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Green Recovery

Get Lean, Get Smart, and Emerge from the

Downturn on Top
Andrew S. Winston
Harvard Business Review Press © 2009
200 pages

Rating Review

9 Applicability Climate change and sustainability are tremendous challenges for businesses. Inflexible
firms will find the future difficult as the prices increase for oil and other scarce
7 Innovation resource. Therefore, nimble, visionary firms are adjusting to new environmental
8 Style realities. Sustainability expert Andrew S. Winston explains why going “lean and green”
can be the best move a business can make, in good times and bad. He details how
firms can implement green initiatives to survive and thrive in today’s new economic
  and environmental climate. getAbstract recommends Winston’s book to executives and
managers who want to learn how going green can improve their strategies, business
Focus models, and profits.

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Sales & Marketing
Human Resources
IT, Production & Logistics
Career & Self-Development
Small Business
Economics & Politics
Global Business
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