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February 26, 2019

Laura Schertz
Occupational Therapist
Child’s Play Therapy Center Huntsville

Dear Ms. Schertz,

My name is Haleigh Briggs and I received your contact information from Jackie Criswell. She
suggested that I reach out to you about Child’s Play Therapy Center in Huntsville and see if there
are any opportunities you might have available. I’m currently a junior at Auburn University with
the hopes of being accepted into UAB’s Occupational Therapy program. I’m seeking any type of
experience opportunity from shadowing, clinical observations, to potential office work. I have
learned a lot about your specific practice, both from Jackie as well as through your practice’s
social media, and am very interested in your area of expertise and the way in which you conduct
your services. While I plan to attain a master’s in occupational therapy, I hope to later focus
more on pediatrics, in particular those with special needs. I’ve had a true passion for working
with individuals with special needs since I was eleven years old and it has only grown since I’ve
learned about the field of occupational therapy.
I began volunteering at Merrimack Hall, a place where individuals with special needs can
participate in the arts, when I was eleven years old. I then interned there for my junior and senior
year of high school until I moved to Auburn to begin classes. Through my time at Merrimack
Hall I have worked with a wide range of individuals with special needs and/or disabilities
starting at ages three and all the way up. This includes participants with Downs Syndrome,
Autism, ADHD, terminal illnesses, Muscular Dystrophy, and more. With these students I would
lead dance classes, workout sessions, socials, music class, and more. This experience taught me
how to take a single movement/activity and modify it into multiple different options depending
on both age and ability. I truly love my time at Merrimack and now seek any opportunities to
help individuals with special needs gain independence.
In addition to my experience with Merrimack Hall, I have learned a great deal through
my academics at Auburn. I’ve completed courses in biomechanics and learning physiology
which taught me a great deal about processes within the body as well as specific mechanics of
the body. Both of these classes provided real information about therapy services and ways to
help patients in rehabilitation. I have also been accepted into a couple honors societies during my
time at Auburn that were selected based on academic achievement, community involvement, and
interviewing abilities. These were achievements I was very proud of as throughout my
involvement with these societies I was able to partake in their philanthropic activities and
interact with various types of people within the Auburn community.
As a current student seeking to learn more about the field of occupational therapy, any
feedback would be extremely beneficial! I return home from Auburn this summer on May 5 and
have plenty of free time if you have the availability to discuss these options further. Thank you
so much for your time today and hope to speak with you soon!


Haleigh Briggs
7300 Oldstone Drive
Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763
(C) 256-652-3289