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2018 Module Description BGU63013

Module Description
BGU63013: Masonry Design
Chair of Concrete and Masonry Structures (Prof. Fischer)

Module level: Language: Module duration: Occurrence:

Master English one semester winter semester

Credits*: Total number Self-study Contact

3 of hours: hours: hours:
90 60 30
* The number of credits can vary depending on the corresponding SPO version. The valid number is always indicated on the Transcript of Records or the Performance

Description of achievement and assessment methods:

The course assessment comprises two parts which make up the total mark for the module. The first part is made up
of design examples and cases which are to be completed and submitted throughout the semester (30% of the total
mark). The second part is a 90 minute written examination (70% of the total mark). Both components will allow
students to show that they understand the fundamental masonry design concepts and can analyse and solve design
problems by applying the EC 6 design guidelines to design structural masonry members.
In the written examination, student will show within the limited time of the exam, how well they understand the 1/4
25.10.2018 Module Description BGU63013

concepts presented in the module and that they can apply them to analyse the given problems and produce a logical
design solution that meets the criteria of the EC 6. The written examination will comprise general questions for which
students must formulate the answer in their own words and also design problems for which students must show
logical and neat solutions to support the resulting design. All required study aids for the exam will be provided.

Possibility of re-taking:
In the next semester: No
At the end of the
semester: No

(Recommended) requirements:
The student should have passed at least the following modules, offered by the faculty BV at the TUM:
- Massivbau Grundmodul
- Massivbau Ergänzungsmodul
- Technische Mechanik 1
- Technische Mechanik 2
- Statik I und Statik II
- Statik Ergänzungsmodul

Advanced Masonry Design
- Codes and standards (EC 6)
- Material behaviour, load bearing mechanisms
- Safety concept, Principles of design
- Design and calculation of masonry
- Reinforced masonry, wall panels, vaults and arches
- Analysis of historic buildings
- Behaviour in case of special loading conditions (earthquake) 2/4
25.10.2018 Module Description BGU63013

Study goals:
After completion of this module students will be able to carry out the design of masonry structures by using the limit
states safety concept in the Eurocode 6. They will also be able to analyse and understand the design requirements
for natural stone masonry including the basic requirements for the selection of building materials and construction
requirements with respect to the crack control. Students will be able to analyse and design arch and vault structures
as well as reinforced masonry and assess the special requirements for masonry structures in earthquake-prone

Teaching and learning methods:

In this course the content will generally be conveyed through on-line presentations (in Moodle). In the lecture/tutorial
periods, the contents will be discussed and applied to design problems with support from the lecturer to encourage
more in depth understanding of the topics. The on-line course management system (Moodle) will be used to provide
supplemental resources and readings for students to prepare for in-class discussions. Important aspects essential to
the understanding and application of the course topics will be explored indepth through the discussions, and design
problems completed in and outside of the class. The combination of online “lectures” with the opportunity for deeper
exploration and practical application of the topics in the class periods allows the students to concentrate on the
material learned as the semester progresses without the distraction of having to take notes.

Media formats:
lecture notes, lecture/tutorial materials, online material (in moodle)

None required

Responsible for the module:

not specified: not specified

Courses (Type, SH) Lecturer:

0000001156 Specific Themes of Concrete Structures (2SWS L, WS 2018/19)

Fischer O [L], Fischer O, Scheufler W, Landler J, Ziegltrum J, Oberndorfer T 3/4
25.10.2018 Module Description BGU63013

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