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Sutrisno Suro, 2019. Personal Health Profil of Elementary School Students in

Kecamatan Mantikulore Kota Palu. Skripsi. Health and Recreation Physical
Education Study Program, Education Department, Faculty of Teacher Training
and Education Tadulako University. Supervisor (I) Didik Purwanto (II) Andi
Sultan Brilin.
Health is a state of being of body, soul and social allowing everyone to live
productive socially, and economical. Personal health is the health of the body
parts each of which includes the health of the skin, hair and nails, healthy eyes,
nose, ears, mouth and teeth, hands and feet, also wear clothing that is clean and
movement and rest (Suharto, 1997: 2). This research aims to determine the level
of private health students from elementary schools throughout the city of Palu
subdistrict Mantikulore. The sample in this research is the Elementary School
Grade 6 of 7 schools sample of 254 students. The research is a questionnaire
study using survey techniques. The instruments used in data collection was a
questionnaire / questionnaire, observation and documentation. Personal Data
were analyzed using descriptive techniques percentage. The results showed that
the Personal Health elementary school students throughout Kecamatan
Mantikulore Kota Palu in the category of Good with a percentage of 70.64%.
Until it can be concluded that the personal health of elementary school students
throughout the subdistrict Mantikulore is qualified Good.

Keywords: personal health profile of Elementary school students