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U.S. Department of Justice Astomey Sherk Prot) May Contin Material Protected-inder Fed R-Ctity Pfc} RESPONSES OF PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP ane 9, 2016 Meeting at Trump Tower When did you first learn that Donald Trump, Jr, Paul Manaort, or Jared Kushner was considering participating in © mecting in June 2016 concerning potentially negative information abou Hilary Clinton? Desribe who you learned the information from andthe substance ofthe discussion, Attached to this document as Exhibit A isa series of emails ffom June 2016 between, among others, Donald Trump, and Reb Goldstone. In adtion tothe emails elected in Exhibit, Donald Trump, J. had other communications with Reb Goldstone and E ‘Agalarov between June 3,2016, and June 9, 2016. i, Did Me. Trump, Jr, of anyone else tll you about or show you any af these ‘communications? IF yes, deere who discussed the communications with you, ‘when, and the substance ofthe dscusson(s). Ti, When did you fist see or learn about all or any pst of the emails reflected in Exhibit A? iii, When did yow first learn thatthe proposed meting involved or was described as ‘being part of Russi adits government’ support fr your eandidaey’? Jv. Did you suggest to or direct anyone not to discuss or release publicly ll or any portion of the emails reflected in Exhibit A? I yet, describe who you ‘communicated with, when, the substance ofthe communications), and why you 100k that ation. (On June 9,2016, Donald Trump, Se, Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner atended a menting at Trump Tower with several individuals, including a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya (the “June 9 meeting”) i. Other than asset fort in your answers to Le and Lb, what, if anything, were you told about the possibility of this meting taking place, othe scheduling of such @ meeting? Deserbe who you discussed this wih, when, and what you wee informed shout the meeting li, When di you learn that some ofthe individuals tending the June 9 meeting were Russian or had any affiliation with any put of Uae Russian government? Describe ‘who you lead this information from and the substance ofthe discasson(). US. Department of Justice _Attomey- Worle Phoduot // Mes-Gontait- Materia Protestd-tinder Fed-ft-Crinr-P-6fe} ‘What were you told aout what was discussed athe June 9 meeting? Descibe each conversation in which you were old about what was discussed athe meeting, who the conversation vas with, when it occurred, and the substance ofthe statements they made about the meeting. |v. Were you told thatthe June 9 meeting was about, in whole arin part, adoption andor the Manitsy Act? Ifyes, describe who you had that discussion wit, when, tnd the substance ofthe discussion. Por the period June 6, 2016 through June 9, 2016, or what portion of each day were you in Trump Tower? i. Did you spesk or meet with Donald Trump, J, Paul Manafor, or Jared Kushner ‘on June 9, 2016? Iyes, did any potion of any’ of those conversations or meetings include any reference o any aspect ofthe June 9 meeting? If yes, describe who you spoke with and the substance ofthe conversation, Did you communicate diretly or indirectly with any member or representative of the ‘Agalarov family ater June 3, 20167 Ifyes, describe who you spoke with, when ad he substane ofthe communication. Did you lear of any communications between Donald rump, J, Paul Manafor, or ared Kushner and any member or representative of the Agalrov family. Natalia Vesenitskay Ro Goldstone, or any Russian official o contact that took place after June 9, 2016 and ‘concerned the June 9 meeting o efforts by Russia to asist the campaign? If yes, describe ‘who yo leatned this infomation from, when, andthe substance of what you learned, (On June 7, 2016, ou gave a speech in which you sid in par, “Lam going to give a major speech on probably Monday of next week and we're going tobe discussing all ofthe things that ave taken place withthe Clintons.” Why did youmake that statement? ii, What information did you plan to share with respect to the Clintons? What i yu belive the sourees) ofthat information would be? iv. Did you expect ny ofthe information to have come fom the June 9 meeting? vs Didanyone lp drat the spessh that you were referring to? Iso, who? vi Why di you ultimately not give the speech you referenced on June 7, 2016? ‘Did any person or eniyinfrm you during the campaign that Vladimir Putin or the Russian en U.S. Department of Justice Aston Sherk Prod May-Conten- Materia Hroterte id Fed Crim Pf} ‘government supported yout candidacy or opposed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton? [yes ‘eseribe the source(s) ofthe information, when you were informed, and the content of such Aiseussions). i. id any person or entity inform you during the campaign that any foreign government or foreign leader, ether than Russa or Vladimir Putin, had provided, wished to provide, ‘offered to provide tangible support to your campeign, including by way of offering to provide neeative information on Hillary Clinton? IT yes, describe the sources) ofthe Infomation, when yout were informed, and the eortent of such discussion) Response to Question I, Parts (a through (e) | have no recollection of learning atthe time that Donald Trump, Jc, Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner was considering pariipating ins meeting in June 2016 concerning potentially negative information sbout Hillary Clinton. Nor do {recall learning during the campaign thatthe June 9, 2016 meeting had taken plac, tht the referenced email exited, or tht Donald J Trump, Je had ‘other communications with Emin Agalaov or Robert Gastone between June 3, 2016 and June 9.2016, Response to Question I, Part () {have no independent recollection of what portion of these four days in June of 2016 | spent in “Trump Tower. This was one of many busy months during a fast-paced campaign, a the primary season was ending and we were preparing forthe general election eampaign | am now aware that my Campaign's calendar indicates that 1 was in New York City from June 6 =9, 2016. Calendars kept in my Trump Tower office elect that | had various calls and meetings Scheduled for each ofthese days. While those calls and meetings may o€ may not actually have taken place, they do indicate that | was in Trump Tower during a portion ofeach of these working days, and I have no reason to doubt that I was. When I was in New York City layed at my “Trump Tower apartment My Trump Organization desk calendar also reflects that I was outside Trump Tower during portions ofthese days. The June 7, 2016 calendar indicates I was scheduled to lave Trump Tower inthe early evening for Westchester where I gave remarks after wining the California, New Jeraey, New Mexico, Montana, and South Dakota Republican primaries eld that day. The June , 2016 calenda indicates a scheduled departure in late afternoon to attend a ceremony al my son's School. The June 9, 2016 calendar indicates | was scheduled to attend midday meetings and a fundraising luncheon atthe Four Seasons Hotel. At this point, 0 not remember on what dates these events cccurred, but Ido not currently heve a reason to doubt that they took place as scheduled on my calendar. Widely available media reports, including television footage, also shed light on my’ activites during these days. For example | am aware that my June 7, 2016 vietory remarks a the Trump cas