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Chapel Hill North Campus South Campus ati 1090 Howe Avenue 1639 Klan Road Christian School Cinemania Akon OF as \ 3309291901 fax 3309291737 330-996-0852 fax 10896-0915, April, 17, 2019 Dear Ms. Mills, Chapel Hill Christian School parents sign a written agreement to conduct themselves in accordance with expressed guidelines of conduct. These policies include, but are not limited to, behavior that relates to the physical safety of our students, The written agreement we have established with our parents, like the agreements entered into by all others associated with our school, are meant to reflect a common commitment to the cause of Christ, foster the “Spirit of unity through the bond of peace,” and continue to extend the redemptive work of Christ in individual lives and the corporate life of God's School. The unfortunate reality of a relationship of this nature is that individuals occasionally decide to act in a manner inconsistent with this written agreement and, as a consequence, separate themselves from the community. Recently this did occur with one of our families. Unfortunately, portions of an audio recording were presented, which expressed only a small portion of the administration's and Board of Education's concerns. While we believe it would be wrong to make public the particular circumstances that led to this separation, out of concern for the privacy of the family, we also felt that dismissal was necessary in order to protect the safety of our school children and their families. The physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of our students is always a top priority. Chapel Hill Christian School has served God for 53 years in Summit County by distinguishing itself through high academic standards and a passionate love for God and its families. Our goal ts to continue to operate with this same integrity far into the future. Sincerely, Jeff Sumner CHCS Board of Education Chairman John Wilson Administrator ACSI. Chapel Hill Christian Schoo! isan accredited member of the Association of Christian Schools tnternational