZZ / World ST MATTHEW’S PASSION The Nederlandse Bachvereniging conducted by Jos van Veldhoven.cello. Holliger . World Museum Rotterdam 8:15pm E 8 lEcTurE saTurday 27 march pop / jaZZ / World monday 22 march ThEaTrE URI GELLER: MINDBLOWING Performing with Rob and Emiel. classically trained or self-taught. De Doelen 2pm E 5 . by Rotterdam filmmaker Joop Burcksen.of St.Symphony no. Pathe Schouwburgplein 7pm E 32. lounging.cello.of St.Bacchanale from Samson et Delila. ‘Der Tod und das Mädchen’ D810.E 19 SOUL FUNK AND HIP-HOP Double G with live band.bass. WMDC 8:30pm E 12 classical music Friday 12 march pop / jaZZ / World GEM SESSIONS Club night.String Quartet in D.piano. Catwalk 11pm E 5 Film WOWWOWWONDERS IN ME The latest dance performance by Anouk van Dijk dc was inspired by figures from the paintings of Nik Christensen.violin.E 10 SPLASH An imaginative children’s show from Meekers Uitgesproken Dans filled with humour about water.39. Lantaren/Venster 8:30pm E 11 . Rotterdamse Schouwburg 8:30pm E 6 .E 19 MINTzKOV Belgians and guitar rock.E 9 CINEMA: THE RETURN Andrei Zvyagintsev. In French. Lantaren/Venster 7:30pm E 7 . De Doelen 12:45-1:15pm free Film THOMAS BöTTCHER QUARTET Thomas Böttcher. Worm 9pm cluBs ROTTERDAM CLASSICS: RECONSTRUCTION THROUGH THE EyES OF JOOP BURCKSEN Nine characteristic Polygoon cinematic news features and commissioned short films on the city’s reconstruction. De Doelen 8:30pm E 7 .Neue Liebeslieder Op. musicals and pop songs. Central Library 2:30pm free LAzy SUNDAy WITH SONGWRITERS UNITED The best parts of everyday life in this songwriters programme with BJ Baartmans. Catwalk 11pm E 11 sporT ROTTERDAM MUSEUM NIGHT Museums and galleries open their doors for a surprising and exciting night of special programmes inspired by the theme of XS/XL. and have a great time in the process! old Luxor Theater 8pm E 19. With Nicholas Angelich .50 SOUTH En route to the South Pole. Intro by Patrick van Deurzen at 7:15pm. Op.6 ‘Pastorale’. Intro by Huib Ramaer at 6:45pm. fashion. Programme: Works by Dowland. De Doelen 7pm E 9 .Fantasie in C Op. Lantaren/Venster 7:30pm E 7 . told in a completely unique way by I Musici Amsterdam. Spark Taberner.Psyché et Eros.50 KAROTTE’S KITCHEN Party night with Johanna Mercker.E 10 DAVID PALOMAR David Garcia Palomar is a young flamenco singer who has already had an impressive musical career. Programme: Schubert . A fairy tale of magical realism set in the hot summer of 1978 in southern Italy. Theater Walhalla 3pm E 7. WATT 9pm E 10 GURzUF + KOSTA KOSTOV Diverse Eastern European music. Paul.50 cluBs CIRQUS R&B. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 8:30pm E 7. Grote. Support: The Van Jets WATT 8:30 pm E 10 cluBs AHIRKAPI BUyUK ROMAN ORKESTRASI Twelve-piece gypsy orchestra. ‘the Matt Freeman of Rotterdam’. Mahler . Programme: St Matthew’s Passion by JS Bach. Unders and others. The lives of two young brothers are turned upside down when their father returns suddenly twelve years after his departure. World Museum Rotterdam 8:15pm E 8 MICHEL FUGAIN The 66-year-old chansonnier and composer from the French town of Grenoble presents enchanting ballads. Programme: Debussy . percussionist and singer from Côte d’Ivor. but her roots are in Cape Verde. meringue and bachata. old Luxor Theater 3pm E 26 / 23 / 18 dancE 172 SUGGESTIES AAN EEN LICHAAM Leine & Roebana combine dance with other art forms in exceptional ways. De Doelen 11am E 12 MATINEE DU MONDE An afternoon filled with African and world music. De Doelen 8:30pm E 7 . Franck .E 32 opEra ORCHESTRA OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURy Conducted by Frans Brüggen. Dvorák .65. Rotown 9:30pm E 12. Paul Elstak.Symphony no. Lantaren/Venster 8:30 pm E 11 . Carmen Souza was born. Maassilo 11pm-6am E 15 pop / jaZZ / World dancE Film cluBs COMPACT DANCE 7 Scapino presents a compilation of successful dances.E 12. Latin house is the rhythm of the dance floor. 2003. directed by singer Simone Roerade. De Doelen 8:15pm E 32 . Rotown 9:30pm E 7 POP ACADEMy The very best singer/songwriters from the Codarts music academy present their work.17. Elgar .E 19 MOUTH MUSIC Noord Nederlandse Dans. salsa. COC Rotterdam 9pm.E 8 childrEn AFTER WORK PARTy Enjoy the tropical atmosphere.E 9 CODARTS CHAMBER CHOIR Conducted by Wiecher Mandemaker. one of the most popular Latin jazz pianists in the Netherlands. Henk Poort and Marco Bakker with their favourite highlights from operas. Worm 9:30pm DUTCH OPEN KARATE Topsportcentrum Rotterdam PINK PROJECT Pink Floyd tribute band. Theater Walhalla 3pm E 7. Manuëla Kemp and the others sing the stars down from the sky. combining song. PT Events party with Bas & Ram and Artento Divini.50 / children E 2. the new show by Dutch/Moroccan musical ensemble Kasba. evening show accompanied by the Orchestra of the Netherlands Grote. Programme: Chopin . donations after the concert Film I AM KLOOT Melancholy pop songs.Fantasiestücke Op. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 8:15pm E 11. Lantaren/Venster 9pm E 15 . Intro by Huib Ramaer at 7:30pm.E 9 NINGENGOUKAKU Film by Japanese director Ningengoukaku. part of the Turkey Now festival! De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 .Poèm. MUSIC OF THE PASSION Concert by the Monteverdi Chamber Choir Utrecht. Interpol.E 13 ST MATTHEW’S PASSION St Matthew’s Passion. De Doelen 8:30pm E 7 .soprano.E 45 dancE ROTTERDAM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA See Fri 12. Programme: Mozart . De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 . De Doelen 8:15pm E 18 . New Luxor Theater 8pm E 15 . the sultry music and a delicious buffet! Baja Beach Club 5pm E 7.E 19 SATURDAy LIVE! DIMINUITA – SWING JAzz Acoustic swing jazz. Chopin . With Benjamin Herman . Performing with Turkish clarinet player Serkan Çagr. industrial video and audio with Lucky Dragons.50 LAMENTATIONS.1. Lantaren/Venster 9pm E 21 . Carlos Giffoni and Oneohtrix Point Never (USA).E 13 DANNy MALANDO The new anniversary programme. Catwalk 11pm E 5 (free until 12:30am) classical music ROTTERDAM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Conducted by Stéphane Denève. commemorating 70 years of Malando Orchestra and 10 years of Danny as the orchestra director. Between 11:30 pm and 2:30 am.String Quartet in C.41. Laurenskerk 3-4pm Free admission. Russia. jazz.Symphony no. accompanied by Prof. raised and discovered in Portugal. Chopin . WMDC 8:30pm E 10 cluBs 0031 Gay party for exchange students and expats.50 . In German.Polonaise fantasie Op. Rotown 11pm E 3 FRIDAy LIVE!: PAVADITA TANGO STRING QUARTET A match made in heaven: master bandeonon player Victor Villena and an all-female tango ensemble. Colony (82’) and Iron Crows (59’). MOzES ROSENBERG & ROB VAN BAVEL A combination of Django Reinhardt’s gypsy swing and more modern jazz. Don’t Hit Mama shows different pairs of dancers. Programme: Elgar .Variations on a Theme by Haydn Variations. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 3pm E 6 .E 35 Friday 19 march pop / jaZZ / World sunday 21 march pop / jaZZ / World TuEsday 23 march pop / jaZZ / World collections.E 27. Taylan Alan and Damoon. Honegger . With Sol Gabetta . ORCHESTRE DES CHAMPS-ELySéES Conducted by Philippe Herreweghe. Lantaren/Venster 3pm E 7 . New Luxor Theater 8pm E 15 . WATT 8:30pm E 11 CINEMA: BUDDHA COLLAPSED OUT OF SHAME Hana Makhmalbaf.monday 01 march classical music classical music EMANUEL Ax Piano concert.50 cluBs THE CINEMATICS Sounds like: Editors. Prinses Theater 6:30pm-1am E 15 LATINxPRESS From 7:30 to 11:30 pm. started his own quartet in 2006. various locations 8pm-2am E 6 . De Doelen 8:30pm E 7 .soprano and Michael George . New Luxor Theater 8pm E 14 . 2003. Edan Gorlicki and Andrea Miller were given the sole aim of portraying the mouth in a striking role through dance. 2007. bass player. Alliance Française 8pm free youTh WEdnEsday 10 march pop / jaZZ / World LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Children’s matinee about the original Rotkäppchen fairy tale. Rotterdamse Schouwburg 8:15pm E 22. De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 .Pzn. Programme: Verdi . Works by Vierne. ES).2.E 13 saTurday 06 march FEsTivals CELTIC MORNING WITH RAPALJE A varied morning of Celtic music with Irish. 40 and 41 ‘Jupiter’. musicians return to the basics behind their songs.String Quartet no. live painters and visual artists. Norwegian melancholy and Armenian folk music.E 10 cluBs by Engelbert Humperdinck with Miranda van Kralingen et al.E 20 TRIO JOHNNy. Support: The Bohemes. Theater Cafe Floor 11am E 6 IO NO HO PAURA Gabrielle Salvatores. Programme: Brahms . Theater Walhalla 9pm E 5 .E 30 RJO: THE MUSIC OF ORNETTE COLEMAN Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra. PORTRAIT DE VILLE’ Sophie Rousseau.50 .E 9 Film BLUETIEK-IN Line-up: Frank G. with visual illusions. in 1919! A silent film with live music and a narrator. free via website. children’s workshops. Latin house. Wijktheater Musica 2pm E 6 Film POP CINEMA EVENING Film: 24 Hour Party People.50 SKINDRED British band Skindred combines reggae and hip-hop with hardcore metal riffs: ragga metal. dance hall and reggae. buffet E 5 WEdnEsday 03 march classical music THE ACCELERATORS Punk rock package with Ox Accelerator.50 . DIK – SANDEEP’S BIRTHDAy BASH Line-up: Bart Skils. returns to the acoustic roots of North African music. Brahms . World Museum Rotterdam 8:15pm E 10 SON DE CABOVERDE PRESENTS: NHELA SANTOS ODE TO LUIS MORAIS The WMDC and CDS Music present Son de Caboverde. Worm 9pm classical music THURSDAy’S FINEST Club night.Cello Concerto.E 9 youTh GHETTOBLASTER An ode to the block party from back in the day! Rotown 11pm E 3 classical music LADIES NIGHT See Sun 7 METz® INVITES! A bizarre mix filled with dance. New Luxor Theater 8pm E 12 . swingbeat. Yildiz is a vocal artist with an impressive range. sung in Dutch by the Holland Boys Choir. Tenpa. shops.Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune. Chopin . a new series showcasing traditional music from Cape Verde. WMDC 8:30pm E 3 THE SKULL DEFEKTS Rock and electronics from Sweden with support act by Michiel Klein’s new band Eklin. IT. World Museum Rotterdam 8:15pm E 10 cluBs FINALE OF THE PRINSES CHRISTINA CONCOURS WEST 1 2010 Eight young musical talents (aged 12-19 years) each deliver a breathtakingly beautiful performance. Suzanne and Monique Klemann. perfect for a big band. m/m or f/m. Dance theatre with a playful look at a serious theme. starts at 1pm E 22. exploring the relationship between being an introvert and being an extrovert. pianist Franz von Chossy won the award for best soloist in the Dutch Jazz Competition 2006. Geller brings a bizarre show to a theatre near you. film and a big wooden puzzle.50 classical music GIRLS WANNA HAVE FUN: 20 yEARS! Frédérique Spigt. De Doelen 7:30pm E 7 .E 19 MABEL GONzALES Tango concert.saxophone. Sir Edward. Line-up: Sandeep and Bart Benson. Dominggos.E 39 cluBs Friday 05 march pop / jaZZ / World SERKAN ÇA R ENSEMBLE AND yILDIz IBRAHIMOVA A Bulgarian singer with Turkish roots. colourful oompah pop. nine actors and live music by Alamo Race Track. Works by J. socialising. Tonight’s line-up includes white British Jamie Woon with his black gospel sound. Iran/France.E 28 LUCKy DRAGONS. De Doelen 12:45-1:15pm free FIDAN WITH ESRA DALFIDAN A mixture of mystical Turkish and Azerbaijani love songs and jazz.50 .50 various PRIMAVERA 2010 ART ANTIQUES JEWELLERy See Thu 25 sunday 14 march pop / jaZZ / World MUSIC ON SUNDAy Daim de Rijke (drums) and Eddy Nielsen (contrabass) play jazz improv. World Museum Rotterdam 8:15pm E 8 lEcTurE / dEBaTE LUNCH CONCERT DUTCH NATIONAL OPERA ACADEMy De Doelen 12:45-1:15pm free dancE TICKET TO PARADISE (15+) A performance by Sassan Saghar Yaghmai about how to face the incredible complexity of life without relinquishing your dreams. WMDC 8:30pm E 12 cluBs VIER JAARGETIJDEN VLIEGEN VOORBIJ (6+) The high-flying myth of Icarus and his father. Van der Poel from the University of Amsterdam. Exit 9pm E 5 CAN I KICK IT? Hip-hop evening. DJ sets. Mo-Franco and Giorgio Sfx. Catwalk 11pm E 10 classical music KEETJE (3+) Fantastically imaginative theatrical performance by the De la Mar Poppentheater with puppets. galleries and jewellers presenting their latest NEW yORK METROPOLITAN OPERA: HAMLET Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas in hi-def digital projection. New Luxor Theater 8pm E 12 . A unique mixture of showmanship and a new mindset amazes audiences time and again. WATT 11pm E 13 classical music Eric Devries and Eric van Dijsseldonk.50 .E 25 youTh FRANz VON CHOSSy TRIO: PENDULUM Born in Germany. these dancers contribute diverse styles and backgrounds. presents a modern combination of African music and Western musical traditions.12.Andantino and Scherzo from Violin Concerto no. De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 . Schumann . Beethoven . Worm 9pm CODARTS STRING ORCHESTRA Vivaldi’s always-popular Four Seasons in the same programme as Alexander Raskatov’s 20th-century Russian perspective on the seasons. dance and clowns. dance shows.E 16 MEET THE STREETS FESTIVAL Live acts.Prelude to Aida. tapas and more.E 30 dancE festivities with a spectacular opening act. Exit 9pm E 5 A REVOLUTION IN B-MINOR In an intimate setting. Fun for the whole family! In Dutch. See the world through the eyes of Bakhtay.Symphony no. Baja Beach Club 10:30pm E 7.E 41 dancE saTurday 13 march pop / jaZZ / World monday 08 march pop / jaZZ / World KATzENJAMMER The cheerful sisters of Kaizers Orchestra pull out all the stops for their lively. De Doelen 8:15pm E 18 .E 19 dancE TuEsday 09 march classical music EFFI BRIEST Based on the novel by Theodore Fontane. to Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.E 19 SFJAzz COLLECTIVE The SFJAZZ Collective consists of eight jazz musicians and composers/arrangers of today.61. conducted by Wilko Brouwers.50 CONFUSE: HOSTED By DJ OKKIE RollercoasterRockmixingRotownsound Rotown 11pm E 3 classical music MUSICIANS OF THE GLOBE Conducted by Philip Pickett. WATT 11pm E 15 classical music BEST OF IDFA ON TOUR Four prize-winning documentaries. hip-hop.50 .E 17 BETTIE SERVEERT Homegrown Dutch rock band. retold by Christina Boukova and played with gorgeous puppets.E 23 cluBs LAzy SUNDAy WITH NINA JUNE Nina June sings. De Doelen 8:30pm E 7 . Ahoy Rotterdam 10:30am-7pm E 12. Lantaren/Venster 7:30pm E 5 Thursday 11 march pop / jaZZ / World THE 3 BARITONES Daniël Smid.50.E 45 ThEaTrE QUEERTANGO Argentinean tango in Sissi f/f.Spanisches Liederspiel and various other works. psychedelic. DJs. from avant garde and experimental soundscapes to party tunes and dance.E 47 opEra HANSEL AND GRETEL Fairy-tale opera by Opera Zuid set to music LUISA PALICIO Spectacular flamenco dancer! De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 . Schumann .E 11 NIF NAF NOEF (3+) Russian version of the Three Little Pigs. With Rosemary Joshua . modern dance and hip-hop by Michal Rynia & Nastja Bremec.E 12.50 LUNCH CONCERT By SINFONIA ROTTERDAMS Conducted by Conrad van Alphen. 2:15pm GRAND’ ORGUE Pipe organ concert by Hayo Boerema. COC Rotterdam 7:30pm Film Thursday 25 march pop / jaZZ / World TuEsday 16 march pop / jaZZ / World sunday 07 march pop / jaZZ / World Thursday 04 march pop / jaZZ / World TIM KNOL Sounds like: Singer-songwriter with country influences.5. Goethe Institut Rotterdam 3pm free THE ALBUM LEAF Concert Rotown 9:30pm E 12 SATURDAy LIVE!: KASBA ACOUSTIC . Rotterdamse Schouwburg 8:30pm E 7. Lantaren/Venster 3pm E 6 . Saint-Saëns – Piano Concerto no. chilling. Theater Walhalla 9pm E 10 . Ron Funkytown Baja Beach Club 10:30pm E 17. Secret Cinema and Van Anh. with music by Vivaldi. Maassilo 10pm E 22. In French.DARNA Darna. Mixmaster J. SaintSaëns .E 12. including ‘Hmm mm m…’ by dancer and choreographer Loic Perela and ‘Holland’ by Ed Wubbe.50 .Pastorale d’été.E 10 cluBs TUNNELVISIE Rotterdam line-up: Nour Casablanca. will be an evening of singing along and clapping to familiar melodies. WATT 8:30pm E 12 opEra PRIMAVERA 2010 ART ANTIQUES JEWELLERy This fair features 70 art dealers. Laurenskerk 2pm & 7pm E 55 / presale E 47. Lantaren/Venster 9pm E 15 .135. De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 .E 7. a nobleman’s daughter. bellydancing. Six Weeks (18’). Lantaren/Venster 9pm E 13 / E 11 Film INNENSCHAU This spectacular physical performance from Jakop Ahlbom is a humorous depiction of a man’s inner struggles.E 38 IN 2 WORLDS In three duets.Cello Concerto. The Laurenskerk kicks off the LADIES NIGHT Hot acts by the Baja Boys & delicious cocktails for the ladies.piano. The collective presents a tribute to hard-bop pianist and composer Horace Silver.3 Mazurkas Op. trained in Manhattan and based in Amsterdam.E 12 dancE DUST IN THE WIND Cross-over between classical ballet. Alliance Française 8pm free various TRyGVE SEIM & FRODE HALTLI: yERAz Seim and Haltli navigate their way through classical music. Theater Cafe Floor 11am E 6 CIRCUS ROTJEKNOR . De Doelen 12:45-1:15pm free ROTTERDAM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin.String Quartet no. Line-up: Marc Marzenit (Live.4 and songs by various composers.56. Programme: Prokofiev .50 .E 12 Thursday 18 march pop / jaZZ / World saTurday 20 march pop / jaZZ / World monday 15 march ThEaTrE DADADA-DAN TENKO Performance by a Japanese percussion group. With Sol Gabetta . under the Taliban regime. Programme: Brahms . Lantaren/Venster 8:30pm E 11 . lecturer on urban architecture.50 classical music ROTTERDAM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA LUNCH CONCERT Conducted by Stéphane Denève. Alain. 23 years and older. Rotown 9:30pm E 8 VAN MERWIJKS MUSIC MACHINE + MANOU GALLO Manou Gallo. Hosted by St. a six-year-old girl. With Joanne Lunn . Thalia Lounge 7:30pm-2:30am E 7. with a nod to the Hot Club de France.E 13 Film TuEsday 02 march pop / jaZZ / World BLIND PIG WHO WANTS TO FLy Film about the fragmented and suppressed cultural identity of the Chinese minority in Indonesia. CARLOS GIFFONI AND ONEOHTRIx POINT NEVER Experimental.50 .MOOI zO! This Rotterdam-based circus school has been famous for years for its fun shows by young performers. WMDC 2pm E 7. Roderigo Robles de Medina . and a performance by pop/funk band Refection. Arranger/conductor Johan Plomp was inspired by Coleman’s catchy tunes and their blues and soul influences.E 19 HELTER SKELTER Pop meets electronica.4 Mazurkas Op. William Kouam Djoko (Live).E 17 SO MANy DyNAMOS Sounds like: Indie rock combined with dance-punk and math rock. Rotown 9:30pm E 7 CARMEN SOUzA Latin Spring. Mike Drama.E 33 FRENCH LECTURE: ‘ROTTERDAM. Off_Corso 11pm THE CHAOS THEORy THE REUNION Techno dance line-up: Frank Kvitta. Concert by the Kamermuziekvereeniging.E 13 zEHETMAIR QUARTETT Programme: Bruckner . Oude Kerk Charlois 8:15pm E 7.E 45 dancE GROTESQUE Experience the higher level. Dress code: White. Last Train Home (85’). Litaize and Dupré. De Doelen 8:15pm E 7 .2. about 17-year-old Effi. Strauss Salomes Tanz. White Lies. With Assia Djebar and Maïssa Bey. Sweelinck and Ton de Leeuw.16 in F. paints a portrait of the city and its individuality. World Museum Rotterdam 8:15pm E 10 classical music WEdnEsday 24 march classical music LUNCH CONCERT Lysa Choi . WMDC 8:30pm E 12 SOMETIMES IT’S THERE Performance by Koen De Preter and Ulrika Kinn. Theater Zuidplein 1pm & 4pm E 8 . Scottish and traditional Dutch melodies.Andante spianato and Grande polonaise Op.8.